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  1. Gas Hed

    Noise Gate anyone?...

    But not for noise, well, not the hum or static kind. Is anybody using a Noise Gate to clean up their playing? Meaning, little things like unwanted string slides, touching other strings during solos and such. I'm having a hard time believing that recording artists are as clean as they are in...
  2. Gas Hed

    For Hearing Protection - Molded or Foam IEMs?

    I'm exploring IEMs primarily for hearing protection during practice and ultimately on stage. Wondering, do molded IEMs provide better hearing protection than foam tips?
  3. Gas Hed

    They all sound the same...recommend something new!

    My amp journey has been fun, no regrets, what is interesting is for the most part they have all sounded the same and I've finally found the best of the bunch. Here's how it went: In the before time a Roland solid state something or other, then used student loan money to start the snowballing...
  4. Gas Hed

    Bang for Buck - Amps or Speakers

    I’ve done my amp exploration over the years but have never dabbled with speakers or cabinets. Am I missing anything? I am learning that the answer is likely yes. But wondering which path has best bang for buck…experimenting with one amp and various speaker/cab combinations or one cab with...
  5. Gas Hed

    A lightsaber amp?

    When I was a kid I got my first cheapo electric but didn’t have money to get an amp. When my dad wasn’t home I’d plug it into the microphone jack of his ‘70s Pioneer receiver and away I went. It had the sweetest break up that to this day I can’t find. Best way to describe it is that it...
  6. Gas Hed

    Help with practice sound

    Hey folks - I'd appreciate any tips on my practice sound which is generating a LOT of frustration for me. I play guitar for a '90s rock cover band, pulling acoustic and electric out depending on the song. Problem is I can't hear the details of my playing and I end up hacking away to...
  7. Gas Hed

    The Blues and Jimi Hendrix

    Someone once told me that you can't find the Blues, it finds you. I totally agree with that because when I play Bluesville on Sirius XM the songs they play don't really speak to me at all. Now enter me shuffling some Hendrix and I come across two tunes that totally speak to me and found me...
  8. Gas Hed

    IF there is an EVH Tribute Concert...

    Who would you want to see perform in his tribute? Would be intriguing to see who would make the cut. My votes would go to (and in this order): Pete Thorn Phil X Joe Satriani Slash Sammy Hagar and The Circle Wolfgang Van Halen and Mammoth ...and close it out with a drum solo by Alex in his...
  9. Gas Hed

    Is there an Electrical Engineer in the house?

    Or at least someone that understands Watts? I just picked up a Headrush FRFR for my acoustic guitar rig and it's got this great promo sticker on it saying 2000 WATTS. What does that really mean? Especially considering it doesn't get nearly as loud as my 15 Watt tube amp?
  10. Gas Hed

    Shaky Hands Warmup?

    I need help with a warmup routine to get my hands and mind relaxed. I am a nervous person in general and when I start playing with others it takes time for me to get comfortable. I don't have a warm up routine and I gotta believe that is a factor that makes things worse. Particularly because...
  11. Gas Hed

    Decking a Gotoh 510

    I'm going to deck my floating Gotoh 510 and am curious if I should be aware of any pitfall? What would be best path to take: A.) Pulling the bridge down to the body with more springs? B.) Screwing the 2 screws it pivots against down to bring the entire bridge flush with the body? C.) Both A...
  12. Gas Hed

    Changing picks during sets

    Does anyone change picks depending on the song you are playing? I'm going to try it for the first time tonight. There is a song where strummed palm mutes just sound better with .60mm thickness vs. my normal .90mm. I don't know why I've been so rigid all these years (no pun intended). But so...
  13. Gas Hed

    Help Needed - Acoustic Effects Pedals

    Hey Folks, I'm on a time crunch as I have an audition on Thursday and 3 of the songs really need to be done acoustically. I'm normally an electric player but want to do it right for the songs. Problem is I only have an acoustic guitar (it does have a pickup with EQ controls). I know I need a...
  14. Gas Hed

    Orianthi and Sambora at Norm's Part 2

    Richie Sambora and Orianthi visits Norman's Rare Guitars - YouTube Actually not sure how many of these are out there, but looks like this one was recent. I couldn't stop watching, and glad I did to be honest. I found some serious appreciation and awe in Orianthi that I never had before...
  15. Gas Hed

    Need a Cure - Cab GAS

    Hey Folks, I need to join a support group for people who suffer from Cabinet GAS. I have made the life changing discovery that speakers, cabinets, speaker placement, cabinet placement, cabinet angles all have significant impact on tone or perceived tone (meaning how you hear it depending on...
  16. Gas Hed

    Recommend Me a Matchless for '90s Rock

    So here's the deal, I get that Matchless are geared for edge of break up. But there is something about the look and pure/raw tone that comes out of them that makes me want one for a look and feel I'm after. That being '90s rock. I know I'll need a pedal or two to get those highly compressed...
  17. Gas Hed

    Neck Binding - Yay or Nay?

    I'm not sure what to make of neck binding. Is it purely decorative or is there a functional reason? Take a Les Paul as an example. Majority have neck binding, but the more I look at it, in my opinion the plastic can make it look cheap. Thoughts?
  18. Gas Hed

    Any Les Paul Project Guitars Out There?

    I gotta believe I'm not the only person who is GASing for the Murphy Lab Les Pauls that have been in the news but will never be able to spend the coin they ask for. I was at G.C. the other day and saw a used Classic for less than $1500 and it got me thinking. What is I got the classic and it...
  19. Gas Hed

    The '80s Saxophone Solo

    What can I say, I love them! I have no idea how they became prevalent or who was the pioneer to incorporate them, but it just screams '80s and that is awesome. What are your favorite sax' solos from the '80s and beyond? A few of my favorites are in this gem of a YouTube: Every 80s SAX SOLO I...
  20. Gas Hed

    New Perspective on U2

    Growing up in the '80s through the '90s was great musically and I like many was in love with U2. It was all about Bono and the fire and creativity he brought to the table. Now that I'm older and listening to them again after a decade or so break I'm realizing that U2 would have been nothing...
  21. Gas Hed

    Midi Pedal for Eventide H9

    Hello folks - I'm interested in being able to select from a handful of presets on my H9 instantaneously as opposed to banking up and down. I'm new to MIDI but believe a pedal board can do this for me. Any H9 users out there with a pedal board suggestion?
  22. Gas Hed

    Hamer Guitars

    There was always something about a Hamer USA that got my attention back in the '90s. Problem is I never actually got my hands on one. Well, that's not true. I did play a 1994 Wine Red Special at Cintioli's in North East Philadelphia. Saved up my money to buy that guitar only to save up some...
  23. Gas Hed

    Amps that are timeless

    It is fascinating to see amps come and go. Particularly when it really is a good amp. But I'm wondering what your thoughts are on amps that have stood the test of time. I can only think of two off the top of my head - Fender DR and Vox AC30. I'd like to say something from Marshall but I...
  24. Gas Hed

    Converting to an open back

    Any success stories out there on converting a closed back speaker cab to an open back? I've got a Suhr 1x12 closed back that simply has a back panel that can be cut to take out middle part. I'm tempted to go down this path but am curious if others have tried and succeeded or failed. Thoughts?
  25. Gas Hed

    1x12 vs 2x12

    Trying to convince myself that I'm fine with a 1x12. I've got both 1x12 and 2x12 and I am only using my 1x12. But here's why - I can easily put it on a cabinet stand and tilt it towards my my ears. Sounds superior to the 2x12 because of that. A somewhat intangible reason but some of you will...
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