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  1. Dave L

    NAD: 3 Monkeys Zé (José style)

    I was definitely not looking for another Marshall-ish amp, but this was so cool I had to jump on it. 3 Monkeys is/was mainly Ossie Ahsen who made a nice name for himself in the Marshall/EVH world with Blockhead amps earlier, and he did a lot of work for Brad Whitford who also is/was a part of 3...
  2. Dave L

    Valley Arts M Deluxe "tele"

    I played one of these at a shop maybe fifteen years ago and thought it was pretty cool, and I just came across an almost minty fresh one that I decided to grab. This is from the 80s japanese production, which typically is classy stuff. I´ve had a couple of other guitars from the same M line...
  3. Dave L

    New amp day, Germino Masonette

    Looks beautiful, sounds beastly! I didn't have time to do much beyond seeing that it works before I had to go on a work trip yesterday, but man oh man does it have a great crunch. Really looking forward to spending some more time with it later in the week.
  4. Dave L

    Marshall 1987 from the JCM800 era incoming

    Isn´t this just pretty? It´s a very fresh model 1987 from 1985, so I suppose it´s more or less a late 1970s JMP MkII 50w in JCM800 clothing. Really looking forward to this coming in, I´ve never owned a nice non-master Marshall.
  5. Dave L

    NGD! Valley Arts California Pro

    I actually got my hands on this one a few months ago, but it was in a state of neglect and I´ve been bringing it up to speed again an hour here and an hour there. Anyway, this is a California Pro which was a limited run back in 1989. They supposedly made 100 of them, even if there´s no...
  6. Dave L

    Opinions on the Demeter TGA-2 Inverter?

    Hi guys, an ad for one of these just caught my eye and I figured I´d look into it some more. Demeter hasn't made much a splash over the years compared to the more well-known names, and much of the stuff you can find is about the TGA-3 or TGP preamp, so there really isn't a ton of info going...
  7. Dave L

    Langner DCP1

    I see the Langner preamps pop up now and again, but even if there seems to be a bit of a cult following there´s precious little actual info or sounds out there. So guys, what´s up with these - is it worth chasing one down? ;) From what I can tell it´s mainly a super hot Marshall, but who knows?
  8. Dave L

    Any mods for the Soldano SP77?

    I have one of these in the bottom of a box somewhere - never used it much - and I would be interested in messing around with it a bit and maybe getting it closer to the X88 sound in the process. I found some old HRI threads where there´s talk about it being a fairly easy fix to fatten it up to...
  9. Dave L

    Anyone using the VHT/Fryette GP3 preamp?

    Ten-fifteen years ago you saw a lot of talk about these but I haven´t seen one in ages, is anyone still liking and using these or were they just not that great at the end of the day? It sort of was one of the last new tube preamps to come out and it has great features on paper, so I´ve always...
  10. Dave L

    Anyone familiar with the Steavens stuff?

    So I have a Steavens The Brick incoming, which seems like the no-frills preamp brother of the Radioactivator and the original Poundcake. Should be fun to try it out. Anyone digging these amps?
  11. Dave L

    NPD! Triaxis

    It´s (almost) a new preamp day for me, I have a Triaxis in the mail that I´ll pick up later. I´ve always been curious about these. I used to have both a Studio pre and a Quad, and I´ve also done some recording with a mark III and borrowed a IV for a few months, so I´ve always liked the Boogie...
  12. Dave L

    Cable for wiring up pedals?

    Hi guys, which cable do you use to wire up instrument-level pedals? I´m pulling out my old Skrydstrup switcher to do a little pedal rack instead of my ghetto pedalboard, and I´m not as up to speed on pedal wiring as I am on wiring rack units. I (obviously) want something that sounds good, but...
  13. Dave L

    Does anyone mod the 3+ preamps these days?

