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    Taylor/Richards era Stones

    Just reading some stuff re: T/R era Stones. Seems to be a lot of peoples favorite Stones "era." Got me wondering if that's because of what Mick Taylor contributed or just the whole vibe and song-craft of the Stones at that time. In other words, do you think it mattered much at all who else...
  2. G


    I may be a little late to the party, but anyone else find themselves a little intoxicated by this stuff? 18? Really? Very cool. What else they hidin' down there in NZ?
  3. G

    Humbuckers that fit in a P90 hole?

    I know Dimarzio, Rio Grande and GFS make such pickups. Any others of interest?
  4. G

    Shiva loop question

    Got a newer Shiva -- has bright switches and adjustable boost on channel 2. Has the pedal and rack sends for the effects loop. I'm using a Hardwire Reverb and Maxon AD999 Delay in the loop, and I seem to be losing some level and "tone" when using the pedal send. The rack send is way too hot...
  5. G

    P90s and Tele w/4-way switch

    Seems like wiring a Tele with a 4-way switch and a P90 neck p/u is do-able. Just ground the baseplate separately and use the +/- off the windings at the switch. Anyone have any experience with this mod?
  6. G

    Recommend me some Jack White

    Saw JW on ACL a couple of weeks ago. Very impressed by the writing and sonic layering. I'd like to hear more w/o wading through a lot of dead wood. Any JW albums that stand out as particularly good?
  7. G

    WNY RnB band The Coupes trailer full of gear stolen

    The Coupes are a mainstay of the local Rochester, NY RnB scene. Asking TGP members in the western NY and surrounding areas to report any info that could help. Here's a description from their local Craigslist post: http://rochester.craigslist.org/muc/3465331257.html We are asking our fellow...
  8. G

    Does the sight of this make...

    ...anyone else here weak?
  9. G

    Road Worn PLAYER Strat bridge dimensions

    Anyone know what spacing Fender uses on the Road Worn PLAYER Strats? I know that the Callaham site says Road Worns Strats use the vintage style 2 7/32" spacing, but my measurements on a RW Player Strat are closer to 2 1/16". Anyone got the straight dope on these measurements? Thanks.
  10. G

    Fender Supersonic Quality/Dependability

    Considering a Supersonic. Anyone have any problems with their overall quality/dependability/gigability. I know Fender can cheap out on a lot of internal components like pots, jacks, etc.
  11. G

    Gotoh trems

    Can anyone tell me what model Gotoh "vintage tremolo" bridge (model # specifically) Grosh uses on the ElectraJets?
  12. G


    Anyone make a pedal that'll do a fairly convincing 12-string impersonation? MicroPog maybe? Any others?
  13. G

    Recommend me some el84-based amps with decent clean headroom

    Do they exist? I'm pretty sure the Dr Z Stangray is designed to stay pretty clean as it's cranked. Any others? I like the spanky, sparkly, swirly-ness of cathode-biased el84 amps with Teles and p90 guitars. I just need one that stays cleaner further up the dial. Suggestions?
  14. G

    Does Tone Tubby still make/sell cabs?

    I got a used 1X12 pine TT cab from the Emporium a few months ago, and I really dig it. I'd like to get a 2X12, but searches only returned dead ends. Any ideas? Thanks.
  15. G

    Stew-Mac Necks

    Anyone try one? What'd you think? Thanks.
  16. G

    Ibanez Jem info needed -- help pleez

    Sorry these are some strange fussy questions, but I'm trying to gather some info for a customer. Anyone know where to find the serial number on this guitar: Also, anyone know if Ibanez issued a "budget" version of this guitar, say with lower grade pickups/electronics? This guitar should...
  17. G

    KT66-based amps or amps that can take KT66s -- heads and combos under 35 watts?

    Anyone have a favorite KT66 platform? So far there's: EDT 13/29 Reinhardt Sentinel, JKC33 and Storm Morgan RCA35 and RV35 Germino Classic 45 Others? (Besides Rt 66 -- Sorry devotees, but I got more tone plugging into the box it came in)
  18. G

    Anyone here score that screamin' deal on the red Reinhardt Sentinel combo

    at Dave's last week? $1200!
  19. G

    Kingsley love

    Gigged my Kingsley D32C (2X [real] Tesla EL84s + 2 [real] Mullard EL34s)this weekend. What a killer amp. When I first got it, I used an A/B to channel switch it. Lately, I've been running both channels at once pretty clean and using a Jester for grind. What a combination. Stays spanky and...
  20. G

    The tone-is-in-the-hands vs in-the-gear thing

    Has anyone around here really sat down and attempted to do some cursory analysis of what components of "tone" come from where? Certainly it's not al "in the hands" and it most definitely is not ALL in the gear. As far as tone being in the hands, there are certain elements that your hands...
  21. G

    Germino/Club 40/Classic 45

    So I've had a Masonette that I loved. I don't know what I was thinking when I sold it, but I did. Now I'm jonesing for some Germino mojo (no pun intended). There are a couple of nice deals on Masonette heads out there, and I'm thinking of going that way since I dug mine so much. On the other...
  22. G

    Anyone heard of V-boutique cabs?

    They seem to only be available via EBay: http://cgi.ebay.com/V-Boutique-USA-Unloaded-1x12-Speaker-Cab-Oval-Back-/130387240423?cmd=ViewItem&pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item1e5baf65e7 Anyone seen, heard or heard of any of their stuff?
  23. G

    Baffle board info needed

    What kind of material to use for a baffle in a pine 12/10 open-back combo cabinet?
  24. G

    Fender Tele Thinline Wide Range Humbucker CIJ reissues questions

    I'm kinda getting interested in a Tele Thinline with the wide range humbuckers. From what I gather, the currently made WR pickups don't compare with the originals. Are the pickups on the CIJ models any better? Failing that, are there any good replacements out there?
  25. G

    Fender Custom '69 Strat pickups question

    Does this pickup set not have the reverse wound middle pickup to cancel hum in pos 2 & 4? Thanks much in advance.

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