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  1. D

    Merry Christmas TGP'ers!!

    My there be Gear under your tree! http://youtu.be/trrEJ80Xa5U
  2. D

    Fender Excelsior Pro Amp

    Not to make fun of what happened to your amp, but the vision of this account made me LOL hard.......
  3. D

    Audiophile headphones for home listening

    I have these an love 'em. No coloration though. I was looking for something that was along the lines of my ProAc studio monitors for accuracy and critical listening. Most of the higher end headphones I checked out all had the hyped high end and lows. Many people like that...
  4. D

    describe your Bogner amp history

    Literally "LOL", For Real!
  5. D

    describe your Bogner amp history

    Bought a Shiva in 2003, used it for a few months then sold it to get an XTC 101b shortly after. Loved the Blue ch. but the clean was anemic and the red was not really what I like. But used it week in and week out for a yr or so. Ended up getting a Two Rock combo that I used for most gigs for...
  6. D

    Pic of a U2 Recording Session

    I recently sent this pic to a friend of mine who was grappling with how to track in one big room. I remember seeing the pic quite awhile ago and thought he could get some ideas from it. It's in Olympic Studio London, during the No Line On The Horizon recording. I think it was one of the very...
  7. D

    Awesome Sylvain Luc' pedalboard.

    Exactly my thoughts since seeing him for the first time in Paris back in 1995.
  8. D

    New releases by................................

    I just posted those 2 and this one on my FB page with the heading "a good month for music". Will be buying all 3. New Donald Fagen. http://www.rollingstone.com/music/news/song-premiere-donald-fagen-im-not-the-same-without-you-20120917
  9. D

    New Tune collaboration Rockin' out with "Scary" Terry Syrek! (8 OD pedals all on!!)

    Varney O'rama man, I'm sure it was just plain fun stuff to play.
  10. D

    How Insensitive - Aebersold backing

    Some really nice stuff goin' on there R.B. Would like to have heard the git a little louder to catch some of those really subtle things that your were doing.
  11. D

    covering Mike Stern's Tipitina's

    Wow, ferocious stuff by all. Drummer is esp. killin'. Tons of wicked technique combined with great feel. Unfortunately the git is mostly buried though. Oh well, looks like a "huge fun" gig. I would come and support ya, if you guys were in my city.
  12. D

    First Orchestral Track

    Wow, very good. I assume this is something your working on for a thriller type of film idea.
  13. D

    Has anyone said you sound like a certain player?

  14. D

    Pete Thorn's Guitar Nerd listening party, GuitarTV.com May 20

    Just watched your listening show via the on demand. Very cool, enjoyed it a lot. (I'll have to steal your idea for my upcoming record. LOL!) Congrats on the release!
  15. D

    Professional musicians show more courtesy

    Gotcha. I was actually really surprised to hear some of the personal things or anecdotes. LOL! and I mean LOL!!!!! Hope no-one asked Sylvain what he thought after watching me. :o He was very complimentary to my face, 'cause it would have taken at least an hour to address all my...
  16. D

    Professional musicians show more courtesy

    Man Scott, I have not really experienced this. I have spent literally countless hours in the (inner circle), airplanes, tour busses/vans, trains/ hotel rooms/ dressing rooms/ breakfast, lunch, dinner, drinking at the bar or a party after the gig with some pretty well known cats in Rock, Blues...
  17. D

    Pollyana vs. Simon Cowell: Why We Can't Critique an Artist Here

    Big up's man, esp. on the part where you eluded to letting letting yourself be "halted in your tracks", I call it "analysis paralysis". I actually have gone through this while putting together my forthcoming record. Both in material and ,as always, my playing. Reading critiques like, you...
  18. D

    Steve Howe thread left us... Well...

    In a way, I'm kinda glad the OP started that doomed Howe thread. Got to listen to a lot of Yes the past couple days. Haven't listened to that stuff in a long time. Me too! Same favs. as well.My older brother hipped me to Kotkke when I was around 15.("goose farts on a muggy day") LOL!
  19. D

    Professional musicians show more courtesy

    Nice thread Mike.:cool:
  20. D

    Just downloaded my first Toy Matinee!!

    Man, remind me never to ask you about an investment tip. You're timing stinks. ;):D Loved that record, at least from what I can remember from that long ago. LOL!! Seriously, gonna have to dig through the CD's and re-visit it.:rockin
  21. D

    Eleven Rack headphone out.

    Holy sample rates Batman!!!! Indeed was defaulting to 44.1k, my sessions I am recording are @ 96k(clocked externally with API A2D. So much for not hearing any difference in sample rates.... LOL!! Thanks! :cool:
  22. D

    Eleven Rack headphone out.

    Nope, exactly why this is so crazy. I was seriously questioning using the 11Rack when this first happened, then I said wait a minute, I just laid some tracks that sounded pretty freekin' good. Something is not adding up.
  23. D

    Eleven Rack headphone out.

    The gist of my post is that "stand alone"(no Pro-Tools) the 11Rack headphone out, the patches just plain sound and feel really bad. Once you go into a Pro Tools session and monitor via the exact same headphone output, it's a world of difference. Actually good enough to do some tweaking. Very...

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