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    Anyone using the Dimarzio Injectors in your swamp ash strat?

    I hear ya - It's tough to have a be-all, end-all pickup; If I had only one strat, it would be my Clapton with super jumbo frets and Lindy Fralin pickups with the standard harness (with the boost/tbx). For me the Clapton outfitted that way gets as close as possible.
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    Anyone using the Dimarzio Injectors in your swamp ash strat?

    I think so - It kind of approaches P90 territory in ways.
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    Anyone using the Dimarzio Injectors in your swamp ash strat?

    That can be a trade off for sure! I kind of do the opposite - with the injectors in the bridge and neck set higher which gives me a beefier sound, I use the middle area 67 for lighter parts both alone and combined with the other two. The only bummer is that on other strats, I like the middle...
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    Anyone using the Dimarzio Injectors in your swamp ash strat?

    Might be worth have areas in the neck and middle with an injector in the bridge!
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    Anyone using the Dimarzio Injectors in your swamp ash strat?

    I have a set in a Fender Custom Shop Pro model. This Pro (prototype-they came outfitted differently seemingly every piece) has a light ash body, maple neck, 12" radius maple board, locking tuners and ballbearing nut. It had noisless pickups in it and I switched em out to the Gilbert set. I...
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    Which classic sound should I get next?

    I voted other as well because a 335 should be on your list!
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    Always Been A LP player and Wanting An SG

    My Custom Shop has the Burstbucker 1/2 combination. It is very bright in a good way. I've heard 57 Classics in other SG's and have liked them as well. I think that you can never go wrong with any of the higher end replacement aftermarket stuff and would think that you just need to figure out...
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    Always Been A LP player and Wanting An SG

    My main guitar is an R9. I also have a Custom Shop SG STD and while it is obviously very different for the many reasons listed above, I feel that they both have their place and I can go back and forth between them with ease in my band context without changing settings on the amp, etc. The SG is...
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    Suggest a good boost without mid-hump for DC-30??

    I really dig the Fulltone OCD. It makes every rig I've used it with sound like the rig itself only cranked up!
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    Suhr or Fender

    I owned a Suhr Standard and a Fender CS 60 RI. I found that I liked the Fender better at gig volume. The Suhr was a very well made guitar and I'm sure that others would have the exact opposite conclusion, but I kept the Fender and sold the Suhr.
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    Do you Floyd Rose users bring a backup gutiar to a gig?

    I don't currently have a Floyd equipt guitar, but when I did, I always had a backup...But then again, even with my TOM bridges, I bring a backup!
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    Input on Warren Haynes Les Paul?

    It is an R8 with "upgrades". Whether or not those upgrades are what you desire and worth the extra cash, is up to you based on the individual guitar.
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    Placed My DGT Order...

    Can you owners expand on the neck profile. I am very familiar with the W/T and the W/F, but am curious about the special carve on this (and the Johnny Hiland for that matter!)
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    Strat/Tele Hybrid?

    Strat with a Tele bridge pickup would get my vote! Or a tele, with a strat neck and middle pickup combo...
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    Caption this pic!

    Thought the same thing! Grandpa Munster's (rockin') early years!
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    Fender to Gibson -Help be answer some questions.

    As others have said, the 33x types sound great for clean when properly equipped with PAF style pickups, rolled down to "sweet spots" in the volume. My favorite is middle position, treble pickup one 5 / neck pickup on 3. It has good bottom as well as a chimy twang! Cool as Sh!t!
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    Strat vs Tele

    Love 'em both, but if I had to choose one, I think it would be tele.
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    How old were you when you decided to play guitar?

    13! Quadrophenia by the Who and Toys in the Attic by Aerosmith got me hooked!
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    Fender noiseless pickups- How good or bad are they?

    +1: I have a Clapton and a CS Closet Classic 1960 RI. Two very different strats, but both great. I also like the way the Clapton fits with the Gibsons that I primarily use with my cover band.
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    Gibson Nighthawk?

    There is a model out there that came with a Floyd as well. Coole guitars that unfortunately never took off.
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    Choose the ODs to add to my pedalboard

    I have become a huge fan of the OCD. This pedal really seems to make most amps sound terrific by sounding like the respective amp cranked way up. I would try your OCD combined with each of the other drive pedals on your (impressive!) list and see what happens!
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    Does anyone use an EQ pedal as a solo booster??

    I use a Boss GE-7 in the serial effects loop of my amp...Works great!
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    What's a good SG substitue?

    I like the faded SG's by Gibson. Most that I have played have been great guitars for the money! A friend actually purchased one and stripped the finish, re-shaped the neck (he likes to do these types of thing, it wasn't that it was necessary) dropped in new pickups and refinsihed...It is a very...
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    G&L ASAT - maple neck with gunk on fretboard why???

    You could certainly try to polish the frets with 0000 steel wool. I've had fender's and even a PRS SAS that benefited from this treatment. That could be your problem.
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    Too much gain = too much noise...

    As the others have said, it is probably cable and/or power supply related. I agree that you should also try by eliminating one pedal at a time to see if that cures it. As a side note; you may want to put the Chorus/Flanger after the distortion effects-it may alter the sound in a better way when...

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