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    PSA: Chase Tone Secret Pre Blem Sale

    https://chasetone.com/secret-preamp/ Didn’t really need another pedal but have been considering another Secret Pre for a while since I sold my other one a few years ago. Anyway, super cool green color Secret Pre Blems for $107 shipped. Definitely a steal :-)
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    PRS McCarty info

    I have a chance to get a PRS McCarty from a dear friends estate and am looking for a bit of info from the PRS experts here. Unfortunately it’s in Cali so I won’t have a chance to try it out and I’ve never played a PRS. But, from all the Google searches I’ve done it sounds like a sweet guitar...
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    Tone Tubby Winterland

    Any one have any experience with the Winterland? There doesn’t seem to be much info from TT and not really any reviews or demos. Thanks!
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    Stephen Douglas Design Leona v2

    Anyone have one of these? I have a v1 that I really dig but the options and versatility on the v2 look pretty appealing. http://stephendouglasdesign.com/leonav2/
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    Sold Bearfoot Silver Bee and Catalinbread Karma Suture (Ge)

    Prices include shipping and paypal. No trades. Bearfoot Silver Bee - Like new with box and velcro. Sold Catalinbread Karma Suture (Ge) - Great condition. No box or vlecro. $120 Link to pics coming soon.
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    Trutone Voltage Doubler

    Not sure how new these are but just wanted to post in case someone else is looking try some pedals out at 18v. The only other one that I saw when trying to find something like this is the Xotic which is a lot more expensive. http://truetone.com/voltage-doubler/ I'm using a one spot currently...
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    SBEQ @18v vs Secret Preamp

    I currently have both a SBEQ and Secret Preamp. I love the tube warmth/eq of the Bearfoot and bigger sound from the Secret Pre. But, I'm also really interested in the new 4 knob SBEQ which has more headroom (and mids knob) per the Bearfoot site. Has anyone compared the SBEQ specifically at 18v...
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    New Bearfoot SBEQ 4K

    Not sure if anyone has posted about this yet but I was just on the Bearfoot site and saw the new SBEQ with mids knob. I'm trying really hard to downsize my pedal collection right now and already have a SBEQ but I might have to pick up one of these. I love the tube feel/breakup to mine but the...
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    Sold Analogman King of Tone - Blue with high gain red side

    All prices include pp and shipping. Analogman King of Tone - Basically brand new in box. Blue finish with high gain on the red side. Includes box and all goodies. sold Analogman Sunface - Great condition overall (one scratch on the front). This has 2SB transistors, on/off pot, LED, and...
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    Sold DryBell Vibe Machine v2

    Basically brand new in both original boxes with all paperwork etc. No velcro. Pics: https://austin.craigslist.org/msg/d/drybell-vibe-v2-analogman/6295261729.html Sold
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    Brian Paul Guitars

    I was offered a Brian Paul Artist Double Cut in a trade and have never heard of this company. Guitars look solid. Anyone own or played any guitars from this builder? http://www.brianpaulguitars.com/guitars/artist-model
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    Cool Triad Video

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    Sold Young Pedals ADM-600 Delay

    Excellent condition with velcro and original box. These are pretty hard to find and sound killer! I just have too many delays at the moment. SOLD
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    Sold Fuzzhugger Algal Bloom

    Like new with original box. SOLD
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    Sold Analogman Stereo Bi-Chorus w/ Depth Switch

    Excellent condition! Top jacks and depth switch. SOLD Thanks.
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    Sold Bearfoot PGC

    I'm looking for a Bearfoot PGC. I would like a v1 but am open to other versions. Let me know the condition and price. I also have a bunch of pedals for trade as well. Thanks!
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    Sold Ethos Overdrive Amp with TLE/Classic and Fx loop

    Title pretty much says it all. Like new condition with box and power supply. Great sounding pedal/amp. Great cleans straight into a speaker cab and takes pedals really well. Drive side is not really my style. Would love to keep it but I just got a Blackface Bassman so I have cleans covered :)...
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    Price Check: Gibson Les Paul Studio DC

    What is the going rate for one of these and any opinions? http://austin.craigslist.org/msg/5585667836.html From my research on eBay and Reverb it looks they sell more in the $650-850 range. Are these good guitars? I have a Strat and Tele and am thinking about getting something with HB's...
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    Incoming Bass Gear (new to Bass)

    I have been a guitar player for most of my life and have messed around with bass a few times for fun. Been interested in getting a bass and just bought one today to go with the '67 Blackface Bassman that's on the way currently. I have a Forte 3D with EV12L and a Avatar 2x10 with Greenbacks to...
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    Sold BC Audio No. 8

    BC Audio No. 8 25w Master Lead amp in great condition. Has a couple very small dings in the tolex but overall great shape. Comes with two sets of tubes. Currently loaded with a NOS RCA and NOS Tung Sol 6SL7GT, matched ANOS Tung Sol 5881's, and a NOS Mullard/Japan GZ34. I will include the...
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    Prince Montreux Jazz Festival 2009

    A couple clips from this show were posted in another thread but here seems to be the whole show. I never really listened to Prince before his death but this is some great stuff. Great playing and killer band!!! Prince was in complete control of the band and audience.
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    Sold Trombetta Betaboost (Kush) and Himmelstrutz Fitzo

    Prices include shipping/pp to continental US. As for trades I am mainly interested in: Caroline Meteore (CME Throwback version preferred) Caroline Kilobyte Trombetta Rotobone Trombetta Copper Penny Pics here: http://austin.craigslist.org/msg/5497701582.html Trombetta Bettaboost (Basically the...
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    Marshall JCM 900 SLX 100 Watt

    I am helping a friend sell some guitar gear and one of the items is 100w Marshall JCM 900 SLX. I just picked up a power cord at GC to test it out before selling it locally. I only have a 4ohm can at the moment and want to know if it will be ok to run the head into the cab at half power. I did a...
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    Stratocaster Wiring Question

    I bought a Strat a couple years ago that came with Kinman Pickups. Recently I have been thinking about selling them to try out something else. They sound great but just want a different sound. When I pulled the guard I found an interesting way of wiring and am not sure if it was a harness from...
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    Show your Pedalboard with Audio or Video Demo

    Haven't seen anyone do this so I thought I would start. It is nice to see everyone's boards but it would be nice to hear them as well. This way we can hear stacks that we might want to try or see how certain pedals play together. I will start with a video I made on my iPhone today messing around...
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