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    Shuffle version of Beck's Brush With the Blues

    What fun just listening to it! Very nice!
  2. A


    Very nice indeed!!
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    AxeFX II and RCF NX12 SMA

    I like it!! Using that setup, if you take a line out to a PA, do you think it will maintain that tone? Sounds good!
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    Here I am to Worship

    Very nice indeed!!!
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    VOS Les Paul Jr vs PRS SE One

    The LP Jr sounds good to me. Now WHY didn't I keep this? :bonk
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    D-style Build from 2006

    Thanks for the feedback. Someone on TGP contacted me and it is sold. Now, he's enduring the "wait" for UPS. :-)
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    D-style Build from 2006

    I have three amps built by Norm plus a D'Lite that I built. So I'm trying to pay for a strat I picked up.
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    D-style Build from 2006

    Here are some photos I took recently. http://www.lingren.net/124/
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    D-style Build from 2006

    Greetings, It's probably been a couple of years since I've posted anything here, mostly because I'm lazy. I posted about this amp when Norm (the normster) built it for me back in maybe 2006, not sure of that, but that post is long gone. So I made a short clip of it because I'm planning to sell...
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    Mercy Mercy

    Very nice, Dave! I think I should have kept my Tele. :-(
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    Suggestions to Reduce Noisy P90's?

    I just pulled the pups out and they do have foam under them, but no shielding. I have some foil tape I suppose would work. I won this in a raffle last April at Kauer Guitars BBQ. Played it thru my D'Lite combo a couple of weeks ago down at a local club. It was sounding pretty good. :JAM
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    Suggestions to Reduce Noisy P90's?

    Greetings all, I recently aquired a guitar that has P90's in it. Are these pups always so noisy? I rewired the pots to a Gibson spec which fixed my volume/tone control issues, but still pretty noisy. I also shielded the pot cavity cover, but not the cavity itself. Any suggestions? Thanks, Loren
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    Dumble Tone

    That sounds good to me!!!
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    Fender Super-Sonic 22 discontinued!?

    Agreed! I had one for 3 days. I could have lived with the popping when changing channels, but the white noise (hiss) was not acceptable. I think it has one of the best sounding clean channels going. I hope they fix it and release a better version. I also had an SS 60 for 4 years. Not even...
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    Which Caps for Brighter Guitar Tone

    Thanks. I forgot about that. Wide open = no difference. I have an old Esprit that has 1meg pots and it's pretty bright and punchy. I might try 1megs in this Yamaha I'm messing with.
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    Which Caps for Brighter Guitar Tone

    Can any of you tell me which caps (in the guitar) would make the overall tone brighter: .022 or .047? The guitar currently has 2 humbuckers, 500k pots and .022 caps. Thanks, Loren
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    Fender Supersonic 22 - Follow Up

    I did not think it was fizzy at all, expecially when compared to the SS60. The SS22 OD channel was very configurable getting some really nice SRV crunch to some really screaming OD. Not a metal OD, but nice usable sustaining OD. IMHO
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    Fender Supersonic 22 - Follow Up

    To my old dead ears, the SS22 clean is golden. My fender guitars never sounded so good (to me) as when played thru the SS22. My SS60 was OK on the clean side, but didn't have the sparkle that the SS22 has. The SS60 gain side was always too fizzy no matter now I set it. I did the tube swap and...
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    Fender Supersonic 22 - Follow Up

    I had one for two days. The hiss was unacceptable. Many of the forums I read were saying the Fender tech note didn't really solve the problem. Any of you guys have better luck? I think this is one of the best sounding amps Fender has put out recently. I did have the first version 60 watt...
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    Martin Newall 18 wt Marshall build (clean tones and w/dist pedal)

    Sounds gorgeous, Chuck! Not to downplay the amp, but I think you could make anything sound good. :-)
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    Guitar cabinet, on wheels vs on floor

    I like the sound of the wheeled cab better in this clip because it has more bite (to my old dead ears). I really like the Elmwood amp!!

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