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    Mid 70's Vibro Champ

    The differences between the Marshall and Fender tone stacks are negligible, and really won't get you closer to a Marshall sound. The real difference is in what happens before the tone stack, in the gain structure. You could conceivably modify the Vibro Champ to have more of a Marshall tone...
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    Can a Bassman (Blackface on) be made into a decent bass amp?

    yep, I've got one. they work great as a low/mid-power bass amp. nice guitar amp, too.
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    Tube Dampers melting?

    you may just be smelling the release agent on the silicone. It's a manufacturing remnant. I wouldn't worry about it unless you can actually see the rings deforming.
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    Sonic character of Emi Texas Heat?

    a solid-state amp with an output transformer? :huh I suspect he's just hearing the amp more clearly than he's ever heard it, and doesn't like the sound.
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    Can you watch this

    yeah, it's kinda cool!
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    Speaker ID W/pics

    it doesn't necessarily have a direct Eminence brand equivalent. They do all sorts of stuff for OEM drivers, almost none of which have ever impressed me as outstanding. If it's got a silver label on it with an Eminence model number, you can send it to them and they'll give you the spec's...
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    I hate to give absolutes but the vox pathfinder destroys 80% of all amps.

    gets better with a Weber 8A150 :D
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    SF Princeton Reverb high plate voltage

    ok, that's weird. I'd definitely be looking into replacing the filter caps, but I'm not sure how that could cause your problem. yeah, that's really odd, I've never seen that. Both symptoms could be caused by a faulty power transformer. I'd disconnect the PT from everything downstream and...
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    SF Princeton Reverb high plate voltage

    a little over 11 watts/tube for 6V6 sounds about right. I'd leave it like that. I think the B+ is a little higher than the schematic just because wall voltages have drifted up since '77, but the tubes oughta be fine with it.
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    that whole "particle board vs. BB plywood for a 4x12" back" thing...

    that's what I did; same cab, speakers, everything, just swapped the original back for a BB plywood back. Not sure why the picture doesn't show up, but I can repost it.
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    I hate to give absolutes but the vox pathfinder destroys 80% of all amps.

    cutting the LED's out made a huge improvement to my ears, got rid of that gritty distortion.
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    that whole "particle board vs. BB plywood for a 4x12" back" thing...

    I just happen to have a Marshall slant cab loaded with G12-65's here, and it has a particle-board back, so I built a BB plywood back and ran small-signal tests on both of them. I'm not sure what the results really are, maybe you can figure it out. The green line is the BB plywood, the purple...
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    Building a keyboard speaker cab

    or you could put 4 of these in it http://www.parts-express.com/pedocs/specs/294-2082--k12h-200tc-spec-sheet.pdf I'm not a huge fan of whizzer cones, but it might be the simplest, cheapest way to get something approaching full range.
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    Building a keyboard speaker cab

    the Eminence Beta 12-CX is a full-range 12" when combined with the matching horn, and appropriate crossover. It's not a dirt-cheap solution, but probably the most cost-effective way to get full range out of that cab.
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    free Bassman 100, what a deal!

    Peteyvee, yeah, you ain't kiddin', I'm having a blast with this thing. Think I'm gonna replace the plate load resistors and coupling caps, see if I can get the notes to be a little clearer, but it's a real Fender clean machine, and I'm really glad to have it. Turns out I had a Tele body made...
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    Best place to buy replacement speaker gaskets (preferably cork)

    http://www.speakerworks.com/12_inch_cork_speaker_gasket_p/gasket12b.htm close enough? I've bought the real cork in 15" before, can't seem to find it in the 12.
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    free Bassman 100, what a deal!

    I'd never had any experience with this model, but a buddy gave me his because it didn't work. It's a '73, bone stock. I rebuilt the power section (filter caps were shot to hell), reworked the power connections (no more ground switch, rerouted the power leads so they don't go right through the...
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    Speaker Wire Question

    if I'm reasonably confident that I won't be changing the speaker frequently or soon, I'll solder it. Otherwise, I use connectors, just make sure they're tight.
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    Speaker Impedance Sound Differences?

    some would say that the arrangement you've got now will provide the tightest response. I wouldn't disagree, but I'm not sure I could hear the difference.
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    weird Mallory FP filter cap readings, need some input

    meh, I'm good. sweet! never woulda thunk it.
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    weird Mallory FP filter cap readings, need some input

    yeah, the discrepancy leaves room for error, I guess, but how else do you measure capacitance? some dedicated high-voltage meter or something? not sure I've ever seen a rated tolerance that high, I was thinking it was 10%; I think that's what I found on a Mallory FP data sheet the other day.
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    weird Mallory FP filter cap readings, need some input

    this is one of the few times that I've had to measure values that high; it seems to be ok for 100 uF and down. I've never measured a new cap that was high by 50%, so that's why I was thinking it was the cap, not the meter. cool, that's what I'm thinking. really? just to make sure the...
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    weird Mallory FP filter cap readings, need some input

    good to hear, I like mine. I just don't understand how the capacitance can drift up that high; pretty sure they weren't made that way.
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    In Way Over My Head...

    this! you get practice, a sample and an extra cab, all in one.
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