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  1. johnmfer

    Sold Fralin P92 on hold pending

    How many turns?
  2. johnmfer

    Baritone build with a bass body?

    In this photo you can see the pencil line I drew where I'm going to have to modify the lower cutaway. I did the full plug because I was initially thinking about leaving the lower cutaway shaped as it was and just having the neck pocket be more of a full surround for the neck heel. See the...
  3. johnmfer

    Baritone build with a bass body?

    You can see how I was just touching the alder in the one corner but in the opposite corner I was about 1/16" high. So, I made more adjustments and supported the saggy corner. You can see my attempt at a dust collection system. Because there was a crazy amount of sawdust. Here's the...
  4. johnmfer

    Baritone build with a bass body?

    So, I went to Harbor Freight and bought a new router. $60 after a 20% off coupon. Did some practicing. Got a depth and flattened the plug. Used my shiny new template, you can see the double stick heavy duty carpet tape I used to stick it to the body. But then the tape slipped...
  5. johnmfer

    Baritone build with a bass body?

    I spent several dollars at StewMac to get some routing templates. I placed this order before I knew my router was shot. F*ckin' A, guess I gotta buy a router too. Looking at Harbor Freight because routers tend to be expensive and HF has a few under $100.
  6. johnmfer

    Baritone build with a bass body?

    First I tried building a jig for routing flush the neck pocket plug. Tried a clamp and some tape. The tape didn't hold the jig in place firmly enough . Then I tried screwing the jig together instead of clamping. I used some metal server rack arms to clamp the whole thing down. But then...
  7. johnmfer

    Baritone build with a bass body?

    New tools to help with the job.
  8. johnmfer

    Baritone build with a bass body?

    Hmm... 28.625 is pretty long. I kinda wish I hadn't known about these. :)
  9. johnmfer

    Baritone build with a bass body?

    Did more work over the weekend on the Mr. Peabody. Found the line I decided to cut to: My jigsaw was wandering all over the place and having to work really really hard, so I decided to take some time with a hand saw. Not trying to cut on the line, but close to it, and I'll finish the rest...
  10. johnmfer

    Baritone build with a bass body?

    Cool! Is it a 27" conversion neck? If so where is it from? I did some googling and the closest I could find were some 27.5" Fender necks.
  11. johnmfer

    Baritone build with a bass body?

    I used the heel of the baritone neck to make a template of sorts, so I could line it up on the plug I put in the neck pocket. That's it on the paper in the foreground. I also found and marked the centerline. Then I cut a big V in the paper so I could match up the centerlines. Then I...
  12. johnmfer

    Baritone build with a bass body?

    Also, here's a P-bass pickguard on a Telecaster schematic. My kids cut out the paper so yeah, they're a little off but I think I have everything lined up correctly.
  13. johnmfer

    Baritone build with a bass body?

    Well, quarantine has helped me find the time to get back to this again... I made a plug for the Peabody bass neck pocket. Also, the finish is coming off in shattered chunks. Very strange.
  14. johnmfer

    Phoenix, Arizona - Local TGP Music

    Howdy! Here's this show going on tonight: I play in The Bovine Fury and we should start at 8:00 or so. I haven't heard Rundown Roommates, but we're friends with Moons, Birds, and Monsters (they invited us to play). Chopper John's has live local music all the time and is a total dive bar.
  15. johnmfer

    Just bought a Victory V4 The Sheriff, now looking to get another preamp pedal?

    So far so great with the Sheriff. I have been using amp distortion forever, the same amp (Egnater TOL50) that I bought new 20 years ago. Now that I'm running stereo through the Mesa, I wanted something smaller to replace the Egnater and this has been doing a great job of that. I mostly play with...
  16. johnmfer

    Just bought a Victory V4 The Sheriff, now looking to get another preamp pedal?

    The Sheriff is now my primary preamp. If I hit the Bypass button I can wire another preamp pedal in there and have essentially a 3rd channel. I'm looking for something to do Fender Deluxe style cleans, or some distortion that's really nasty and dirty and loose and chaotic. There don't seem to...
  17. johnmfer

    Suggestion for Preamp Pedal to go with Powerstage 170

    I'm doing something similar with a Mesa 20/20 into a stereo 2x12 and needed a preamp. I bought the Victory The Sherrif V4 and it's great! It's very similar to the amp head I've only been using as a preamp. In fact, I found this thread because you can connect another preamp in the bypass circuit...
  18. johnmfer

    Anyone played the Victory preamp pedals yet?

    I just ordered a Sheriff. I have been using my head that I've had forever as just a preamp with a separate stereo power amp (Mesa 20/20) for a while now. I was looking at rack preamps including the Synergy stuff, but then I found out about these. I was super impressed by the positive reviews and...
  19. johnmfer

    What guitar is this?

    Mario Quintero of the NY band Spotlights (Ipecac Records). Saw them last night and thought he has a cool guitar, but I don't recognize the model or the headstock logo.
  20. johnmfer

    Making cables. 10-20 megaohms between hot and ground?

    OK, thanks all! I don't think I'm going to worry about it. Like I said originally, they work just fine. To answer some questions, yes I'm peeling back the black conductive layer. Yes, some cables tested open while others tested the high resistance readings. Also, I might have been touching...
  21. johnmfer

    Post Your ”Home Brew” Guitars

    Warmoth body I ordered in 2002, USACG neck I bought in 2009 or 2010, 25" conversion neck. It's a cross between a Jazzmaster and a PRS Swamp Ash Special. I've done a bunch of others over the years but the one above is the only one I still have. baritone: Redwood top tele with fralin...
  22. johnmfer

    Making cables. 10-20 megaohms between hot and ground?

    You mean the plug opened up showing the soldering? I can take a pic of that.
  23. johnmfer

    Making cables. 10-20 megaohms between hot and ground?

    I've been making some new cables for rewiring my pedalboard. My DMM does not have a continuity checker, so I've been measuring resistances between tip to tip and ground to ground and tip to ground to make sure they're good. Some of them, especially when using these Redco Pancake plugs, measure...

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