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    Best new/used strat under $1500?

    Used Suhr/Rasmus, or an Eric Johnson/Mark Knopfler
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    Pedulla basses

    Anyone have personal experience with one of these basses? There's one at my local pawnshop, Rapture model I believe, it's a 5-string bolt on maple/rosewood neck and what looks to be maple or ash body, single Bartolini pickup. I've read good reviews from other places, but can't find a lot...
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    Guitar fetish factory clearance

    These guys just bought a shut down factory that has hundreds/thousands of guitar parts. http://www.guitarfetish.com/Factory-Buyout-Clearance-Sale_c_411.html Stuff updates pretty frequently, a lot of it needs some extra help, but for $40-100 you can buy the parts to build a guitar.
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    What are your Favorite Guitar Strings?

    GHS Eric Johnson Nickel Rockers 10-50. I will only use pure nickel on my electrics now after those strings. Suhr - Ash body, brazilian rosewood fretboard, maple neck, SS jumbo frets. D'Addario Silk & Steel. I prefer a slightly more mellow/soft sound with my acoustic. Larrivee LSV-11e. My...
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    Want to buy my first "real" acoustic, but...

    A used Larrivee/Taylor/Breedlove/Martin. Honestly just find a guitar with solid woods that you like the look of if you can't play a lot of them. Research what the different wood combos sound like (cedar tops are more mellow ~100% of the time as opposed to spruce)
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    Suhr Schiba Drive?

    The shiba is easily my favorite overdrive pedal. I don't think it's possible to get a bad sound out of it.
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    It's time...Most overrated guitar.

    The most well-built but lifeless guitar I ever played was actually an Anderson cobra S. I absolutely loved the look of the guitar and it was super easy to play, but it just felt... dead. I feel that gibsons are overpriced about 85% of the time, and PRS I just never felt right with.
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    Favorite Strat Color w/ Maple board.

    I like any translucent finish, especially on an ash body.
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    Mark Knopfler Signature Strat

    Fantastic, but VERY different guitar. I tried one and loved it, later on had the chance to get a used Suhr that has the same specs (different pickups) and it is my main axe. Beware though, the ash/rosewood combo is super bright and not for everyone.
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    Best lefty for $600 or below?

    A used larrivee, as he makes all of his models in a left handed version. Breedlove/seagull/blueridge all make nice stuff. I really really liked a used $300 blueridge at my local store, little added bit of inlay flair and such, super lightweight, solid woods throughout. rang like a bell.
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    finally played a BAKER ,, kinda sorta i did

    I used to think Ed Roman was awesome. Then I noticed every other company out there. Going to his shop, seeing the acoustics next to the door really lowered my idea of him. Who puts the acoustics next to the door leading to outdoor Vegas, with what 98degrees and 1% humidity? Lots of...
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    About asian made guitars

    gotta cut costs somewhere, its usually hardware and finish that go first.
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    John Dowland sheet music

    Not sure if this is the right spot to post, I'm doing a senior recital and am having a few guitar pieces and two vocal pieces accompanied by guitar. Does anyone know where I could get Dowland's: Flow My Tears, and/or Come Again, in a more guitar friendly form. I currently have a version...
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    Best "modern" updates to a Strat

    Trem, neck joint, radius of the fretboard, locking tuners, bigger frets (this is for all guitars), I like the blend pot on my suhr.
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    So... Should I get a Firebird?

    you could also go with the buckethead signature LP, as he had it made larger so it didn't look so tiny on him.
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    Jazz Box/Hollowbody USA Made

    http://www.musiciansfriend.com/guitars/ibanez-pm120-electric-guitar/519486000010000?src=3WFRWXX&ZYXSEM=0&CAWELAID=26044919 I know it's way up there (when new, and it's made in Japan), but I actually found of these in mint condition in a pawn shop for $1400 and it is the greatest hollowbody I've...
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    First Guitar

    I'm going to be odd and suggest a used Rasmus Modern. You can find them used on the emporium every so often for ~$600, and you're getting way more guitar for the money than from a brand like fender or gibson.
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    nickel fretwire vs stainless steel fretwire?

    My #1 is SS that I use pure nickel strings on. Wish all my guitars had SS frets and locking tuners.
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    Les Pauls.....flametop, goldtop, or black beauty?

    Well, my only LP is a rootbeer flametop that is almost closer to a quilt.
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    You have no gear and $1k to spend. What to get?

    I would get a used partscaster or a Rasmus. Amp would depend on size needed. A used vox ac4 or the epiphone 5watter + cab. Or Ac15
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    Hartley does it again.

    Peavey is one company that's doing it right in my opinion. Good stuff at good prices. Love my JSX amps and for the post above mine, ew a 1piece maple top, peavey is such crap! loljk also I like that corksniffer magazine add, that's awesome.
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    Stradavarius, Gibson, Fender: those old wonderful instruments......

    There's been a lot of these lately it seems like. I sent one to one of my professors where they had samples of each violin that was used. He picked out the strad with the first note. comparing a strad to a vintage fender/gibson is kind of unfair. sure both were revolutionary in the design of...
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    Son Bought Me Some Rev Willy Strings.

    jeeze 7's? I tried 8's once just for kicks and I could not deal with them at all
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    G&G case doesn't fit my strats?

    It's a tweed one. The padding is at least 2-3" thick on each side.
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    G&G case doesn't fit my strats?

    I bought a G&G case a little while back, and now am trying to fit my Greco/Tokai strats in it, and they're ~1-2 inches too long. Even my fender strat is about 1/2" too long and requires more effort than I like to push the padding down to fit in. Am I supposed to crush the padding down by the...
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