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  1. ChrisP

    Greatest Bands that Performed Without Tracks

    I don't think i've ever been to a concert where there were tracks. Except Iron Maiden but that was just intro stuff at the beginning of the show
  2. ChrisP

    Official Thead: RIP EVH Eddie Van Halen

    I was a HUGE AC/DC fan but my 1st album was VH VH. Could never play like him but loved his energy and the brown sound. YRGMe's intro is just bad ass. Mean Streets... The dude's influence is unknown, just huge.
  3. ChrisP

    Thoughts on G&L Fullerton S-500?

    Late to the thread but whatever They are killer guitars. They are not push button strat The PTB (treble/bass) is awesome. Any strat I buy will have it....so versatile. The MFD pups are HOT. Great for gain The key to getting to strat land is starting with volume on 5 and T/B on 2 or 3 and...
  4. ChrisP

    I rarely get blown away by mere technical proficiency

    He is killer but the treble coming out of the ibanez is horrific. again. He is a billion times better than I'll ever be. amazing player, just ridiculous
  5. ChrisP

    Bands you're "supposed" to like but don't.

    They don't help.
  6. ChrisP

    I lost my vocalist/co-writer to OnlyFans

    How old is your daughter?
  7. ChrisP

    Bands you're "supposed" to like but don't.

    RHCP - I like them until I listen to them. They do have a few songs that I like. I want to like them.
  8. ChrisP

    Bye Bye Marshall Full Stacks!

    I agree that it looks more 80's that 2020's but whatever. It also looks something i'd like to plug in to :D What is going on with the EQ in the rack? It's hard to tell due to resolution but it looks like everything is slid all the way down.
  9. ChrisP

    Hey, church guys … what's with the plastic drummer shield?

  10. ChrisP

    How Many Picks Do You Have?

    Like 20...because I just bought a 12 pack of random dunlop. I have a couple steel picks (awesome for bass) and a couple bone/ivory picks that don't get lost but everything else circulates, travels to other dimensions. I just started using the Jazz III! YES awesome pick even though it seems...
  11. ChrisP

    Best tuner pedal for guitar

    I have an extremely accurate tuner pedal that I haven't used in so long that I can't remember what it is.... It was almost TOO accurate. I am very picky about being in tune but that thing was ridiculous in that I find that I don't need to be THAT in tune. That doesn't mean I play out of tune...
  12. ChrisP

    Eleven Rack 11r - shot in the dark

    I emailed the UNO people. Apparently it can do a ton of things. Eureak is more pre-programmed and easy whereas UNO is harder to program but gives you much more control. What is your experience with the UNO? I will tear computers apart but I *hate* menus and such. Only reason I have the...
  13. ChrisP

    Eleven Rack 11r - shot in the dark

    Really don't want to buy another chip but it will drive me crazy knowing there is more control but I don't get to access it!.... SELL ME ON THE UNO! Eureka said 1 only foot switch can control the multi-fx. Can your UNO do more with the multi-fx section? Do you know what I'm referring too?
  14. ChrisP

    I Lightened My Les Paul by TWO POUNDS!!

    IDK about the Gibson part.... But there are many that won't mame their guitar usable Wow :D:D:D:D I was kind of triggered by the "uh" too but LOL GOOD JOB OP you have inspired me to something about my boat anchor tele. ESP 50s series that I got for about $130 in trades
  15. ChrisP

    Eleven Rack 11r - shot in the dark

    I think I'll contact with eureka
  16. ChrisP

    Eleven Rack 11r - shot in the dark

    I don't thinks its 11r either, just looking for help
  17. ChrisP

    I Lightened My Les Paul by TWO POUNDS!!

    I have a 10lb tele ... would do this in a heartbeat
  18. ChrisP

    Eleven Rack 11r - shot in the dark

    tried the AVID forum. I'll ERP too. Apparently the 11r just stopped getting support. not that it matters all that much.
  19. ChrisP

    Top 5 Bass Amp for Recording/Jam

    Yeah.....I hear you. I have a guitar buddy and he's looking into bass gear. He loves my Eden but I was like 'dude...get this amp that weighs a 1lb and will stuff blow things up if you want.' I see stuff on TB ALL the time for very very low prices because its obvious that people don't want to...
  20. ChrisP

    Eleven Rack 11r - shot in the dark

    I know this is kind of old tech but maybe someone can help. I can't get reg'd on the AVID forum for some reason... Running 11r with FCB1010 with the EureakProm chip. There is a way to turn the 2 expression pedals into multi-fx controllers. There are 4 options / controllers. A B C D. I have...
  21. ChrisP

    Is it me, or has this relicing fad gone Way Overboard?

    Are we allowed to talk about this? I think relicing is stupid: Guy: plink plink pleeeeeeeeenk Dude: Dude! Guy: whats up? nice pants. Dude: sweet guitar Guy: thanks man! i bought it with my own money Dude: Looks its been played a lot LOL Guy: I K R!!! Dude: how old is it, did you get it from...
  22. ChrisP

    Top 5 Bass Amp for Recording/Jam

    EDEN. Their WT series is ridiculously cheap. I saw a 550 (500 watts) for $300 the other day. They are great amps with a very useful, but unnecessary EQ section. Has an excellent, very powerful D.I. You can also use them as a D.I. with on speaker load connected. Kind of a heavy D.I. but it...

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