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    NGD: Rickenbacker 330/12 Mapleglo!

    Words can't express how excited I am! I'm shaking a little bit and I put it down 10 minutes ago, haha! Surely pictures will follow, but I really wanted you guys to hear what it sounded like, so enjoy a little sound byte! PS: I think the rumours of how difficult they are to play have been...
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    Waiting for the guitar to get here...

    We've all been there! Are you guys currently waiting for any new gear to land one your doorstep?? This one will be in my grubby mits by the end of the month!
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    I broke up the band. Enjoy a free album download!

    I broke up the band in August. The album was released last December. Since I'm not really making money off of a defunct band project anyways, I remembered I wanted to make the album a free download (You can even choose your favorite file format!) Here you go! Enjoy...
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    Help! I need famous examples of different effect pedals!

    We've started what we call the "Scientifc Cafe" on campus, where someone presents a subject, 25-35 minutes approximately, and then we just kind of hang out, discuss it, and whatnot. So far, the subjects have ranged from butterflies, to the chemistry of drug use, the biochemical response of sex...
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    Hung out with the guitarist from Nickelback last night (seriously)

    They played an outdoor festival style gig in our town last night, like 12-20000 people. Meanwhile, we also had a gig, however, it was at a local watering hole, in front of maybe 12-20 people. We actually recorded the gig, that was the idea behind the whole night! The timing was just right...
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    Very cool mashup - Whole Lotta Helter Skelter!

    Donnie B Should find this pretty cool! I love it! http://soundcloud.com/soundhog/soundhog-whole-lotta-helter
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    Custom wiring for my Gretsch 5120

    So, I like myself a bright neck pickup for rhythm work, especially on the Gretsch, it's just phenomenal! However, with only one tone knob, this means switching to the bridge pickup is nothing but ice picks and ear damage. Solution, get rid of the volume pots I never use, and get 2 tone...
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    Getting more aggressive with album sales - $5 for digital copy!

    So, the album has been out since December, and our physical sales have done quite well, but our digital sales are a bit low, so... If you go to our bandcamp site (linked below) and use the coupon code "reddit", you can download our whole album for $5 ! Why am I doing this? Because making a...
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    Recording guitar with Garageband/iPhone

    I can plug in my guitar into the headphone jack of my phone, and record the track... but I'm curious if there's a way I can make it play through the phone speakers so I can monitor while I play. Any ideas?
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    Our first album is finally out! Listen to it here!

    CD launch party went great! We ended up playing to fairly a full house for three hours on Friday night, sold a bunch of CD's and converted a few passerby's into fans! If you guys want to give it a listen, you can stream the whole album for free at this link, and there's also a link to...
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    Our first ever single! A teaser for our upcoming first album!

    Our album launch date has been set to December 2nd, with the CD and artwork having just been sent to the replication plant! In a fit of excitement, I really wanted to have a few tunes sent out into the web to give people a bit of a teaser! Hope you guys like them, and I always appreciate...
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    I attempted to make my SG Classic sound "stratty"

    I don't generally like the feel of Fenders (though I own a Telecaster), so I set about taking my SG Classic and trying to find useable sounds that gave a reasonable facsimile to Strats, and the basic chimeyness we associate with Fenders. This was the result, basically, an AC15, set to an...
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    How would YOU change Gibson?

    We're always talking about Gibson, how it's being run in an... odd... manner... So, why don't we play armchair CEO's and talk about what we would do to improve Gibson in our own way! First thing I would do, is simplify the brand. Forget 28 different Les Paul's, I'd make everything simpler...
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    NEEDED! Cool public domain Blues tunes!

    We wanted to add something from the public domain to our first album, but I'm having a tough time finding stuff that would fall into the public domain and not cost us anything to record :) . Anyone have any suggestions? or favorites? or resources?? Thanks in advance!
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    Looking for "likes" on youtube - McCartney contest!

    The Paul McCartney website announced that they were hosting a competition. Upload a cover of Maybe I'm Amazed to youtube, and the one with the most "likes" will win a prize. The prize is just a few remastered albums, but I wanted to play along anyways! Anyhow, here's the submission I...
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    Firebird X on Conan!

    I was watching last night, the episode where he interview Norm MacDonald (What a brilliant interview that was, I love Norm!) And I noticed that Jimmy Vivino was playing a Firebird X! I guess Gibson is still moving ahead with this project! Nothing Paradigm shifting about the sound of it though...
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    Small Diaphragm COndensers as Room mics

    Long story short, I want to record or next gig using a couple room mics, nothing fancy. The guy at the store recommended some small diaphragm condensers for this application. My question is, will these offer the best results for this simple setup? Will they capture the full frequency spectrum...
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    Playing gigs with a banner behind you-thoughts?

    I was thinking about this the other day. How many of you have, or would like to play with a banner behind you with your bands name/ logo on it? Does anybody here do it? What's the general reaction to it? Is it something mostly seen with cover bands or original bands? Any major pitfalls or bad...
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    What I HATED about "It Might Get Loud"

    Yes, I know, another thread about it, but I thought it was worth mentioning... because it actually involves the gear! When they talked about young Jimmy Page, they showed him playing this... It's called a Futurama, and George Harrison owned one too. Then... when they get to close ups of...
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    Soo.... The guitar in the Website Header...

    Has anybody else noticed that it seems to be a Rickenbacker 325? I feel quite nerdy, I noticed the horns and said "That's not enough evidence" Then I saw the single dot at the 12th fret... bingo!
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    I'm not Jealous

    It seems to be the pattern. Person A likes something. Person B doesn't, and gives his reason. Person B is clearly jealous of the band Person A likes! No. NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO!!!! Is it so hard to understand that someone doesn't like something that you like??? I mean really...
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    Wedding gig - Pay?

    A friend of mine is getting married in July, and his exact words were "If I'm gonna blow 1000 bucks to have a DJ sit there playing his little disc things, I might as well get something entertaining!" I take it that's a good thing as far as we're concerned, as he now wants us to play at the...
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    Grimey Frets?

    Do any of you (specifically those with very acidic sweat) ever notice some type of weird grime building up on your frets after long periods of playing? I've just picked up my Gretsch for the first time since last weekend (2 gigs in 2 days) and the frets aren't shiny anymore, and the strings are...
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    My song sounds like another song!

    Does this bother any of you in any way? There's limits to 12 notes, and even more when you want it to sound good... I just realized the new tune I wrote kind of has a "Mull of Kintyre" type of vibe, while being about a totally different subject of course. Anybody here feel bad or at least...
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    A "Fair Wage" question

    What would be considered a "fair wage" for a 3 piece band to play 50's-60's beat music for 2 hours at an outdoor "retro celebration" type show? We're looking forward to playing it, should be a lot of fun, and it's just for a small family owned store that operates on the beachfront for 3 months...
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