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    Most Distortion-y Big Muff Clone?

    Boss HM-2 is a pretty muffy distortion. That might cross over into distortion-y muff.
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    Foxx Tone Machine or French Toast ...without octave

    Looper pedal for me too. OD fed by the French Toast as well. The pedal seems to play well with others, either before or after in the chain... as long as the gain isn't up too high. I have one on the workbench of a local pedal builder waiting for a rehouse. Had some interest in the La...
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    Foxx Tone Machine or French Toast ...without octave

    If there was no octave switch on a Foxx Tone Machine, along what lines of fuzz would the circuit be comparable to? Asking as I'm a fan of the little Danelectro French Toast pedal, but I never use the octave switch, and I always keep the gain way down or off. Can't seem to get any other...
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    What to stack with a RAT?

    Tube screamers and muffs are both popular pairings. I've always preferred Rats at the front of the stack. 2nd in line seems to take some bass away.
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    Radial big shot ABY = not the greatest

    What do you mean by "different random glitches?" Other than the above mentioned glitches, I would guess the Big Shot is doing its job, but its not the tool you thought you needed. Have you tried putting a buffer in front of the pedal?
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    First pedal on your board that your input hits

    Yep. Thought this would be a more popular answer than it has been.
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    Looking for smoothest OD you know of...

    Garagetone Drivetrain might fit the bill... and for not alotta $ Heres one discussion that touches on your concerns... https://www.thegearpage.net/board/index.php?threads/1104238
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    Strictly FUZZ

    I'm thinking the white one knobby is a MXR Micro Amp. Edit... Thinking that it would more likely be a MXR Noise Gate Line Driver.
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    Stoner/Psychedelic guys: Show us your rigs!

    No qualms with that here. Do what ya gotta do, with what ya got to do it with. Sounds great! Thanks for the insight.
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    These 3 pedals together are fun as hell.

    Whos the guy in the middle? Klon clone? Apologies if its obvious, I may be a bit behind pedal-ly.
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    Loudness + Reverb = mud?

    My bedroom is set up similar to yours as it has been for years. Amp one is clean and/or fuzz/distortion. Amp two is reverb and/or delay, or clean when there's dirt in amp one. Amp two rarely has to be more than half the volume of amp one to really show itself. I used to have separate...
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    Stoner/Psychedelic guys: Show us your rigs!

    Went back through the previous posts in this thread and saw some of your gear, so I think I may have a good understanding of whats happening at 1:20. Also saw your post with the Kyuss video, so I feel better about my above reference. May have seen a solid state reference in some of the backlog...
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    Stoner/Psychedelic guys: Show us your rigs!

    Yes. Sick. Love it. Just went over to bandcamp and listened to / bought the record. Putting your stuff into the "reminds me of Kyuss" file, which I love to fill. Hope you'll take that as a compliment. Geary inquiry.... In the vid at 1:20, when I start drooling, what are we hearing guitar...
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    New Fuzzx2 Day..

    Picked up one of those myself not too long ago. Be careful using the boost switches, especially on the buzz tone side... that box gets LOUD!
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    Dear RAT, I apologize

    I have a couple old fender/fender stlyle amps. I adjust to wash out much of the highs in the first place, then make sure the bright switch is off and the dark switch is on. With mids and bass at six, my treble knob will be at two. Those setting seem to keep the rat well tamed, as well as...
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    Dear RAT, I apologize

    lol. I've always described the rat sound as tele-like. Ditched my Rat back in the nineties, but picked up one of those Mooer Black Secrets last year. Sounds just like a Rat to me.
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    Any MXR Classic 108 fuzz users?

    Nope. Different sale. Hope ya like it. I just spent some more time with this pedal and am quite fond of it.
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    Any MXR Classic 108 fuzz users?

    Guys, thanks for all the input. I just figured out a couple of things, first of which is that I'm a bonehead. I run my pedals through a true bypass looper. My tu-2 tuner is usually plugged into one of the loops. I had done some pedal rearranging and plum forgot that I had put the tuner in...
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    Any MXR Classic 108 fuzz users?

    lol. No joke, I almost bought one earlier today but passed. May have to reconsider.
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    Any MXR Classic 108 fuzz users?

    Just picked up a Classic 108 from the emporium here. Based on what I've seen, heard, and read about this pedal, I'm wondering if mine isn't misbehaving a little... particularly the buffer function. I've put this pedal before and after others to see if anything changed, but the pedal acts the...
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    String ball end color question... looking for black

    Thanks JB! I'll give those a shot.
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    String ball end color question... looking for black

    This may be a long shot, but I'll try anyway. I finally replaced the strings on a guitar that I bought used a few years back (hasn't been played much). The new strings I put on were Ernie Ball regular slinkys and after setting them up, half my tone and half a lot of my volume disappeared. I...
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