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    Johnny A. using P-90 pickups in signature guitar

    I saw him in January in a very small club with the P-90 JA guitars. They were not my cup of tea but might have sounded a lot better with a bit less volume. JA was great as always. I had no idea they needed to mess with the guitar neck to put those pickups in!
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    Linda Ronstadt ...

    2 short notes: In the early 70s I went to a smaller show to see the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band (headliner), some singer named Linda Ronstadt and Steve Martin (all on one bill for about $5.00 a ticket). Steve Martin couldn't make it (got Tom Waits instead!) and was impressed by Ms. Ronstadt to say...
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    Swamp Thang with a 5 watt tube combo?

    I had a Swamp Thang run with a Redplate Blackverb. Supposedly it was good for cleans. However I was looking for a Fender blackface tone and the ST couldn't do that (for me anyway). I found the high to be repressed (not sparkly or sweet and not very detailed) and the lows prominent. The ST is...
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    Favorite Steely Dan Song

    Of older tunes I agree with MikeFair on "Any Major Dude". Others not mentioned above that I really like are: - Barrytown - Any World that I'm Welcome to Of newer material, I like most all of it but some special ones are: - Almost Gothic - West of Hollywood
  5. P

    Incoming!! Prs 594 Semi Hollow Ltd

    Pretty unique guitar. Would love to hear how it is different from your regular 594.
  6. P

    Carr Slant 6v....any love?

    Carr Slant V is a classic great amp in my book. But not easy to find. I think at current price points it would be maybe the most pricey Carr amp. BallaBalla nailed it
  7. P

    New Mesa Boogie amp: Fillmore 50

    I agree that the 50 watts didn't seem very loud but that is also true for the clean mode of every Express 5:50 I've played. I'd also agree that the reverb seemed a bit heavy on the Fillmore for my tastes. I'd dial it way back.
  8. P

    New Mesa Boogie amp: Fillmore 50

    I got a chance to play a Fillmore 50 combo at my local shop today for about 20 minutes. I'm mainly a clean tone player so take that into account in considering this review. The combo looks like a Deluxe reverb size combo. Not as deep backed as most Mesa's. Very simple and intuitive layout...
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    NAD: 1965 Vintage Twin Reverb, ex Eric Johnson.

    Very cool! What does that guy weigh with the JBLs?
  10. P

    Xotic Soul Driven question.

    I think the SD (non AH version) is a great OD Pedal. I also use a Zendrive but the SD is creamier yet still has some growl on chording. What I love about the SD apart from its tone is how you can use the tone and mid controls to adapt the pedal to most any normal amp / guitar combination and...
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    Still gassing for a McCarty

    I think OP asked about 'which Mccarty". There are many variations on the McCarty. On the standard McCarty - I believe some are all mahogany (Korina?), while others are maple cap / mahogany (most probably). A DGT is basically a customized McCarty with different pickups, a different neck carve...
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    Johnny A : Never Heard Of Him

    Go Johnny Go!
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    New Mesa Boogie amp: Fillmore 50

    I'm sure this will be a good amp. As always video clips rarely capture anything close to what an amp sounds like. If I relied on video clips I'd stick with acoustic guitar. I like the concept behind this amp which seems to combine simplicity with reasonable levels of versatility. I have Mesa...
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    The Kingsley Pedal Club

    How about this name" TPG Wait List Magnet?
  15. P

    Mesa TA15 & TA30 Tweed Mode

    I always use 40 watts on the Tweed mode. It's clearly cleaner.
  16. P

    Mesa TA15 & TA30 Tweed Mode

    Never had a TA-15 but own a TA-30. I have been running it through (of all things) a Redplate 1x12 cab loaded with a Carr Elsinore speaker. Sounds great on the V and Tweed modes (I never use the other ones). The TA is a surprisingly great amp.
  17. P

    What happened to RedPlate Amps?

    PLUS 1. Best of wishes for all the Redplate guys!
  18. P

    When people say vintage guitars sound better...

    I'm sure there are exceptional vintage instruments (electric I'm speaking of), and I have not played many. But the few I've played didn't make me want to buy them (57 and 59 Strats). Still would live to play a late 50s LP or 335.
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    Post your Dead rig

    Off track but I was in San Rafael (i.e. Grateful Dead Ville) this weekend. Saw the Marin vets center where In the Dark was recorded and have checked out Terrapin Crossroads there. Didn't get to spy the old Dead office at Fifth & Lincoln though.
  20. P

    Post your Dead rig

    jerryfan6: Not sure how exactly "close" to Jerry's tone (or which one) but the Express 5:50 clean mode is good for Dead material. 5:50+ is even better (IMO)
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    Two Rock Traditional Clean

    As Groucho said - "I resemble that remark". If these were less expensive I might be all over this (though I've yet to play one - but heard Eric Johnson use one live). Big and great clean isn't cheap I guess :)
  22. P

    Post your Dead rig

    I listened to Mr. Hoddinott in Kingfish and saw him live once - fun outdoor show in a park. Sadly he passed away not too long ago.
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    The Kingsley Pedal Club

    No. I was just kidding around. I have a Page and admire Kingsley amps and pedals a good deal. I just cannot imagine any other pedal maker whose products are so dissected by the fanbase. Makes it interesting :)
  24. P

    The Kingsley Pedal Club

    I must say that Kingsley pedals (though great) sure seem to confuse people :)
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    Post your Dead rig

    I always marveled at the Wall of Sound (1st few times I saw the band that's what they used) and the Macintosh amps etc. Disappointing to hear it was not a great sound for the player (It sounded fine live). Never had the drive to get a "Jerry Rig" though I have loved his music since the early...

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