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    Rocking, Melodic track - Mirror's Image

    Hello all! I've uploaded a new track on youtube called Mirror’s Image, a catchy, rocking melodic metal track! http://youtu.be/SJRHKorBfcg Well it was actually written back in 2002 so it’s had a little makeover! Feel free to take a listen and your comments are always welcome. cheers Paul
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    my new song - Siegfried (The Eternal, The Immortal)

    hello all, hope you are all well! please feel free to check out my new song, Siegfried (The Eternal, The Immortal) http://youtu.be/2jjffm7L3lk feedback and critiques on guitar playing, mix, songwriting are welcome! cheers Paul
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    New InnerDream song - Solemn Words

    Many thanks for taking a listen and your kind words ;)
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    Kemper Lead tone

    killer tone indeed! I'm thinking about getting a Kemper
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    New InnerDream song - Solemn Words

    hi all please check out my new song Solemn Words, a look at how mankind is destroying our planet and the possibility of the planet fighting back http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d4fqaYllXkk&feature=colike Cheers Paul
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    Man on the Silver Mountain (Rainbow cover)

    cheers, glad you liked it :beer
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    Man on the Silver Mountain (Rainbow cover)

    hi all please check out my cover of Man on the Silver Mountain http://youtu.be/wml_OpvsL9Y let me know what you think good or bad!:beer Cheers Paul
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    Peavey 6505+ With Sm57, 409 & 421 - Metal

    the intro reminds me of Iced Earths clean stuff - great guitar sound! great when the drums and distorted guitars hit you - this part reminds me of old Paradise Lost great stuff!
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    InnerDream new track - Sacred Wings

    Hello everyone - hope you are all well and good! Please feel free to take a look at the upload my new song on youtube - Sacred Wings (with backing vocals from Ariane Imtholiel)! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gSdik4BCxI4&feature=youtu.be As always your critiques, feedback and...
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    InnerDream new EPIC track - Fragarach (The Answerer)

    Hello all! I've uploaded another EPIC track on youtube for you folk to have a listen to, critique, praise/bash! :rimshot http://youtu.be/fYT0_qVWgoo Its a long 11 minute track with lots of twists and turns so hopefully stays interesting throughout the duration Your comments and feedback are...
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    Son tearing it up!

    great guitar playing - I wish I could play acoustic like this, I might have to try and practice more on my acoustics
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    InnerDream - The Hammer

    Good Afternoon my fellow shredders! I've uploaded another track on youtube called The Hammer, an anthemic power metal track! http://youtu.be/K0VgLLQSRMQ Feel free to take a listen and your comments are always welcome cheers Paul:band
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    InnerDream - Screaming Hearts

    Hi all - check out my new rock / metal powerish ballad for those yearning for a lost love or with a broken heart http://soundclick.com/share.cfm?id=10833954 Cheers Paul
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    My new 12 minute epic - A Warrior's Fate

    cheers for the replies guys! It was a marathon effort to get the song all together and to try and make sound like one cohesive song
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    A track off my band's new demo.

    i like it a lot - especially the vocals and the guitar playing - sounds like a mixture of Black Label Society and Disturbed - great stuff
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    Into the light - original rockin tune

    ah great stuff - definately got a 70's hard rock, Deep Purple style vide - sounds like the classic rock you hear on Planet Rock! Great voice and overall production as well, nice and crystal clear - really enjoyed listening to this one!
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    InnerDream - My Chariot

    good morning everyone! I've uploaded my new uptempo rocker My Chariot onto soundclick at the links below - definately went for a more straight up, rock and roll vibe on this one SoundClick artist: InnerDream - Classic Hard Rock / Heavy Metal your comments and feedback are welcome! Cheers Paul
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    My new 12 minute epic - A Warrior's Fate

    good evening all! i have uploaded onto youtube my new song based on viking mythology - an epic track of over 12 minutes long! (file is too big to upload on soundclick!) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_2dAw5izXYw&feature=related probably the longest songs ive ever written - as always you...
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    My new song Centurion

    thank you for your feedback on the song!
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    New rock/pop song...."Fallen Angels" mostly Axe-Fx (Soundcloud embedded)

    love the intro with faded drums - bass sounds great as well, production is nice and clean so good job there songwriting has a lovely flow and sounds as good as stuff you hear on the radio - not really the sort of stuff i listen to but definately ticks all the boxes for me for a good song
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    Need some input on this hardrock/metal clip

    serious kiss ass riff - love the guitar sound - the mix with more bass guitar is the best one for me
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    My new song Centurion

    cheers for the replies - My vocals will always be a bit of a poor relation compared to the guitars but i'll keep trying to improve! i wanted tghe cymbals to be higher in the mix than previous songs - idid think my guitar sound is pretty good - I double tracked the guitars, one channel miced...
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    My new song Centurion

    Hi all I've uploaded my new song Centurion onto youtube and soundclick http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2cJN5F9Ecxs http://soundclick.com/share.cfm?id=10574163 Feel free to take a listen and comments are welcome on all aspects of the song Cheers Paul
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