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    59’ Bassman RI speakers... Weber vs Blue Frame

    Need advice, Looking at 2 Bassman RI’s for sale locally One has what I think are the stock blue frame speakers (made by Eminence?) The other loaded with Weber sig 10s’ Which would you get and why? I would prefer the later breakup of the sig10s over the regular sig10. Fyi, I have a Weber...
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    Low Profile Stratocaster Switch

    Does anyone make a low profile stratocaster switch? One that would sit lower to the pick guard?
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    Dear Nocaster,

    Dearest Fender Custom Shop Nocaster, I love you so much, you make me so happy and complete. All other guitars pale in comparison to you. In our short time together you've covered blues, riff rock, rockabilly, folk, alt country.. the list goes on and on. I never thought a guitar as incredible as...
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    Fulldrive… Still Top Dog?

    I've had a Fulldrive 2 on my board for a while now, since '09 I think, and I love it. My question is, am I missing anything? There's a zillion overdrives out there and they all seem cool in one way or another. I stack the Fulldrive with a Barber LTD and I am never ever ever taking that pedal...
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    Best Garcia Tone

    …was with Alligator on the Europe '72 stuff…….done.
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    Nocaster..Compensated Saddles?

    Should I put compensated saddles on my Nocaster? Stays in tune fine and is pretty close to perfect but as we know the vintage saddles never intonate perfectly. Plus I feel like that slightly out of tune sound is part of what makes a tele a tele..like all our favorite old school tele...
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    Detroit Area TGPer's advice needed

    Hey guys, it looks like me and the wife will be moving to the area in the next few months. We want to eventually be in Ferndale or Royal Oak. I want to stay as active as possible with music out there being that I'm in a band here in Philly. How is the scene out there? (seems cool from our many...
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    Tom Petty Fanclub/The Guitars

    Someone do me a solid and give me their Highway Companions club login so I can watch Mike Campbell's Guitar videos. I don't want to pay 45 bucks for that sh*t. :bow:D:aok
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    Was Peter Green's blues fake?

    After a lil gig last night some of us were talkin' about music (as we tend to do) and Peter Green came up while talking about how great Fleetwood Mac with Stevie and Lindsey is and someone said this.. "Peter Green's playing sounds so fake, like he never really had the blues." I instantly...
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    Deluxe Reverb RI 'Verb knob/Gain mod?

    My amp tech let me in on a secret yesterday. If you disconnect the reverb tank (which I don't use anyway) and instead run an rca cable black to black in the inputs where you plug the tank in you can then use the reverb knob as a "gain" knob. Running the reverb tube back into the amp drives it...
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    Quick DRRI tube question

    A guy I work with just picked up a ton of old tubes, all the good brands tung sol, rca etc etc. He has checked them to make sure they work and is gonna let me have a few for cheap. Question is if I were to replace the 6v6's in my drri would have to re-bias the amp or can I just pop them in...
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    Which Dr Z Amp?

    Which DR. Z amp should I be lusting after? The Z28 or Maz 38. I like fender sounds and currently own a DRRI. Would a Z 28 breakup sooner than the deluxe because that's something I wouldn't like. I play small rooms mostly and every club has a PA so it's not really a volume issue. BTW i'm in an...
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    Bob Dylan Rolling Thunder Review

    The version of Just Like A Woman on this album is awesome. This is my favorite live Dylan and possibly favorite Dylan cd all together. I love how he breathes new life into older songs and makes them seem more mature. Plus the guitar playing rocks Anyone else?
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    Fender vibrato footswitch

    I'm looking for a footswitch that will only turn off and on the vibrato and doesn't have the option for reverb. The one that fender has is so tight I'm always hitting the reverb off accidentally. If not, does anyone make one that is more rugged than the fender option? It seems mine is broken...
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    DRRI extension cab question

    I'm looking to put together an extension cabinet for my deluxe. I want a 2x12 cab filled with Weber 12f150's 50w versions. Which ohm rating do I want? -thanks
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    Bruce: Darkness or The River?

    Listening to both of these albums right now and they rock! I think I've got a dead heat here for favorite Bruce albums... or the best of both worlds Live At Winterland '78. http://www.wolfgangsvault.com/bruce-springsteen/concerts/winterland-december-15-1978.html
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