    Hi guys, what´s the status on doing the typical mods on the CAE preamps now? I haven´t seen Bruno around anywhere for a while, and even if I´d prefer not shipping overseas I´m not sure if Suhr even still does them either.
  14. Dave L

    Let´s talk post-amp compression

    Hi guys, Well, this being our new Rack Space and all and I see a lot of HRI friends here, I suspect that many of us use a compressor post-preamp for those "rack" clean tones - most often the Bradshaw-approved DBX 160 - but does anyone use a compressor after driven and distorted sounds too? I...
  15. Dave L

    Trouble with my PCM80

    Hi guys, My PCM80 has this problem where it, seemingly at random, reboots and gets stuck in the memory check phase. When I bought it a few years ago it only did it once in a blue moon and I attributed it to overheating or ventilation issues, but now it happens more frequently - sometimes after...
  16. Dave L

    Who makes single-sized humbuckers?

    I´m on the look-out for a singlecoil-sized humbucker to stick in the neck position of one of my guitars, and before defaulting to the familiar stuff from Duncan and Dimarzio I thought I´d see if there are any under-the-radar offerings I should be checking out. Seems like many of the small...
  17. Dave L

    Anyone familiar with the Floyd Rose Big Blocks?

    I´ve been looking at these from time to time, and although a lot of the user reviews seem generally positive I don´t really get a feeling for how a bigger block changes the tone. Most people mention more sustain, but that´s about it apart from getting "better" tone. These are the brass...
  18. Dave L

    Has anyone tried the Atlas guitars?

    I just came across these, the woods and the hardware seem extremely nice and they are pretty reasonably priced compared to a lot of the usual suspects. Has anyone had a chance to try them out? The modern strats obviously lean pretty heavily on the same formula that Suhr and Anderson utilizes...
  19. Dave L

    Who builds a singlecut with a Floyd?

    The obvious answer is of course the Les Paul Axcess, but for 3000 bucks I want a bit of control over the specs... and I also suspect it could be done better, cheaper or even both at the same time... which leads me to look at small luthiers. So, does anyone have any suggestions as to where I...
  20. Dave L

    Recommend me a nice 1x12 cab!

    Hi guys, I´m looking around for a closed back 1x12"... preferably loaded loaded with a V30, but I´m open for suggestions there as well. The Diezel cab and the various Boogies look nice, but I´m sure I´m missing some great pieces. Price isn´t much of a worry this time, I just want a really nice...
  21. Dave L

    Tell me about the WKZ Little Devil

    Hi guys, I´ve been looking around for a great "hot-rodded plexi" type amp, and came across the WKZ Little Devil. What do you think about it? Construction looks nice, as do the specs and the pricing.
  22. Dave L

    Anyone familiar with Martamp? (UK)

    Hi guys, I just came across these amps, made by Martin Whelan in the UK... is anyone familiar with his stuff? They look immensely cool, and he´s really got some original stuff going on. I´m looking at the Roadstar 36TT, which seems to be an interesting mix of classic British voicing, high...
  23. Dave L

    Replicating neck shape - help needed

    Hi guys, I´m in the middle of setting up a custom build with Chris George in the UK... and I want to replicate the neck shape from one of my guitars. Short of sending him the guitar all the way from Sweden, what is a good way to communicate a neck shape? Does anyone have an idea? Measuring...
  24. Dave L

    Chris George guitars

    I´ve been scouting around for someone in Europe to build me a custom piece, and Chris has been very helpful and friendly in our (as of yet somewhat brief) conversations. His builds look absolutely stellar, and from what little I´ve been able to gather they are top-shelf quality. Does anyone here...
  25. Dave L

    Oh my, Rodenberg Flexamp 5... 22 tubes!

    Has anyone seen anything with even remotely this much glass inside? http://www.rodenberg-amplification.com/english/images/flexamp5_17_580.jpg Gutshot... http://www.rodenberg-amplification.com/english/images/flexamp5_20_580.jpg Floorboard with 13 switches...
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