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  1. Occam

    Singers need to care about their own gear

    I feel like bashing singers a bit for no particular reason :boxer I would never think of going to record in a studio without my own amp, guitar and pedals really dialed in. Now if the studio had something cool, I might play around with that but if they had nothing at all, I'd be totally fine...
  2. Occam

    CDBaby vs DistroKid

    I use DistroKid. I've had a few issues that many probably won't. I've had stuff rejected because of file size...one of my songs is over 70 minutes long so I had to cut it up into 4 pieces which I didn't appreciate for iTunes and Spotify. I didn't cut anything out, just had to make it 4 songs...
  3. Occam

    Celestion in a Thiele?

    I've got nothing other than I love EV's in Thiele cabs...seems weird that Mesa went away from that since the cabs were designed with those speakers. I with the 15 Thiele's were easy to find but I've got a pair from eBay but don't know how accurate they are to the dimensions.
  4. Occam

    Any OM fans?

    Love them...was lucky enough to wander into what I think was their first show at the Ptomaine Temple in Oakland. I didn't know who they were as Al was still out of the scene but something made me think that was him. I also recorded their show after that at the Bottom of the Hill on my old...
  5. Occam

    Not-so-subtle dig at Jimmy Page - yay or nay?

    To me that's when he just went from arguably being the best rock guitarist to live past 27 to a guy that just found a whole new gear to blast off with. I love those records of the early 00's, just great examples that the guitar has so many more was of expressing itself that most of us haven't...
  6. Occam

    Rock belters.

    I thought this was going to have something to do with The Expanse.
  7. Occam

    bigger cabinet for Fender 57 custom champ?

    I’ve got one of those garbage Champ 600 reissues from a few years back. Looks cool, sounds anemic and terrible. I had a guy modify it with the Mercury Magnetics kit and I also went to a 1x12 cab....I wish I could remember who built the cab. I found them on here and they did an amazing job...
  8. Occam

    Play for the song = proof that the guitar is on its way out

    I'm sorry. If you're looking to pop music to satisfy you, you kinda deserve the pain that follows because it'll never give you what you want unless you're a teenager more interested in fitting in rather than finding yourself. There are great guitarists in jazz, metal, indie rock, all forms fo...
  9. Occam

    I feel like Bukovac deserves a little blame...

    "Gotta pay the bills"...honestly I couldn't care less about anyone's bills. I feel no guilt or shame for being a music fan and thinking that I'd personally get a lot more enjoyment from him writing originals than his current sessions. Now I don't expect to have my needs catered to and people...
  10. Occam

    Bands you're "supposed" to like but don't.

    It's interesting how some people responded to this. Some folks answered with any band that was popular in the mainstream that they didn't care for. I took it more specifically like bands that fit many of the qualities of bands I do like often from the same time and place and maybe even...
  11. Occam

    Why don't more women like hard rock and metal?

    I don't know...I go to (well, pre-Covid) of underground metal shows, doom, death, grind-core, noise all sorts of **** very far from commercial or mainstream at dive bars often in not very good neighborhoods and typically women make up 1/3 of the crowd, sometimes a little more, sometimes a little...
  12. Occam

    Bands you're "supposed" to like but don't.

    Misfits...never liked them, not even a little. Finding Black Flag, the Dead Kennedy's, Bad Brains, Minor Threat etc...was huge for me but damn I hated every single thing about the Misfits. I think if they didn't have the cool logo they would have faded long ago as a novelty but even in the 80's...
  13. Occam

    Microphone tuner question

    There are apps for the phone and iPad. I use one for the saxophone when I'm practicing.
  14. Occam

    How are you powering your recording gear?

    I've got 3 Furman conditioners right now and I just wrote down that I have 17 things that need outlets from computer, to rack gear, amps, monitors etc.... I feel like I'm poorly using my rack space for power partly because I don't want everything on all the time. Sometimes I want to use my...
  15. Occam

    New All Them Witches

    I really liked that, I'll check them out. Thanks for posting.
  16. Occam

    Any songs where you've mistaken a Strat for a Les Paul

    It's tricky, especially on record because the answer is often both and more. I do like playing "guess the guitar and amp" game when seeing bands I don't know really well. I'm right way more often than I would expect but still not that often.
  17. Occam

    John Cage news: chord changes in 639-year long piece

    One of my unexpected favorite things about Rome was the sound of the organs in the giant old churches...just such a powerful thing to be in those spaces and feel the power of those organs. I've always wanted to record a wall of guitars in one of them for my solo project. The world needs more...
  18. Occam

    Sound Proofing and Treatment

    Sound proofing is such a major hassle. Is this for just jamming or recording? If it's recording then maybe picking up as iso box would be the best choice especially if you're not a full stack sort of guy (which I am and just doesn't work well for them in any reasonably sized container).
  19. Occam

    UA OX into Apollo Twin - Headphone out sounds great, Apollo not so much

    What I do is either mute the channel on UAD Console and only monitor from my DAW or I'll do the opposite and record in mute on my DAW (Logic) while monitoring on Console. I feel like monitoring through Console sounds like there is a minute amount of less latency but maybe I'm imagining things...
  20. Occam

    Stereo Guitar and Phase Issues

    A bit of an update. I have a two pedalboard split with my home rig. One board goes in the front end of my Kemper. The second board goes from 3 stereo pedals into the stereo returns of the effects loop of the Kemper. I've added a DI signal (with a UAD amp sim) after the first board so only the...
  21. Occam

    Old Boss Pedal Repair (FZ-2)

    I've got the Demon Lung and a Wattson that he custom modified for me and a few others. I'm not lacking. I was just going through a few pedals that have issues. The others I can send back to the builder but I wasn't sure what to do with this one and I figured I might as well have it working vs. not.
  22. Occam

    Telecaster: Semi-Hollow vs Solid Body

    Assuming the same pickups and hardware...how different is a semi-hollow Tele vs it's solid body counter part? I think I'm going to build my first parts guitar and I've been wanting a Tele again. Is the difference similar to the difference to a 335 (or semi-hollow LP) vs. a Les Paul. A little...
  23. Occam

    Old Boss Pedal Repair (FZ-2)

    They're going for $250-300+ (one guy is currently asking $500). I think I paid about $35 each for mine and I was a bit bummed because I knew they used to be even less before that.
  24. Occam

    Old Boss Pedal Repair (FZ-2)

    One more time. I know they’re durable but somebody must repair them.
  25. Occam

    What are you doing with your gear when you die?

    My issue is less about getting stuff and more about getting rid of stuff in as beneficial way as possible and without having to turn my wife dealer of morbid stringed novelties.

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