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    86,739,311 views on youtube- must be good?

    :huh :bonk jofNR_WkoCE
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    Peter Green/ Gary Moore 1959 Les Paul

    This is a really cool clip . I was listening to Fleetwood Mac Shrine 69 today & Peter Greeen on Albatross in particular was blowing my mind & I stumbled across this. Enjoy UHOdXWLrxPk
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    Peter Green/ gary Moore 1959 Les Paul

    This is a really cool clip . I was listening to Fleetwood Mac Shrine 69 today & Peter Greeen on Albatross in particular was blowing my mind & I stumbled across this. Enjoy UHOdXWLrxPk
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    "Show this to your kids if they ever say the 80's was cool "

    :bonk Lots of contenders out there but surely this is the king. :bow The thread title was the top comment on youtube for the clip. Nailed it. fR0j7sModCI
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    Hidden treasures inside your vinyl collection...

    After checking out the "We Buy White Albums" thread I got to thinking about the homemade art I have found on some of the albums I own. This one always cracks me up Great album too ! I figure it took the original owner on a trip or 2 :bong Another great surprise is when you...
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    Records Collecting Dust... New movie

    This looks like it will be great. k8c_tRotSUE
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    What are the best Zappa albums for a drummer?

    The drummer in my band is a Zappa freak but all his discs are trashed. I want to get him a couple of albums for xmas ( when you find a great drummer keep em happy !). Can anyone recommend particular albums that are noted especially for the drums/time signatures etc. Thanks.
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    A fan made this video of her

    doing a hula hoop routine. I manage the band called Rollerball, the song is called Lifetime. Now the bikinis are gone I figure a few of you might appreciate it :aok P03akx1Chrc
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    Custom fuzz enclosure.

    This was my first attempt, I was inspired by the Great Scott thread https://www.thegearpage.net/board/index.php?threads/1166785 to do a custom job on my Four Horsemen Fuzz. It's a great sounding pedal but I never thought much on the looks. Removed the decal, sanded back the...
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    Pedals not on your board that are awesome ....

    I have a pile of pedals not on my board & today put on a V5 Op-Amp Big Muff after reading a muff thread on here yesterday. Such an awesome sounding muff, I have been using a Barber Trifecta or a BAT Pharaoh, which are both great but there is something special about the Electro-Harmonix, it is...
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    Anyone seen Black Sabbath recently?

    Tickets go on sale in Australia tonight & I am undecided on spending the bucks. I am a long time fan, saw Heaven & Hell a few years back & loved it. I am a bit short on cash (great timing KTR :bonk) & wanted to hear any opinions from people who have seen them recently. The factor that is my...
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    This should be fantastic- In Search Of Blind Joe Death The Saga Of John Fahey

    Has anyone seen it yet? VjDfzIdFA_8
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    EVH "Franky"

    I'm not sure if this has been posted before but as a long time fan I just stumbled across this & it is an awesome thread about a true icon. :aok http://www.vhlinks.com/vbforums/franky-pictorial-history-t51924.html
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    Gibson SG, breaking strings.

    I have a 1975 SG that I regularly break the A string at the bridge & to a lesser degree the D string. I would estimate I only get around 10 hours playing time on the A string. I have had the saddles filed 3 times in the last 18 months & it just doesn't seem to be helping. This is my main gigging...
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    Phaser for funk.

    G'day I am looking at buying a Phaser for my mate who is in a funk/reggae type band with horns, he knows nothing about gear so I thought I would lend a hand & figured this is the place to ask. I play heavy old school rock & use an MXR & have had a small stone nano but I am 99% of the time...
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    Why brown candy matters

    http://editmentor.wordpress.com/2010/04/28/why-brown-candy-matters/ Would love to see the rider on the new tour.
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    At what point do bands hand over....

    to video clip directors? Apart from performance videos, most clips I see are pretentious, embarrassing & mind numbing. I have produced a few over the years & have tried to keep it as simple as possible. A necessary evil......???:huh
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    Thanks Simon Jarrett @ Kingsley

    Last night at a jam I had a brain fade & plugged the wrong power supply into my Kingsley Jouster. Once I worked out that was why I was getting no signal I replugged the board & the Jouster was dead. I am not the most electronically minded individual & was freaking out that I had fried...
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    G'day From Oz

    G'day I have been a long time reader of the forums on here, some great info & always a good way to waste a few hours;) Been managing a band for last 12 years & they are taking a break so I stole the drummer & strapped the guitar back on. I never knew I was a gear hound! Cheers
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