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    Plexi style amps - suggestions... Morris, Fargen,...?

    Hi there! Please share your experiences or opinions on the FARGEN and MORRIS amps or maybe you have a great sounding suggestion for a Plexi-style amp. I am looking for a Plexi style amp at home along with my 212 pre Rola cabinet... + low volume applications on this one (dont want an attenuator...
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    Bogner Helios - 50 Vs 100 Vs Eclipse

    Hi there! Please share your experiences and opinions on the Bogner Helios amps. I actually never played one - no store nearby has one in stock and i dont want to buy blind or return the amps... so i will make a decision based on diff. videos and owner experiences... So all the owners or...
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    funny live clips...

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SVoEb5Rm5eo&feature=fvwrel http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SVoEb5Rm5eo&feature=fvwrel :rotflmao just found that on youtube :rotflmao
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    Suhr Handwired Amps

    who has one... wants one... ? i am very interestend in the 100w spl 68 - how is the master working, are there custom options available (like a line out for a wet/dry rig)... couldn´t finde a dealer in europe that has one or a price info... anyway i am su(h)re that the amps will rock -...
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    Gibson Steve Stevens Signature Les Paul

    .... yeah, i really think they should make him one. :JAM:dude:band he is a really cool player (one of my faves actually) and his tone is always the best with a les paul imho. a cool custom - with jumbos, cool finish, rebel yell pickups... nah?
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    Small Pedalboard - Vibe, Fuzz, Boost, Wah

    hi there! i am looking for a small pedalboard - need a wah, a vibe and a boost and/or fuzz... what would you recommend? vibe - fulltone mini deja vibe - i think this is my favourite vibe pedal... wah - ? maybe the teese picture wah ...? fuzz/boost - ? sunface, fulltone 69, fulltone...
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    Faustine Phantom DX2

    Hi there! I just want to write down a few impressions with the DX2... and maybe i can help some folks with the decision getting a new attenuator. I really had them all - and hated a few of them - to narrow the list down to the useful units: Aracom PRX-150 DAG: Very good attenuator. Built...
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    Plexi + 4x12 Scumback Cab Pinstripe VS Basketweave

    Are there some good clips with an attenuated 100W/50W Plexi with a Scumback M75 4x12 cab with Pinstripe and Basketweave grill cloth?! I would really like to hear a clip to compare the two... Would like to order a Scumback M75 4x12 cab... still thinking about straight vs slant and pinstripe vs...
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    I just fried my amp...... HELP! :(

    Hell i am a dumbass... After switching amp heads back and forth to try out something with one 4x12 cab and the Aracom Attenuator i wanted to put the speakercable from the 50Watter to the 100Watter but i managed to pull the cable out from the Aracom... so the Aracom is connected to the cabinet...
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    Gibson - fretwire???

    hi there! i have played a gibson les paul standard 2008 (model) built in 2011 - actually a nice guitar... but what i really liked was the fret-wire on it... quite narrow and high very round - what kinda fretwire is that? which dimensions? i need a refret and i want exactly these frets on my...
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    Wet/Dry Rig with 19" units...

    Hi there! I want to build up a wet/dry rig... my rig is a vintage Marshall full-stack played with an Attenuator. Now i want some ambience Reverb and Delay... So i thought about that: Marshall Superlead --> Attenuator Line Out --> Reverb/Delay unit --> Poweramp --> Wet-cab. What...
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    ´65 Gibson SG vs. ´57 Gibson Jr. vs. ´59 Les Paul (Replica)

    Hi mates! OK - i have to make a very very tough decision... I had finally a chance to play a ´65 Gibson SG, a ´57 Les Paul Jr. and a Replica from a ´59 Les Paul - damn those old wood guitars are the ****. So i am between 3 guitars at the moment - all three are very exceptional guitars. I...
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    Vintage Gibson ´65 SG -VS- Gibson Les Paul R9

    Hi folks, happy new year to everyone! Ok here it goes..... if someone would offer you an original Gibson early ´65 SG all original except the tuners.... for your R9 with all aged DMC hardware, PAF replicas, original Bumblebee caps, original Centralab Pots, etc. and a good amount of mojo...
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    wet/dry rig with an acoustic amp

    has anyone tried a wet/dry rig with an acoustic amplifier? for example 50Watter attenuated - line out from the attenuator to the acoustic amp with built in fx (reverb/delay). or do you think the acoustic amp can´t handle the hot signal from the line out of an attenuator... all the best, tom.
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    Vintage Strats on Ebay - is this a joke....?

