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  1. theHoss

    Cool Bass - John Kahn

    I stumbled across this while doing my daily "Wild Wood Browse For Guitars I Dream About". http://www.wildwoodguitars.com/electrics/misc/026933/026933.php If you go through the gallery you can see some great close up pics of it.
  2. theHoss

    CO Luthier to install custom electronics

    I was curious if anyone could recommend a luthier to install custom electronics in a guitar of mine. I am considering putting a coil tap in my LP for the neck pick up. Possibly putting a phasing switch in. Is there a guy in CO you would recommend? Or if you are a luthier and would be able to...
  3. theHoss

    Heritage Guitars

    Howdy, Has anyone received or played a Heritage since the reorg? Just curious if the guitars they are producing now are the same quality they used to produce. Thanks!
  4. theHoss

    CO ToneFest Clips - May 17, 2008

    Howdy, I will be posting some clips of the CO ToneFest on May 17th. I thought you guys might want to take a listen. The clips are of the board capture. Hope everyone had a good time. There were some incredible players that showed up that day. Jeff Beck's Come Dancing via Two-Rock Kimock...
  5. theHoss

    Recording Drums for non-drummers

    Howdy, What are some options for adding drums to you songs if you aren't a drummer? I currently use GarageBand but am thinking about moving to Logic. Just curious what you guys are doing as solo artists.
  6. theHoss

    Guitar Value? 81 Gibson Explorer E2

    I have a buddy who has one and was curious what the value would be. I thought I would check here for him. It is a tobacco burst finish with a nice figured top. Probably 7/10 condition with some buckle rash on the back. All original as far as he knows. Thanks in advance for any insight...
  7. theHoss

    The Man, The Rig, The Legend (Ford Rig w/pic)

    I posted earlier about the Carlton/Ford show here in CO. I really can't say enough about what a treat it was. Their admiration for one another as well as their appreciation for the fans was pretty obvious. It was an incredible show with legendary musicians, and legendary rigs. Here are a...
  8. theHoss

    Carlton => 335 => BludoTone (w/pic)

    I went and checked out the Carlton/Ford show last night. What a great pairing. Absolutely wonderful musicians who have mutual respect and admiration for one another. They seem really excited to be playing for a fan base of musicians. You could tell they sincerely appreciated the cheers and...
  9. theHoss

    Home Recording How-To DVD?

    Howdy, I thought I have seen a member here that has produced an home recording how-to dvd. Does anyone have the link? Thanks!
  10. theHoss

    Ethos (preamp setup question)

    Howdy, I recently received my Ethos. So far, so great. I have used it both in a traditional sense (before an amp) and into the return of my fx loop. I am considering purchasing a power amp and using it soley as a preamp. I have a couple of questions. 1) Can anyone recommend a good power amp...
  11. theHoss

    Looking for low or lower output single coils

    Can you guys recommend any for my strat? Currently, I run the stock SCs in my 40th anniversary start. Thanks!
  12. theHoss

    Amp Shows

    Howdy, This might be an odd question, but how do amp/gear shows work? I have seen them on the coasts, but never here in CO. I am thinking about trying to organize one, but the cost of facility rental is a bit staggering. Do vendors usually pay, or is it funded from attendance sales? Just...
  13. theHoss

    Green Les Pauls (Is there a histroical precedent)

    Is there a historical precendent for the transparent green Historic Reissue LPs? Did they make a green LP back in the day? Here is an example of what I am talking about. http://wildwoodguitars.com/electrics/gibson/chambered/cr76019/cr76019.php
  14. theHoss

    Sweet Look R9 VOS (sharing a surfing find)

    I am no way affliated with these guys (although they are a good shop), but this is one sweet looking R9. I wasn't able to just grab the photo. So if this is the wrong forum, I appologize in advance. http://www.wildwoodguitars.com/electrics/gibson/historic_les_paul/971244/971244.php Wow...
  15. theHoss

    Proposed Studio (please critique)

    Howdy, I am looking a various recording options for a home project studio. Here are the requirements. 1) I need at least 4 inputs, 8 would be ideal. 2) I need to have the ability to provide up to 4 separate monitoring mixes. 3) I would like the ability to add some compression...
  16. theHoss

    M-Audio iControl for Garageband

    Anyone using the M-Audio iControl for Garageband? If so, do you mind sharing your thoughts? Thanks!
  17. theHoss

    USB 2.0 (fast enough for external hard drive)

    Howdy, I have a mac and will be recording with Garageband and a Firepod. My question is this. If my firepod is using my Firewire port, will my USB 2.0 port connecting to an external hard drive be fast enough to. I don't have 2 firewire ports so I hope so. Is there a way to add additional...
  18. theHoss

    Heritage Briton II

    Howdy, I just wanted to solicit some thoughts on the Briton II. I am considering one. 1)Is it pedal friendly. 2)How are the cleans in VOXy amp different than Fender or Tweed type amp. 3) How is the master volume on it. 4) Anybody giging with one? I play LPs, Teles, Strats, and...
  19. theHoss

    118 Volts in my house!

    Howdy, I don't know what the accepted tolerance should be in a house, but I am running 118 on all my outlets as opposed to 120. Is that reasonable, and will it effect my amps at all? Thanks.
  20. theHoss

    Les Paul fret marker coming out Help!

    Howdy, I have a LPR8 and the fret marker on the 3rd fret is coming out. It isn't really affecting anything but if it gets any worse it will be a problem. Will a luthier by able to fix it? Is there something I should do to prevent it in the future. I live in CO so it is pretty dry, do you...
  21. theHoss

    Ric 650 Dakota (Any Thoughts?)

    I am very intrigued by this guitar. I am considering picking one up to fill the void between my tele and LP. I am curious if anyone has played one, or owns one. Any commentary would be much appreciated. I haven't be able to find one in town to try. Things I am looking for is the build...
  22. theHoss

    Reference Amp For Pedals

    Howdy, I am curious what folks would consider a good reference point for pedal comparison clips. The amp would be run clean. I would like to hear what people think in regards to a "baseline" that could be used to compare and hear various pedals. I will post a limited poll. The poll is fender...
  23. theHoss

    A Good Song To Master

    Howdy, I am a long time guitarist looking to improve my abilities. I have started taking lessons again which are providing me a solid theory and technique background. I would like to begin learning songs that I could work on at home, something that is complete with a solo guitar. (i.e. not...
  24. theHoss

    Mic Preamp Suggestions

    Howdy, I am looking to get a reasonable (good value, but not crazy expensive. Under $1000) mic preamp for home recording. I am thinking about getting an MBOX2 using ProTools. I would like to get something that will work for both Vocals and Acoustic guitar. Any thoughts or suggestions would...
  25. theHoss

    Solo Performers

    Howdy, I really enjoy performing live, however it seems that I am always dependent on a band. As we all know the band comes and goes but the performance demons still haunt us. That being said, I was considering doing some solo work. I was considering going 'monk like' and focusing on solo...

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