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    The Supporting Memberships are currently being updated moving forward.

    In order to coordinate giveaway drawings to the Supporting Members there will be a new alignment in the naming of the tiers. (Note: Non-Supporting (Basic) and Monthly Supporting Members can get into the drawings by mailing a postcard. Details on that will follow with a giveaway starting soon).

    The pricing for each Supporting Membership level remains the same though the naming of them will change. The privileges remain the same as current but with the new name. If you are a current Supporting Member, you will be upgraded automatically for the existing term of your Supporting Membership. We are introducing a new tier with new perks.

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    Supporting Membership Guide

    • Monthly Supporting Members will remain Supporting Members
    • Current annual Supporting Members will now be Silver Supporting Members. Perks and permissions remain the same
    • Current Silver Supporting Members will now be Gold Supporting Members
    • Current Gold Supporting Members will now be Platinum Supporting Members
    • A new level will be created - Double Platinum Supporting Members

    All memberships will now have the option to remain as non-recurring memberships or choose reccuring memberships moving forward. *Note: current memberships will NOT be changed to recurring memberships.

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  1. R

    Whats a kick ass "60s style fuzz pedal?

    I need a good fuzz box . Vintage style . kind of psychedelis 60s stuff
  2. R

    fender superchamp x2

    Has anybody tried out this new tube modeling hybred . If so . Is it a warm sounding amp or a digital sounding piece of crap?
  3. R

    Is te epiphone g 400 1966 a good sg copy?

    I heard the 1961 version that came out a few years ago sounds better than some newer gibsons
  4. R

    Is te epiphone g 400 1966 a good sg copy?

    Epiphone made some great gibson sg copies at a good price and some not so good. There is a g 400 1966 model out now for about $350.00 . any news on it. Also what are some of epiphones better sg models?
  5. R

    ampeg vt22 into a vt 40

    I have played a gu12 they dont sound anything like vt40s to my ears
  6. R

    ampeg vt22 into a vt 40

    Can 2 tubes be removed from a vt 22 to cut the power in half?
  7. R

    Are Ampeg VT-60s anything to write home about?

    I see The early 80s VT 60s 0n Sale alot for very cheap (usually under400). I dont know much about them . Do they dound like VT 40s? Probably not becaouse nobody seems to ravea bout them
  8. R

    anything sound like an ampeg vt 40

    the ampeg gu 12 I dont think sounds to much like a vt 40
  9. R

    anything sound like an ampeg vt 40

    Is there any amps out there that sound like an old ampeg v2 or vt40(that distict overdrive)just with lower power
  10. R

    fender superchamp xd vs superchamp x2

    Has anybody done a comparison of these 2 amps . I have read a review that the older xd actually sounds better. Im thinking of buying one
  11. R

    midnight rambler studio amp

    I know the stones famous midnight ramler live vrsions where played through giant ampegs. the studio version on let ot bleed sounds quite different . I would say more british . does anybody know if the song was recorded with a vox( main riff not the slide).
  12. R

    are xaviere guitars decent for the money

    Ill keep you posted
  13. R

    are xaviere guitars decent for the money

    Im looking at the les paul jr clone . Ita about 195.00 . anybody have experience with it?
  14. R

    fender blues deville tube question

    Could 5881 tubes be used in this beast to drop the power . And how much of a drop in wattage would it produce?
  15. R

    fender bassman reissue?

    I'm thinking of buying one of these but I miss having reverb . Does anybody know if these take a reverb pedals well?
  16. R

    les paul jr double cuttaway???

    Im looking for a cheapo
  17. R

    les paul jr double cuttaway???

    Does any companay make a reasonable clone of a Gibson Les Paul JR Double Cuttaway?
  18. R

    Heyboer or mercury magnetics OT

    Is one brand better than another? I want to upgrade the OUTPUT TRANSFORMER on a superchamp xd and maybe get a a few more db. (I want to feed the rajun cajun)
  19. R

    Any cool mods for a superchamp xd(bill m)

    I was thinking about a rajun cajun also, And some old rca blackplates. Possibly some nos 5881 could work .just have to keep an eye on the PT
  20. R

    Any cool mods for a superchamp xd(bill m)

    Not nessisarily. Im just interested in the clean channel anyway. Bassicaly I love the sound of a princeton I used to have. I dont have the money for a new one . I have heard these xds and they are quite impressive for the price. even stock they sound good . Down the road I would like to get it...
  21. R

    Any cool mods for a superchamp xd(bill m)

    I know there are some cool mods for a blues junior . can these be done on a superchamp xd . bill m mods etc
  22. R

    Tech 21 Pedals???

    I have the british and the vt bass . They work great. Their very powerfull pedals . They really drive the signal. There the type of pedals that overide the tone of the amp quite a bit. Not like regular dirt pedals . This can be good or bad depending on your needs.
  23. R

    I need 1 really good REVERB PEDAL for a 5e3 clone

    has anybody tried thr boss fender spring reverb emulator
  24. R

    I need 1 really good REVERB PEDAL for a 5e3 clone

    I want something that kind of has the sound of the old fender tube spring reverbs(stand alone unit). They are very nice sounding

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