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  1. thegame

    Tremol-No tonal question

    What do you mean by "sound of the unit?". It changed your guitar's tone or was generating some errant sound or noise?
  2. thegame

    Tremol-No tonal question

    Disclaimer: Yes I researched this topic, with inconclusive results. My inquiry is a fair bit more specific than previous questions on this topic... So I have this unit in one guitar that the previous owner installed. Guitar sounds great with no tuning issues. I leave the Tremol-No set up in...
  3. thegame

    I'm planning on taking the jump, and putting the down payment on a Larry Grohmann build.

    To provide the eye in this hurricane, here's a good sounding Larry clip: I think its a Larry modded Marshall with mostly Marshall parts remaining inside.
  4. thegame

    I'm planning on taking the jump, and putting the down payment on a Larry Grohmann build.

    This thread contains characters that remind me of the classic Clint Eastwood movie, the Good, the Bad and the Ugly.... Why are people questioning if the OP will like this amp ? He's played one extensively and has bonded with it. There is no risk of disappointment, at least on that point. Why...
  5. thegame

    Larry amps: your thoughts + Fortin plagiarized Larry?

    Enough to keep building for almost 30 years now.
  6. thegame

    Larry amps: your thoughts + Fortin plagiarized Larry?

    Though I can hardly endorse the wait times and periods of non-communication, a Dino 939 takes about 80-100 hrs to build.
  7. thegame

    Larry Amplification

    I agree with you. The Dino's gain potential is very high but sounds nothing like a 5150, 5153, ENGL, or Ubershcall kind of almost square wave, boost pedal stuck on 10 type of voicing. Its really hard to quantify how so much gain can still sound so organic and sweet.
  8. thegame

    Larry Amplification

    Speaking for myself, the Dino IS the tone that's been swimming in my head for the past 30 years. Tight, focused, compact distortion with many harmonic layers to the gain which explodes off the pick. It's not as huge or deep sounding as many of today's modern high gainers but the level of...
  9. thegame

    Larry Amplification

    Perhaps over 25 years of experience building production model amplifiers that have stood the test of time ?
  10. thegame

    Larry Amplification

    I just saw this thread now. The flagship DINO 962 is incredibly expensive but not nearly $15K USD. Converted from EUR, it'd be about $8500 USD, fully loaded w/NOS tubes throughout. Or about $7100 USD in its most basic iteration with current production tubes. I've owned 4 Wizards in the past...
  11. thegame

    Why does it appear that the bands/artists that use AXEfx/Kemper...

    I was watching some country music awards show (CMAs ?) on TV 2 or 3 years ago. Several acts played live and they ALL had these massive backline rigs consisting of roadcase mounted amps, cabs and combos. I spotted mics on cabs so it wasn't all for show. I also didn't spot a single Kemper...
  12. thegame

    Covering up or painting over inlays

    So, I have this custom one off guitar of which I'm the second owner. Great guitar in every way. However the original owner had some custom inlay work (in abalone) done on its ebony fingerboard. They are on the small side and not that obtrusive but are of a religious nature and I'm not...
  13. thegame

    speaker reconing question (to achieve a different tone, not repair)

    Yes, 444 = 55 hz & 1777 = 75 hz. 014 = 55 hz & 003 = 75 hz BUT, that is not to say 444 = 014 & 1777 = 003. They are all different from one another. They're from different eras and as such different materials (pulp formulation) have surely been used through the decades, despite some...
  14. thegame

    speaker reconing question (to achieve a different tone, not repair)

    Cool. The negative adjectives I used to describe the speaker in question was of the 1777 Rola Celestion, not the C90. Regardless, I have swapped and A/B'd all of them ad nauseum in the same cabinet and the printing on the cone of the C90 is indeed 1777. Anyway it looks like I will not be...
  15. thegame

    speaker reconing question (to achieve a different tone, not repair)

    Based on all these responses I will probably leave them alone. The Mesa C 90 uses the 1777 cone and while it sounds better (thicker, warmer) than the 1777 Rola Celestion G12 80, the midrange voicing is still far, far away from the 444 version.
  16. thegame

    speaker reconing question (to achieve a different tone, not repair)

    The 444 G12 80s have a very pronounced, fat midrange that barks aggressively. The 1777 ones are very scooped in comparison, low end is not as tight and its highs are overly glassy and bright.
  17. thegame

    speaker reconing question (to achieve a different tone, not repair)

    Is it possible, when reconing speakers to replace ONLY the cone itself and keep all other parts original ? I ask because I'm debating having two original Celestion Rola G1280s with 1777 cones to be reconed using 444 cones, which are the superior sounding pair. All 4 of these (1777 pair & 444...
  18. thegame

    4 ohms wears tubes faster ?

    Assuming one is running a 4 ohm load (either a single 4 ohm cab, two 8 ohm cabs, or even four 16 ohm cabs paralleled down to 4) and the amp is set accordingly to 4 ohms, does this place more stress on the tubes and wear them faster than matched 8 or 16 ohm setups ? If so, could one then assume...
  19. thegame

    Sold Strymon Zuma with Mounting Brackets

    Please respond to your PMs and conversions. I'm ready to buy this. Thanks.
  20. thegame

    Sold Custom built EXPLORER project guitar - sold locally

    Sold locally, not here. Thanks for the positive comments.
  21. thegame

    Sold Custom built EXPLORER project guitar - sold locally

    Nut width = 1 11/16" Neck size/profile = specs were cloned from a 1992 Gibson Explorer I used to own. Current Gibson literature says the Explorer neck dimensions are a hybrid of 50's rounded & 60's slim taper profiles, but this one (& the 92 Explorer) are definitely closer to the 60's slim taper.
  22. thegame

    Sold Custom built EXPLORER project guitar - sold locally

    I'm calling this a project guitar simply because the buyer can use their own pickups & pots of their choice. Everything else is included & the control cavity has the pertinent ground & jack wires ready to go for pickup installation (jack has 3 prongs in case active pickups are used). Mahogany...
  23. thegame

    Gjika Shawn Lane amp is back!

    Sick and beautiful at the same time.
  24. thegame

    FS : Seymour Duncan Seth Lover pickups set

    Sold ! Thank you ! Thread closed.

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