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  1. JamesPeters

    Help me pick a new battery of tubes for my amp....

    No apologies necessary, but thanks for being so polite! :) I do work around what tubes are being currently produced, yes. That may not be the case for all amp designers / builders though, and I don't think there's anything wrong with using NOS tubes, but I'm just being realistic. It's...
  2. JamesPeters

    Help me pick a new battery of tubes for my amp....

    Remember what I told you by email before you got the amp, as you were considering buying it and told me how many amps you'd owned in the last 20 years while trying to achieve these sounds: It's not about having pickups with 8K or less resistance, or greenbacks with certain date codes, or...
  3. JamesPeters

    Help me pick a new battery of tubes for my amp....

    The amp wasn't designed around the new Tung Sol tubes. As a matter of fact it had included Sovtek 12AX7WC, not Tung Sol reissues. That's what I'd used generally at the time, sometimes using EH 12AX7 (which is what I use now). The JJ EL34 in the amp were what happened to be in the amp, since...
  4. JamesPeters

    Speaker recommendation for 2x12 closed back cab....

    If you can list what you did like and didn't like about each speaker (and speaker combination), it'd be easier to make recommendations. This sort of thing is relative, so having comparisons is the way to go. Knowing your guitar model, pickups, strings, etc. isn't so important as how the guitar...
  5. JamesPeters

    Duncan Anitquities vs. Seth Lover...what are the main differences?

    Trust me, it's plenty bright when you crank the treble and presence. I'd never use it like that. I sometimes do that as a joke when demoing the amps, but that's about it. :) The brands of tubes shouldn't matter in this regard since I don't know of tubes which are so dark sounding that...
  6. JamesPeters

    Duncan Anitquities vs. Seth Lover...what are the main differences?

    That's not a setting I'd recommend. Your ears should be hurting if you do that... Your cab might be too dark sounding, your guitar might be really dark sounding (or wired improperly), there might be a bad preamp tube in the amp...or there might be a lump of clay in your ears. ;)
  7. JamesPeters

    Anyone own a Traynor YCS 50?

    I think your math is a bit off. :)
  8. JamesPeters

    Any info on the new Peters Professional?

    It's not a huge difference, but the 6550s also let it sound more clear and articulate at very high volumes. Lately people have been digging that a lot, since the amp still sounds really good at low volumes anyway. The overall feel of 6550 is a bit more stiff than EL34, which works great for...
  9. JamesPeters

    Any info on the new Peters Professional?

    Thanks for the compliments, folks! Just so you know, it's 29.5" wide, about 10" tall, and about 9.5" deep (I don't have one in front of me since I'm packing to move tomorrow and everything's in boxes except this computer and the food in my fridge :)). So it's a "full sized amp" but not...
  10. JamesPeters

    Current EL34's

    You're welcome! I'm very glad you like the amp. I'm doing well, thanks. The JJ KT77 won't sound quite like Siemens EL34 but in their own way they might provide the sonic qualities you're after. I used to include them with my amps, but I found they were too "polarizing" of a tube...not...
  11. JamesPeters

    Current EL34's

    I wonder if you'd also like JJ KT77. What you describe sounds like it could be the JJ KT77, from what I've experienced.
  12. JamesPeters

    Additional speaker wiring questions...and MORE!

    Glad to help. It was on one of my old sites in 2004 when this thread was originally posted, but I hadn't added the pictures to my site when I transferred everything a few years later.
  13. JamesPeters

    Additional speaker wiring questions...and MORE!

    Since several people have recently asked me for the diagrams, here they are again: http://petersamplification.com/series_parallel_switching_2.gif http://petersamplification.com/series_parallel_switching_4.gif
  14. JamesPeters

    Who makes a nice Hiwatt head cab clone?

    I've never made Hiwatt styled heads and I don't generally make replacement parts for amps.
  15. JamesPeters

    Seymour Duncan JB, muddy?

    The JB is a "love it or hate it" pickup, very polarizing. Since it tries to push so many frequencies so hard, if your guitar has resonance in any particular frequencies the JB "runs with it". That's why some say it's bright, some say it's dark, some say it's muddy and so on. The muddy lows...
  16. JamesPeters

    $20 for new Celestion clones!!!

    Only in a general sense, since both speakers are "cousins" (being modeled after Celestions). Clips are clips though; maybe they're giving you the wrong impression. The Green Beret sound similar to greenbacks and the Veteran 30 sound similar to Vintage 30. You can trust us on this. Here, and...
  17. JamesPeters

    I cannot believe the difference a Mercury Magnetics OT made!!!!!

    Larger output transformers for SE class A is the way to go, at least IMO. As for brand preferences, I'm not so picky. If it's got the bandwidth and bass, that's the most important thing.
  18. JamesPeters

    Ceriatone Overtone Clip...

    :D It's rare to see this kind of honesty. Many may not be able to appreciate it, but I can. Happy new year to you!
  19. JamesPeters

    Volume Boost Pedal

    Ah yes, that volumebox deal! Here it is: For use in an effects loop. It's a master volume that when turned on provides more signal reduction (so you adjust it for "rhythm" when it's "on", and when it's "off" it's back to full volume for "lead"). Another option for the circuit: use a...
  20. JamesPeters

    Yuck..."How its made" TV show features Traynors Amps

    Note: the handle of his amp came off because it was an old Traynor combo that I gutted/rebuilt, and I didn't receive the enclosure (but only received the chassis) to work on. :)
  21. JamesPeters

    James Peters gives great customer sevice

    Thanks very much, everyone! FYI, the Facebook group is called "Peters Amplification product owners". It's a closed group so I'll have to approve members, but I'm not limiting the group to firsthand owners of amps. Anyone with an amp of mine (new or used, and even one of the rare "severe...
  22. JamesPeters

    Bogner Ecstasy at 1/2 price...

    Ideals are a funny thing. Perfection is more of an expectation than something which can be realized. It takes an open mind to accept the fact we may not find the exact sound we're after, but we can find another sound which is just as good in a somewhat different way. Also, some people tend to...
  23. JamesPeters

    Fenders- gain increase with treble on 10?

    The EQ in a lot of Fender amps (and amps based on them) is driven by a tone circuit with high losses, so if you turn anything down much you lose significant signal. Try turning all the EQ knobs down and check out how much quieter it sounds.
  24. JamesPeters

    $20 for new Celestion clones!!!

    For the current prices they're still a heck of a bargain. At the introductory price they were "stupid cheap" as I'd call it. :) If they cost $90 each I'd still buy them...but fortunately we don't have to. (I'm talking about the Veteran 30 in particular. I've also tried the British Lead, and...
  25. JamesPeters

    Peters Polaris combo with alnico Blue speaker

    It has less to do with what exact settings he used than about what speaker he used (since I could guess his settings are pretty much "down the middle" in most regards). This is another one of those "night and day difference" sort of things; the Alnico Blue is just that different a speaker.

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