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    Supporting Membership Guide

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Search results

  1. guitarpkr67

    JHS Unicorn V2

  2. guitarpkr67

    Neural DSP Quad Cortex

    Man, why do you have to tease me like that? I thought they released a new video. Lol.
  3. guitarpkr67

    Speaker help.

    Hey, folks. I recently swapped out a couple bad speakers for a friend of mine. One is a Alnico gold and one is a Bad Cat labeled speaker. They are both measuring open on the multimeter. Are they worth trying to fix? If so, where would I even start? Thanks.
  4. guitarpkr67

    Neural DSP Quad Cortex

    Seriously? That’s interesting.
  5. guitarpkr67

    Neural DSP Quad Cortex

    I haven't seen any pics yet, but I know the Zuma wouldn't be able to handle it. Looks like it requires 12VDC and 3A.
  6. IMG_1436.jpg


  7. IMG_0388.jpg


  8. guitarpkr67

    Anyone remembers Taku Sakashta?

    I’ve always loved this guitar. Are there more of these out there or was this a one-off type thing?
  9. guitarpkr67

    My Kanji Kawabata guitar

    He was forming the radius of the fretboard.
  10. guitarpkr67

    Languedoc Brass Bridge Saddle

    They are definitely slotted in that first pic above. You don't want a bridge that isn't slotted. Any time you bend a string they would be all over the place.
  11. guitarpkr67

    Sold Fender GE Smith Telecaster 2012 Blonde

    Very nice. One of my dream guitars.
  12. guitarpkr67

    Vintage Trainwreck

    And it's listed for $15,000 less than it was at Carter's.
  13. guitarpkr67

    Vintage Trainwreck

    Weird. I'm curious how it went from Carter Vintage to a Guitar Center in El Paso.
  14. guitarpkr67

    New Ronin Foilbucker Strats

    Did you get Mark's Badmoon? That's one of my favorites.
  15. guitarpkr67

    Sold Caroline Haymaker * $89 *

    Man, that’s cheap. I already have a Haymaker or it’d be gone.
  16. guitarpkr67

    JHS Legends Fuzz - no room for battery

    Please tell me this is not all there is to it.
  17. guitarpkr67

    What’s the Best Landgraff DO Clone?

    You’re describing stripboard/veroboard. John used perfboard. Stripboard can be cool, but you can usually get a board much smaller perfboard. John’s boards were tiny.
  18. guitarpkr67

    Jet City JCA50H Transformer

    Thanks for the tip! I requested to be added. Hopefully I can get some help.
  19. guitarpkr67

    Nad - (2020) Soldano Slo-100 Mkii

    Odd question, but does anyone know what brand resistor those are? I saw them in something the other day and I love the look of them.
  20. guitarpkr67

    Jet City JCA50H Transformer

    Hey, folks. I'm looking for a drop-in replacement power transformer for a Jet City JCA50H. The only one I know of is the Mercury Magnetics one, but the person I'm fixing it for doesn't really want to spend $300 on a power transformer. If any of you have an original one definitely let me know...
  21. guitarpkr67

    Has Music Toyz gotten better?

    At one point they were the biggest online pedal shop. Infamous for their “in stock” items that aren’t in stock. Not sure about their Reverb, but their site is still up.
  22. guitarpkr67

    JHS Legends of Fuzz Series

    Someone posted some pics earlier in the thread.
  23. guitarpkr67

    JHS Legends of Fuzz Series

    I thought the same thing. Still jonesing for that Smiley though.

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