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    WTB: Inexpensive Telecaster Bridge Pickup

    Looking for a bridge pickup for an LTD Telecaster. I'm not to picky as to what it is (as long as it's not from a Squier or GFS) because it's going in a guitar that I am selling. I'm cool with MIM Fender, Duncan, Dimarzio, the cheaper the better.
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    Motor City Angel Dust pickup nickel cover

    Up for sale is a Motor City Angel Dust pickup. Pickup is 53mm, short legs, 4 conductor and a nickel cover. Apparently Wade isn't making this pickup anymore. It's basically new, just isn't my thing. I've got an Afwayu coming for this guitar. $125 shipped in the US.
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    FS: Bare Knuckle Black Dog set

    Up for sale is a set of Bare Knuckle Black Dogs. Black/Creme, 4 conductor, 50mm, and short legs. $210 shipped.
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    Dimarzio Tone Zone T DP389 Tele Sized HB

    Up for sale is a Dimarzio Tone Zone T tele bridge pickup in black. Excellent shape with long leads. $55 shipped in the US.
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    Seymour Duncan Pearly Gates and (2) Vintage Rails

    Up for sale is a Seymour Duncan Pearly Gates and (2) Vintage Rail pickups, prewired on 250k pots and a 5 way Mega Switch. $120 Shipped in the US. dia/20140713_143338_zpsvpxmdjoe.jpg.html][/URL]
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    Motor City Pickups Detroiter bridge 53mm

    For sale is a Motor City Pickups Detroiter bridge pickup. Pickup is 53mm, short legs, and 4 conductor wiring. $105 shipped in the US.
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    ESP Vintage Plus & LTD ST203 Strat

    Up for sale are an ESP Vintage Plus and an LTD ST203. Both of these are killer guitars that are very under-rated. The LTD has a set of mid 90's MIM strat pickups, a Wilkinson bridge and Wilkinson locking tuners. $260 shipped in the US. The ESP Vintage Plus has a larger radius and jumbo...
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    ESP LTD ST-203 Distressed Sunburst/Maple

    Up for sale is an ESP/LTD ST-203 in distressed 3 tone sunburst. These are killer guitars for the money. Much better than a Squier and on par with Mexi-Fenders. They are one of the few Strat knockoffs with true Jumbo frets. While the picture shows that this has Hot Rails in it, it will...
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    Help ID'ing a Tele bridge pickup

    Can anyone help ID this tele pickup for me? It came in an older mexi Tele that I recently bought. The person I got it from was under the impression that it was a Fender Custom Shop pickup, at least that's what the person he got it from said. I'll try to get a multimeter on it tomorrow if that...
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    What is this 60's/70's MIJ 335 Style Semihollow?

    Does anyone have any idea what brand this bolt-on semihollow is and how much it might be worth? It was a friends dad's guitar(who passed away 10 years ago) and he found it while helping his mom move. I'm not up on the MIJ copies from that era and have no idea where to really start but I found...
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    Would you return a brand new guitar because of fret sprout?

    I just got a brand new Fender Tele on ebay. It has moderate fret sprout and it looks like they tried to fix it at the store because there are file marks or scuffs on a few of the frets. While I did get a really good deal on it, would you be inclined to return it or would you fix it and live...
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    New EMG PAF style pickups: The 66 and 57

    http://www.musiciansfriend.com/accessories/emg-57-b-humbucker-guitar-bridge-pickup http://www.musiciansfriend.com/accessories/emg-66-n-humbucker-guitar-neck-pickup?tandt_rdir=1 These mildly intrigue me. They seem to be EMG's take on a PAF pickup, but active. While I'm not an EMG lover(or hater...
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    Has anyone used an E-Transfer to sell a guitar?

    Has anyone used an E-Transfer to sell a guitar? I have someone asking if I would do one, which I have know idea how they really even work.
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    Carvin's return policy

    Does anyone know if Carvin's 10 day return policy covers custom ordered replacement necks? I have a Warmoth body coming that a Carvin neck might look cool on, but the key word is might...
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    Another quick amp/cab ohm question

    Sorry for asking another idiot ohm question, but it's not easy searching for 3 letter words with the search function. I just received an Orange 2x12 and a Peavey 6505. The Orange cab is 16ohms, the Peavey is switchable between 4-8-16 ohms. So, which setting do I put the Peavey on? Currently...
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    Les Paul Wiring Help!

    I'm wiring up a Les Paul for a friend to the following Diagram: http://www.seymourduncan.com/support/wiring-diagrams/schematics.php?schematic=2h2v2t3w2sp I get it finished and there isn't any sound coming through. My question, on the diagram for the push pull, does the pickup hot wire go on...
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    To upgrade or not?

    I have an Ibanez AS83 semi-hollow that I will be replacing the stock pickups to a set of Dimarzio 36th's. Obviously, that will be the best time for me to upgrade the wiring harness. I intend on buying a prewired harness but I have no idea who to buy one from. So... Who should I order the...
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    Nuts for Pick Adjustment Screws

    I recently acquired some pickups that someone had direct mounted. To do that, they bored out the holes and put oversized screws in. I need to put them in a guitar with pickup rings, and I think the only way to do that would be to put small nuts on an adjustment screw to lock it in place. Does...
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    Fender Tuner Question?

    Will Fender Kluson tuners cover up the holes from the Fender 70's F diagonal mount tuners? I have a Warmoth neck that had the 70's F tuners on it and I need gold or black tuners for this project. As far as I can tell, you can't really get gold or black F tuners. Schaller makes them in gold...
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    Bridge Plate Repair

    Any recommendations on a quick and cheap bridge plate fix on a cheap Oscar Schmidt acoustic? Obviously, replacing it would be the best route, but the repair would cost more than the guitar is worth.
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    MIJ Fender Tele

    I just got a trade offer for a MIJ Fender Tele TLG-70p. I'm not very knowledgeable with the Fender Japan stuff. What would the approximate value of this guitar be? It's white with a matching headstock, gold hardware, and is double bound. Any other information would be greatly appreciated.
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    Seymour Duncan Alnico II Pro in a Faded SG

    I'm wondering if anyone has any experience with the Seymour Duncan Alnico II Pro pickups in a Faded SG? I have the Alnico II Pro's laying around and thought I would give it a try. Right now, my Faded SG has a Duncan Custom in the Bridge and the stock 490R in the neck and it's kind of uninspiring.
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    1 guitar, multiple pickup swaps

    How many pickup swaps should be normal before you give up on a guitar. I have two American Standard Strats. Both rosewood boards. One is a 2001 and has an H-S-H setup with a Duncan Jazz in the neck and Duncan Custom 5 in the bridge and it sounds awesome. My other one is 1995, which I first...
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    Which Strat would I rather have?

    I have new found love for Strats with matching headstocks. I found a 2009 Surf Green American Standard for a decent price. If I would buy that, one of my guitars would have to be sold. I really only have two guitars to sell, a 2002 American Standard Strat(Sunburst) or a 2002 American...
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    Strats with Matching Headstocks

    I'm looking for a Strat with a Rosewood fingerboard and a color matched headstock. Are there any certain models that had this or are they basically special runs that I have to be lucky to find on ebay?
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