    Missed the auctions two vintage Strats - gone for cheap....:bonk http://cgi.ebay.de/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=120654774557&ssPageName=STRK:MEWAX:IT#ht_710wt_1141 http://cgi.ebay.de/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=120654772434&ssPageName=STRK:MEWAX:IT#ht_1038wt_1141
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    It´s time for a KOMET (Concorde/K60/K19)

    Hi there! After selling lots of gear the last couple of month i am now looking for a Komet (again....). The Komets are probably the most fascinating amps ever for me since i heard the first time of Komet-amps from Guy Fletcher (plays Keys for Mark Knopfler) years ago. I have sold some good old...
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    Amp-Fest / Vintage VS New - Metro Plexi WOW

    Hi there. Just came back from a small amp-fest at a friends music-store... with some really good amps.:JAM some vintage amps... - Marshall 50W 1987 Lead Plexi Original from 1968 - Marshall 50W 1986 JMP Original from 1973 - Marshall 100W Super Lead with some modifications from 1972 -...
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    Germino Club40 VS Suhr Badger30

    Who had both, likes one hates the other one, lets discuss :boxer Story: Ok, i still have my Badger30 and basically i still love the amp... I finally sold the Badger18 and not the 30... the Badger30 is just the better amp for gigs. I have to sell some stuff and i can afford only one "new...
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    Vintage Princeton Reverb from 1965

    I think i will get a really nice example of a ´65 Princeton Reverb - the amp has a 12" hole in the original baffle and i really like a Princeton with a 12" speaker - so this not a problem at all for me... ... BUT what speaker would you choose for an all original Princeton Reverb from 1965 and...
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    50W Marshall ´68 Plexi / Komet 60

    If you could get just one amp - what would be your choice........and why - tone, reliability,tone, value, tone, etc. ? :munch Of course very subjective but lets hear some opinions...... maybe someone already had to decide between the Komet and a vintage Marshall...
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    VINTAGE - 65 Deluxe Reverb VS 64 Super Reverb

    Hi there. If you could choose one amp of the two which one would you prefer..........? I am between a pre CBS 64 Super Reverb and a 65 Deluxe Reverb - both all original and in stunning condition price is the same. From an investment standpoint it is probably the Deluxe Reverb as it is a...
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    KOMET Amp + FX Loop

    OK i want to sell some guitars and stuff i don't need and get a Komet... the only thing that is some kind of a drawback is the lack of an loop. Some might say i am a ***** who needs a loop. But i actually use my TRex Roomate Verb a lot also some Delay...etc So is it possible to add a FX Loop...
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    Fender Masterbuilt - what do you think? Todd Krause vs. John Cruz

    Hi there! After thinking about a Wildwood 10 i came to the conclusion to get a Masterbuilt - Custom Order... what do you think? Which builder would be the best? Todd Krause or John Cruz...? The specs would be: Masterbuilt by Todd Krause or John Cruz Weight between 7lbs. and 8lbs. (most...
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    Best Fender Pickups - John Cruz Masterdesign?

    Whats your experience with Fender (Custom Shop) Pickups...? I really really like the CS60s Pickups - wonderful Pickups... how do the John Cruz Masterdesign Pickups compare to these? Seems that a lot of folks really love the JC Pickups... :hiP Tom
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    Fender Vibro-King VS Tone King Imperial

    Well i am gas-ing for a new amp that matches up with my beloved Suhr Badger 30... right the journey goes straight ahead in the Fender camp. Blues/Blues-Rock and Kinda Mark Knopfler... I like the Vibro King what pisses me off is the weight... the Tone King Imperial is awesome (my hero Mark...
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