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    BB King - You done lost your good thing now. Great!

    I've been digging this tune. I've loved BB since the 70s but had not heard this older tune (circa 1961?) until recently. Very sparse instrumentation / accompaniment. Thinner, brighter tone that I'm accustomed to from BB and much more reverb. but what a tune. Near perfect mood and playing...
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    Envelope filter - which one can get the "Jerry" thing?

    I love Garcia's envelope filter tones (think he used a Mutron), but I don't think all envelope filters are equal. I've only played one cheapie that is picking sensitive (i.e. the wah effect depends on your picking attack). I'm ignorant of whether all envelope filters work that way but I vastly...
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    Anyone Using Carr Elsinore Speakers in a Non-Carr Amp?

    I really like the Elsinore in my Rambler and wonder how it would work with other amps or cabs. Anyone tried them in the non-Carr amp context?
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    Tip for Mesa 5:50 Express Plus Users

    Well you can take or leave this suggestion but below is a mini "discovery" I had last evening. Background: I'm from the Fender blackface clean tone world. I got a Mesa 5:50 Express + head solely because I love the clean mode on the amp. I pair it usually with a Mesa widebody `1x12 loaded with...
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    Johnny A Concert

    I was fortunate to see Johnny A's show at Mill Valley's Sweetwater Music Hall last night (great small venue). Unfortunately I couldn't stay for the entire show, but here are some observations on his current tourt: JA is playing solo this time using loopers; however he's creating the loops...
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    McCarty 594 58/15 LT Neck Pickup

    Anyone find the stock neck pickup on a 594 a tad bassy? Given that these are low turn pickups I would expect not but (through some amps / cabs) that seems to be the case. Did you change anything (yes I've lowered the pickup about as low as I can get it) I have another mahog/ maple guitar...
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    Tell me about the Carol-Ann OD2 (compare w/ Redplate?)

    Until yesterday I never played (or saw) a Carol-Ann Amp but they always sounded like high quality amps on videos I saw and clearly have a fine reputation. I played an OD2 yesterday and was quite impressed with it. Almost bought it but... I wonder if it would be too similar to my Redplate...
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    What Pickups on a 2000 LP Historic Goldtop?

    That's the question. Locally there is a 2000 57 Reissue for sale. I know burstbuckers were standard from many years from somewhere in the early 2000s but don't know about 2000. Were 57 classics used in 2000?
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    Great Robben Ford Show

    I had the privilege to see Robben and his new band in a very intimate venue this evening. I've seen him twice before and met him at a clinic but tonight he was on fire! His playing was incredible and intense and he seemed as joyous and into the music and the gig as I've ever heard or seen him...
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    In Praise of the Redplate Blackverb

    Since Redplate has re-introduced the BV as a current product it seems to be getting renewed attention. I'm surprised it doesn't get more attention - I think it's a seriously underrated amp. It took me some time (maybe because I'm just dense) to "get" this amp but that was really because I had...
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    Anyone been a guitarist for a long time and permanently switch to being a bassist?

    Title says its all? I have always thought bass is cool and it seems a great way to be "needed" in a band (got to be fewer good bass players than guitarists) :)
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    Any experience with a RedPlate Blackloop?

    I own a Blackverb head but wondered if anyone owned a Blackloop combo and what you thought about it. Seems like a blackface alternative to a Tweedyverb in the small footprint combo. If you have one - love to hear your experience with the amp.
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    What would be like a quality 50 watt 1x12 Twin Reverb?

    I have a decent amp collection but always liked Twins. But I don't trust reissues, don't need 85 watts and prefer a 1x12. What's close to that? Don't say a deluxe reverb - it's just not the same. Ideal amp for this tone hunt would be: 1x12 Sound essentially just like a twin Sold but not crazy...
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    What Eminence Speaker was in the Tone King Comet?

    I have Tone King Comet (love it). It has a 12" Eminence speaker but it's a special design so it doesn't say what Eminence model it is (or maybe it was a custom order for Tone King). I'm trying to figure out what it is because I ran a blackface head (another brand) through that speaker for...
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    Tell me About the Dr. Z EZG50

    I've heard about this amp for some time but never seen one. If you have experience with the amp, can you tell me: How similar (or dissimilar) is it to, say a Blackface Twin Reverb? I have seen past threads saying the amp was bassy? True? What speakers do you like to use with this amp? I...
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    Speakers with Mesa TA-30?

    I own one and had the stock Mesa C90. Not bad. I have also run through a V30 What (other than the stock Mesa speaker) are you using in your TA-30 (or TA-15)? What are your tone goals and why did you choose the speaker(s) you are now using?
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    Opinions on PRS "Stripped 58" Singlecut w/ 24.5" Scale?

    Anyone own this guy? I'd like to hear your impressions of this guitar? Does yours have 57/08 pickups? How is the tone?
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    How close (or not) is a PRS McCarty 594 to a Les Paul?

    Any owners with views on this question? Love to get your thoughts.
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    Any customers of Mark's Guitar loft?

    How did it go? They seem to have good inventory? Ever bought a guitar from them?
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    Who's still playing a Johnny A Signature?

    That says it all. Are TPG folks are still enjoying these guitars? I don't see many mentions of them on TPG anymore - and don't see many for sale. Anyone still digging the JA?
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    "Cloud 9" Les Pauls

    Always have been interested in these. I'd love to hear form owners of these guitars what you like or don't like about them as I may be planning to soon sell a nice (other) Gibson to look for one.
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    Speaker Choices with Mesa Express 5:50 Plus

    I have 5:50 Plus head and I'm using a Celestion A Type with it. I use it almost exclusively for the clean mode, which is why I bought the amp in the first place. I'm wondering what speakers other admirers of the Express Plus's clean mode like to use with this amp? In particular - what might...
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    What factors (in your view) make for a great Strat?

    I grew up playing a strat but detoured heavy into humbucker guitars. I have always found tele's a natural fit and recently got back into playing tele's and strats. I was lucky to land a fine boutique strat type guitar that is excellent but that got me wondering what people look for when buying...
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    Question on Mesa Express Plus 5:50

    Anyone find the Express clean channel to be too bassy? I generally like the clean mode on this amp but find that (1) it seems to lack volume relative to other modes and (2) seems to have too much bass (even with the bass turned very low (like 1-2). I know well that Mesa manuals advise turning...
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    Simple Joys (guitar)

    We all get hung up on gear and tone but today I had one of those great experiences of simple pure guitar delight. Playing a Tele through a Carr Rambler. No pedals - just simple stuff. Sometimes I forget how pure and cool the electric guitar can sound and today I just dug it the same way I might...

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