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  1. OOG

    Are bands a dying breed?

  2. OOG

    Aging, hearing, hands, scale length

    65 and went from being a total Gibson (335) guy to a strat in the 80s Now it's everything Probably helps that I play acoustic and mandolin as much or more than electric My problem is, besides slowing down, which is good for me My damn fingertips hurt like a beginner Getting old is...
  3. OOG

    PedalTrain Volto

    The hiss depends on the amp Through a Gemini II it was bad Same board through a Deluxe had no hiss
  4. OOG

    Another weirdo mandolin tuning question...

    Bouzouki strings maybe? I'm having a real hard time not giving you **** about the tuning thing I knew Tommy fairly well and had a false start on the mandolin because of his influence 7 or 8 years ago I started playing in standard tuning and actually became a mandolin player Maybe it's...
  5. OOG

    Peter Green Joni Mitchell

    Reminds me of that picture of a slaked jawed EC watching her play on Cass's lawn while Crosby smirks in the background The Brit blues gods really got Joni
  6. OOG

    Best (cheapish) handheld/small recorder?

    I had one of those for years Got a record deal with a cassette made with it Great recorder!
  7. OOG

    Lollar P90 in Jazzmaster

    Have one in my MIJ J Mascis It's the Lollar P90 made to drop in a jazzmaster Not thin and not harsh Sounds like a bolder jazz master with a bit more mids I really like it
  8. OOG

    Bill Frisell: Guitar In the Space Age

    Full circle for me First saw Charles at the Newport Pop Festival in Costa Mesa when I was 17 with Keith Jarrett and Jack Dejohnette Huge impression for me also We had front row seats with Greg & Bill right in front of us at one of my all time favorite venues, the Lobero Theatre
  9. OOG

    Great songs with less-than-great lyrics

    "Some stupid with a flair gun"
  10. OOG

    Bill Frisell: Guitar In the Space Age

    Saw him with Greg and Charles Lloyd Tues night in Santa Barbara Last song was "I'm so lonesome I could cry" kicked of by Chales on the sax Sublime indeed
  11. OOG

    1x10 vs 1x12

    Tone Tubby ceramic is really good for this
  12. OOG

    Strings For Gibson L5-CES

    Thomastik bebop 12s The 11s will feel more like 10s but don't sound near as fat as the 12s
  13. OOG

    Need humbuckers for Tele

    Been playing a Supertron neck in an old pine Tele with a Ellis 50s/60s in the bridge for 3 or 4 years now Does just what you're asking
  14. OOG


    Every day, at home, at least 20 to 45 minutes Sometimes twice
  15. OOG

    Mythical Overdrive vs Rocket Archer

    I've played both and used to own a gold horsey Klon I much prefer the Mythical to the Archer It's the only clone I've played that really reminded me of the Klon
  16. OOG

    Can a pickup change save my relationship with my Jazzmaster?

    My purple J Mascis is set up just like that with a Lollar Jazzmaster P90
  17. OOG

    Need a great non--permanent pickup (Lowden, D18)

    Agreed and what I use if not a microphone
  18. OOG

    How genre affects a muscian's life expectancy

    ya but they all packed a bunch more life than most in that 70ish years
  19. OOG

    RIP John Renbourn, a Knight of Grace

    He was a huge influence on me as was Bert Hope they're both in a better place
  20. OOG

    Vintage Gear -- Placebo or does it really sound better?

    Great examples owned both since they were new I have owned a freakin' tone of other really nice delays They're all gone the DD-2 and DM-2 are still on my main board
  21. OOG

    Higher Wattage Pro Junior?

    Unleash it
  22. OOG

    Boss FV-30H

    Wow! That was enlightening Thanks
  23. OOG

    Musikraft "Thin D" profile-- who's using it?

    No, it doesn't have the flat back thing more of a gentle curve without defined shoulders From what you've written, I think you'd be happier with the thin D Those are more like the Jackson/Ibanez shredder necks Reminds me of the soloist and dinky strats from '84/'85 Grover Jackson was...

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