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  1. Lwilliams

    FT 2020 G&L Legacy Fullerton Standard

    I am posting this for a friend. I have sold a few for him on TGP. This guitar is would be mint except for pickguard marking from a little play time. I helped him buy this guitar new from CME in February. G&L calls this color Graphite. Basically, it looks like a metallic charcoal gray...
  2. Lwilliams

    NGD: new 2020 Martin 000-42- Oh My!

    I've been waiting a while. With Martin's shutdown, a lot of models have been hard to find. So, Straight Otta Nazareth. This one left PA last week. I can't wait to start opening up this beautiful top!!
  3. Lwilliams

    Sold TWO Fender 099-1612-306 Metro 60th Anniversary Electric Guitar Gig Bags

    I have two of these. Both are still new, unused. Very nice gig bags. They were around $60 back in 2014 when they were made. I would like to get $ 25.00 each for them plus shipping cost Exterior pocket for all of your Fender accessories Padded backpack style shoulder straps 41" L x 16" W
  4. Lwilliams

    Imcoming - new Martin 000-28 Modern Deluxe

    Yeah, I know I just got the 000-28EC a few weeks ago. I was trying to decide between it and the MD. I love the EC and play it every day. But I still wanted one of these. I should have it in hand in a few hours. Can't wait for that fresh Martin aroma!!!!!!!! Here are a some pictures...
  5. Lwilliams

    NGD - 000-28EC Sunburst

    I stressed a lot on my next purchase. But I settled on this. This is a pic from dealer, will take more later tonight. There is a reason this model is still a strong seller for Martin.
  6. Lwilliams

    Martin 000 decision, advice if you can

    I am about to buy either a 000-28EC or a 000-28 Modern Deluxe. Now, there is no where within driving distance that I can try these. I will have a few days return policy. I know that I want the 24.9 scale. I have played the Clapton neck before and it is ok for me. The acoustic I play most...
  7. Lwilliams

    C. F. Martin to retire.

  8. Lwilliams

    NGD - Taylor Custom 412ce-R 12 Fret Special Edition

    I got this Taylor yesterday as an experiment. I have lots of Martin and Gibson acoustics and a Taylor 914c. But I had been wanting a small body 12-fret acoustic. I came upon this new, limited-run, model. So, it got here yesterday. So far, I don't know, it sounds so much different than all...
  9. Lwilliams

    Sold HeadRush FRFR-112

    Selling my HeadRush FRFR-112. 100% mint other than a little dust. Original box and shipping carton. Only has about 2 hours use at a low volume. Pictures supplied by email on request. $old Paypal'd Plus shipping to CONUS.
  10. Lwilliams

    Sold HeadRush Pedalboard & FRFR-112

    I bought these new from Sweetwater last fall. I had intentions of going back to gigging. I have decided that will not happen. Enjoying my freedom too much. Both of these items have never left my music room at home. 100% MINT condition. Pedalboard still has the film on the LCD and the...
  11. Lwilliams

    I guess we have to rewrite all the Strat history books

    This is the first time I've heard this BS. If I knew how to get the ad removed, I would. https://cosprings.craigslist.org/msg/d/colorado-springs-1951-kay-stratocaster/7110586805.html His ad says: Real collectors item This STRAT was built in 1951, Patent was sold to fender to start making...
  12. Lwilliams

    Fender HSS Shawbucker Strat - wow!

    I was doing some work on one of these today. It came to me with the Shawbucker in the case and a Duncam Trembucker in the guitar. The owner wanted it back to stock. So, easy job. When done, I plugged into Matchless, Fender, Marshall. Man, this thing sounds great! I am really...
  13. Lwilliams

    Sold 2015 Taylor 914c -- Lowered Price

    First, I LOVE this guitar. But it does not get any play. I have lots of guitars and find I am playing one of my SJ-200s more than any other acoustic. This is one is in excellent +++ condition - pretty much unplayed condition. No dings, dents, scratches, wear, fret wear....... nothing that I...
  14. Lwilliams

    Put 80/20 on my SJ-200

    Recently, I find I play this guitar a lot. But no matter what, it did not sound as it should. I was worried that something had changed in the wood. I picked up some new Martin PB strings a few weeks ago hoping that new strings would do the trick. Put them on and had the same sound. Just sounded...
  15. Lwilliams

    Interesting item for Strat lovers.

    I have no affiliation with this site. I just thought some here might find it interesting or want to purchase one of these new books. https://strat28.wixsite.com/anniversarystrat
  16. Lwilliams

    Gibson and Taylor morning

    Playing my SJ200 and 914c earlier. It was quiet in the house. I notice that my 914 is a lot louder than the 200. It was extremely surprising. How could that smaller body be so much louder than the super jumbo?
  17. Lwilliams

    2004 Fender American Strat....any problems with these?

    I know someone selling one of these. Exc++ condition Candy Apple Red, Maple board. All stock. I really don't remember much about them. These were made during my "Tom Anderson only" days. Are they good as stock? Any reason to avoid them? He is asking $600. Sound right?
  18. Lwilliams

    Replaced the Tusq saddle on my SJ-200 today

    On my newest SJ-200, I wanted the action a little lower than the factory spec. I did not want to adjust the factory Tusq saddle. So I ordered a bone saddle blank. Spent about an hour cutting, sanding and fitting it. Wow, what a difference. A guitar that was already amazing is now off the...
  19. Lwilliams

    NGD - Fender CS '60 Telecaster Custom Closet Classic

    Incoming TODAY!!!!
  20. Lwilliams

    Sold 2016 Gibson SG Standard T

    Selling for a friend. This is a 2016 Gibson SG Standard T in near mint condition. It has some marking on the pickguard. And it looks like someone at the store tried to turn the tailpiece studs...pictured. I was with him at the purchase and the studs were this way when new. Guitar did not...
  21. Lwilliams

    Sold 1998 PRS McCarty CherryBurst with factory Gold

    This 1998 PRS McCarty was a factory order with gold hardware. It has the original hard case. It is excellent condition. The is a little of the gold wearing the bass-side tailpiece stud and on the bottom edges of the pickup covers. 100% stock with NO modifications. McCarty Bass and...
  22. Lwilliams

    Sold 2005 Fender JAPAN '57 Reissue Precision

    I am selling this for a friend. It is Fender JAPAN '57 Reissue. Excellent condition. With a Fender molded case. It is stock except for the pickup. Installed is the Fender Pure Vintage '63 Precision Bass pickup. This is a $135.00 upgrade. The original pickup is included. Wish I had...
  23. Lwilliams

    NGD - Taylor 914c

    Never owned a Taylor before. Tried several. The 914 is what did it. Excited!
  24. Lwilliams

    Sold G&L ASAT Classic Semi-Hollow 2016 Turquoise Metal Flake - PRICE DROP

    This beautiful, MINT - as new - guitar is not getting played. I have had it almost a year. It is wonderful. But I have over two dozen guitars and and going to sell off a few just for space. Includes the OHSC and COA. The finish is Turquoise Metal Flake. It is one of the extra cost Premier...
  25. Lwilliams

    NGD: Martin 00-28....Oh My! Incoming.

    I will have this on Wednesday. Got plenty of guitars, but I wanted a smaller "couch" guitar. This ought to do the trick. I will post my own pics when it gets here. Until then, here is the Sweetwater pic:

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