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  1. jruano

    Customs bringing a guitar from Europe

    Anyone has purchased something recently, how bad was customs?
  2. jruano

    Acoustic advice - Fingerpicking guitar (and method?)

    Hi guys, I hope this finds you safe and healthy in these crazy, crazy times. I’ve been mostly an electric player my whole life and looking to use this confinement opportunity to work a little more seriously on fingerpicking, which I’ve wanted to do for decades. I do have a mahogany J-45 which is...
  3. jruano

    Fractal vs HX, effects?

    Seems to be the general consensus here that Fractal’s amp modeling beats HX. How about the effects front?
  4. jruano

    NGD: 2019 Les Paul Standard Seafoam Green (for reals)

    Well, I took my daughter to a birthday this Saturday and decided to stop by a nearby GC while I waited. Ended walking out the door with one of these seafoam 2019 Standards. Absolutely not my style when it comes to looks and myriad of features and such, but just loved, loved, loved that neck and...
  5. jruano

    RE-201 replica?

    I thought I saw one on Reverb the other day but I'm not finding it now. Who's seen it?
  6. jruano

    NGD : 1963 ES-335 Varitone Bigsby Limited Run

    Just received this beauty, my first 335 ever: http://legacy.gibson.com/Products/Electric-Guitars/2018/Memphis/1963-ES-335TDC-Bigsby-Varitone-Limited-Run.aspx https://images.gibson.com/Products/Electric-Guitars/2018/Memphis/ES-335-63-Bigsby-2018/Press/Documents/ES6318SCNB1.pdf Beautiful...
  7. jruano

    Revival Drive, MIAB?

    is this a MIAB type thing?
  8. jruano

    Toneczar OTP Fuzz

    New pedal from Ed: introducing the OTP Fuzz paying homage to the classic BMP while correcting its issues and taking the design to the next level (pics in my IG gallery) Featuring high-gain NPN Germanium transistors 3 Gain Modes, 4 band active EQ 18v operation, very low noise No wait lists...
  9. jruano

    Fender 60s oval vs 63 C

    Anyone has played both side to side and care to share impressions?
  10. jruano

    Custombuckers height

    So recently I got an R9 with these. Love them, but kept messing with heights not able to decide where to settle. Finally bridge is at 1mm both sides, neck is at 0.5mm high E, 1.5mm low E. Quite a bit higher than I usually go with PAFs... you guys finding the same?
  11. jruano

    NGD: Les Paul Special DC Figured Top

    (Update: Just received, but not played!... pictures further down the thread) Just ordered one of these on a whim, anyone has experience with one? https://www.gearnews.com/gibson-custom-shop-debuts-les-paul-special-double-cut-figured-top/
  12. jruano

    NGD - 2018 Historic '59 Murphy Painted

    I wasn't planning on buying a new Les Paul, but the new neck profile did it this time. The top and paint job on this one didn't hurt, I'll admit. Just an amazing instrument. Screen Shot 2018-12-28 At 8.52.06 PM by jruano posted Dec 29, 2018 at 3:58 AMScreen Shot 2018-12-28 At 8.51.46 PM by...
  13. jruano

    Gibson Custom Historic 1958 Les Paul VOS - Repurposed CC #29 Tamio Okuda

    Reverb ad below, https://reverb.com/item/17581611-gibson-custom-historic-1958-les-paul-vos-repurposed-cc-29-tamio-okuda-2017-faded-orange-burst Possible trades, R0, R9
  14. jruano

    School me on ES-335

    Never had one, what do I need to look into? What are the differences, dot, no dot?... I get lost. Thanks in advance.
  15. jruano

    Duane ring strap

    I like leather straps with LPs and always wanted to have one of these, finally found one. Feels great on the shoulder, but you have to be really careful with that huge ring. Jury still out on if I will use it regularly or not, but it looks undeniably cool in my opinion! IMG_6060 by jruano...
  16. jruano

    First Strat... what do I do first?

    Paraphrasing another post here... just received this guitar. Long time tele and LP guy (90%/10% split). What’s your advice for my first Strat in the 20+ years I’ve been playing? R93207-front-xlarge by jruano posted Nov 25, 2018 at 4:06 AMR93207-angle-xlarge by jruano posted Nov 25, 2018 at...
  17. jruano

    NGD: GT11 Strat

    First strat ever, after playing for 20+ years... we'll see! R93207-front-xlarge by jruano posted Nov 25, 2018 at 4:06 AMR93207-angle-xlarge by jruano posted Nov 25, 2018 at 4:06 AM
  18. jruano

    OX crackling noise

    Been noticing this lately. Anybody getting a weird "crackling" noise from the unit? Quick clip quickly strumming a chord using the 6 rigs on the knob. More obvious on some, but plenty noticeable:
  19. jruano

    NGD - ES-330 VOS

    Great sounds and even better feel, the neck on this years release is pretty much about perfect for me. It will rattle randomly unplugged, but plugged in it is delightful. First time EVER I have a true hollow body. Boy have I been missing out. IMG_2704 by jruano posted May 19, 2018 at 4:56 AM...
  20. jruano

    2018 Limited ES-330

    Neck wise these are more of a 60s Reissue than a 59, correct? https://wildwoodguitars.com/product/10648720/2018-limited-es-330-8/?cat_id=263 Just checking to see if anyone knows.
  21. jruano

    Spaceman Mercury IV

  22. jruano

    Low volume portable rig - Kemper, Helix, Amplifire, BIAS...

    I have my whole guitar-pedals-amp rig for live use, and also a smaller version for in the house practicing, but I'm now looking for a lower volume rig I can use when volume is a concern or I need mobility (travel). I've used decent modeling in the studio sometimes, never for myself other than a...
  23. jruano

    Pettyjohn Crush

    New compressor from Stephen. "Introducing the new #PettyjohnElectronics CRUSH compressor pedal! A #studiograde compressor in our #FoundrySeries single pedal format that is powered by a unique discrete voltage controlled amplifier (VCA). The CRUSH delivers highly musical compression in the...
  24. jruano

    Spaceman fuzzes

    Enlighten me on these guys, are there any models equivalent to classic fuzzfaces or tonebenders? Also, what's so especial about them that justifies the $$$, if there's anything other than the exclusivity.
  25. jruano

    6G2 Princeton

    what is out there other than Allen's?

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