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    • Monthly Supporting Members will remain Supporting Members
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    Looking for A4 or A5 PAFs

    I don’t care much for A2 either. My only experience with A4 pickups is in my 335, so YMMV. However, the Manlius Fat Diane set in that guitar is positively stunning. Now A4 usually won’t have a mid bump, but I think that works really well to give extra clarity. I just goose the mids on my amp...
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    Buying a neck not attached to a guitar - what to inspect?

    Today I am going to buy a 2 month old Warmoth Strat neck off of CL. Being that it’s not attached to a guitar, what might I be checking under those circumstances? I assume fret condition and truss rod travel? Anything else?
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    Now that’s funny - because I have Fat Dianes in my 335. I have put my LPs and SGs under the microscope - all with great pickups - WCR, motor city, wolfetone. Granted, different guitars, different construction, different pickups, but the 335 with Fat Dianes just does what they all do, but better.
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    In my case, I think pickups have a lot to do with it, but I feel my 335 can do everything my LP can, with more clarity and a more responsive feel. My 335 has the body and balls of a LP with the clarity and snap of an SG. My 335 is loaded with A4 mag pickups, and I think that might be a big...
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    How important is unplugged electric tone to you?

    Means everything to me. I’m a songwriter, and I frequently find myself grabbing an electric guitar to write. I LOVE playing my electrics unplugged - I do so about 50% of the time. And that being the case, I love it when an electric guitar resonates and feels alive in my hands. And I have...
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    Sold Brand Spankin' New Warmoth Roasted Maple Tele Neck - 59 Profile and SS Frets

    It’s vintage modern construction, so truss rod adjust is at the nut.
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    It's my birthday!! Help me choose a 50 watter, I've narrowed it down...

    I have to be honest - And not trying to be a jerk - I don’t get it when people think that old Marshall’s are so delicate. I’m not saying a Marshall is the best option here - just making the point that a well maintained Marshall will still be going after all of us are dead.
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    Sold Brand Spankin' New Warmoth Roasted Maple Tele Neck - 59 Profile and SS Frets

    Up for sale is a literally brand new roasted maple Warmoth tele neck with all the right specs. Why am I selling? After playing rosewood fretboards for 30 years, this was my one experiment to see if I like 1 piece maple necks, and while it feels great, I just don't think I'm an all maple neck...
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    Question for 335 Enthusiasts

    I think there are a lot of variables, and pickups come into play. I’m on my first 335 - 59 reissue. I put some Manlius Fat Diane pickups in it. They are A4 magnets, which are a bit even/neutral by nature, but perfect for letting all of the 335 nuance come through. I have some nice guitars with...
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    NGD: 1959 Ri Es335

    Congrats! My 59 RI 335 sounds better than my CS LPs. It can do everything my LPs can do from jazz to metal, and sounds better doing it.
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    Traded My CV Teles for a Hamer T51

    I have always been interested in the t-51. What does the 14” radius neck feel like? Wide and flat or no? Never played one.
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    Shipping a head in a flight case - tape the latches?

    No harm in taping, but zip tie is the key.
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    lightweight soft guitar strap recommendations please

    A bit above your price range, but I have a number of guitar straps from Lakota Leather. Bison - soft, lightweight, high quality and just a tiny bit of “give” to them. Great straps. Beware of cheap “leather”. http://www.lakotaleathers.com/products/guitar/
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    Fedex delivered an empty box to me today

    UPS and FedEx used to be pretty much equal in terms of terrible service. Well FedEx is way worse these days. They haven’t been able to scale up to demand and have gotten absolutely destroyed. My last couple of FedEx packages have sat in the local warehouse for 5-6 days before they can find space...
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    Thoughts on Fender ABS hard cases?

    Alright - screw it. I did it. I bought the ABS case. You guys enabled me. You should be ashamed of yourselves.
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    Thoughts on Fender ABS hard cases?

    I'm shopping for a tele case for a new Warmoth build, and while I would prefer an older red label (chainsaw type) Fender hard case - these Fender ABS cases keep popping up at good prices: Any experience with them? I won't be gigging a lot or traveling, but do want a sturdy case that is a...
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    best P90 for a Les Paul Junior

    I have a 2005 Gibson Jr, and that stock Gibson P90 is about the best I have heard - better than the Wolfetone and Lollar P90s I have owned (which sound totally awesome as well). Not sure if the stock pickup in my Jr is typical or not, but it's all sorts of badass.
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    Please explain the "presence' control to me

    Think of a presence control as a “detail” knob. Try using treble for the general amount of high end, and presence to fine tune the high end. Want to hear more definition between strings or get your guitar to poke through a mix? Try twisting the presence knob.
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    Which pickups do you prefer in a 335?

    I went with a Manlius Fat Diane set in my 335 and I honestly can’t imagine a better sounding pickup set in a 335. They are really some of the best sounding pickups I have heard - and they have made my 335 the best sounding guitar of the bunch. Just really clear, complex, ballsy pickups that can...
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    Recording guitar tracks without amp models?

    I use the Two Notes Torpedo Captor X. A few initial bugs I had to work out, but it’s a game changer. Now all of my high wattage tube amps get used regularly and sound great.
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    How's the logjam over at Warmoth?

    @smallbutmighty has been a class act in answering some questions I have had about my first warmoth purchase. A lot of companies in this situation would start to cut corners. Props to Warmoth for continually producing high quality products Under these circumstances. Clearly a lot of hard working...
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    Two Notes Captor X

    According to two notes support, the fan always being triggered by an input signal is not normal behavior for the unit. I agree that it could be worse.
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    Two Notes Captor X

    I hear you, but two notes did acknowledge that it’s a defect. Considering the price I paid, it’s annoying enough that I want the unit repaired or replaced.
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    Two Notes Captor X

    I have the Captor X. It has all sorts of potential, but it has been buggy for me. The latest issue is that any time the unit sees signal, the fan comes on. So the fan is now on 100% of the time when I play. Two notes confirmed that the fan should only come on if you are pounding the unit with...
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    Would 50’s wiring be standard on a 59 reissue 335?

    I’m flattered that you guys are still debating my thread from 2019. o_O

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