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  1. stephenT

    Sterling Audio VMS Vocal Microphone Shield?

    I see Musicians Friend has these for $80 and before I pop for one, thought I check w/ TGP folks. Anyone use this unit and happy? I'm mainly interested in recording acoustic guitar and vocals of course. I've got big old gobos that are kinda hard to manage and this looks like it'd be easier to...
  2. stephenT

    2014 Showtime doc Lost Songs: The Basement Tapes Continued. Where????

    2014 Showtime documentary Lost Songs: The Basement Tapes Continued. Damn, can't find it anywhere. Showtime has pulled it, don't seem to be any DVDs,.. Are their bootlegs out there (asking for,...me)?? Any help would be very appreciated! It's one of the favorite albums around the house. Love to...
  3. stephenT

    Uncle Sugar w/ Eddie Tigner (92)

    I got to play w/ Eddie for 12 years, became close friends. Some nights after the gig we'd talk 'til 4am. He's been gone a year now, sweet man, miss him. This just popped up on the 'tube, it's from 2013. Hope you dig.
  4. stephenT

    On Line Jam and collaboration Software/apps/sites ???

    I've been tasked to find a cross platform way of continuing a friends weekly get together. Up to a dozen folks would get together and look at their iPads and play songs "together". I was invited and did a few for the social nature of the get together. Met some nice folks but I'm a stage musician...
  5. stephenT

    NAD: QSC CP8

    I own a Schertler Jam 400 and I've been looking for a smaller unit to carry to gigs where I don't need the extra inputs, plus the Jam 400 is 50lbs, at the end of the night it gets heavy. So I auditioned the new JBL EON One Compact ($500) and the Bose S1 ($600), both cute but not enough watts to...
  6. stephenT

    Preamp for passive magnetic pickup??

    I've use a Sunrise and a Fishman Blackstack pickup and I'm looking for a simple preamp. I've got a Sunrise buffer box that works great but I need something for the Fishman Blackstack. One unit that interests me is the Radial AC-Driver What are you using?
  7. stephenT

    Burn CDs w/ song titles - Mac

    I know, what's a CD??? It used to be Toast? You could burn CDs on a Mac and the titles of the songs etc. will show up in your car or home CD player?? I have credit in the app store, just looking for recommendations or is Toast it?
  8. stephenT

    Ozone 8 on Sale

    So I bought the Standard version for $99 as an upgrade to Ozone Maximizer rack extension for Reason (paid $25 in 2015). Contacted iZotope and asked for any special deals on upgrades. Was kinda blown away when they allowed an upgrade from one of their products that wasn't listed as upgradeable...
  9. stephenT

    NAD: Goodsell Enhanced 5F2 - 2x8

    Goodsell Enhanced 5F2 2x8 (WGS G8C). vintage NOS Tung-Sol 6550 power tube putting out 17watts clean w/ fixed bias w/ a 0B3 gas voltage regulator and a 12ax7. It's been fun watching this amp go from an idea, to percolation, to this beautiful tube amp. When Richard mention the idea a few months...
  10. stephenT

    Anyone using a Audient iD14 USB Audio Interface??

    I use Reason 10 and use a Propellerhead Balance USB input that has one mic channel going out, lower volume than the other channel. I may get it fixed but it's no long build nor supported. So I'm looking for a new interface, the Audient appears to be a nice unit, can anyone chime in who owns the...
  11. stephenT

    What Weber 8" (8ohm) alnico w/ WGS G8C?

    Anticipating a new Goodsell build from Richard, a prototype w/ 2x8s, It'll be a 17-19 watt single end amp w/ one 6550 power tube (or a KT66) w/ a 0B3 gas voltage regulator (w/ purple glow) and SS rectifier to get all the power available. I'm thinking of an alnico to pair w/ the ceramic WGS G8C...
  12. stephenT

    Hotone ROTO Rotary Speaker Simulator Pedal (???)

    $89 Clams, how could it be any good? The youtube videos sound decent, for what I need, a decent impression of a leslie sound for occasional use on a couple songs a night, I'm wondering if it'd work. Anyone use one of these units? General impressions?
  13. stephenT

    NGD: 2nd Waterloo WL-14XTR

    Sold a Martin OO that I never bonded w/ to buy a new Waterloo. I've become a fan of the company and their "relatively not expensive" guitars with a very light build, very little finish, great wood and expert builders (Collings in Austin, TX). Bought a used WL-12 last summer (12 fret, maple back...
  14. stephenT

    Anyone loving their Source Audio Nemesis Delay? Reviews?

    This pedal caught my eye, looks like it would be a fun unit for recording, etc. At $300 I'd like to hear if folks are happy w/ their purchase or if this unit is another flavor o' week,.. For owners,... how are the analog type sounds? Enjoying your Source Audio Nemesis Delay? Useful for live?
  15. stephenT

    Blue Spark Cardioid Condenser Mic: got one? Like it?

    I see the Blue Spark on sale ($119) and it's gotten decent reviews, anyone own this puppy? if so, your experiences??
  16. stephenT

    Goodsell Sunburst Lacquered Tweed Amp Porn

    Stopped by Richards shop today and took a few pics of the new sunburst tweed cabinet finishes. Pretty darn cool,..
  17. stephenT

    Two Amps (!!)

    I took two small combo amps to my gig Friday night, three guitar players on stage and one guy plays through a twin, loudly,.. plus keys, etc, a packed stage. I thought I'd get as much coverage as I could and brought a 17 and a 12 watter, both combo amps w/ 12s. Had to stack them, the 17 on top...
  18. stephenT

    My new favorite acoustic Strings: Martin Retros

    And right now Musicians Friend has them for $4.99 a set (been that price for a fews weeks, don't know how long it'll last)...
  19. stephenT

    Shinyribs Band (Kevin Russell) Are you digging' 'em?

    OK, I'm a big Gourds fan and a large part of the reason is the fairly amazing Kevin Russell. The Gourds are on hiatus,.. but we have the Shinyribs band. Kevin is an Texas original, hell of a songwriter (i love songs where the meaning isn't immediately obvious), damn good singer, and for a chubby...
  20. stephenT

    Remembering Sean Costello - Seven Years

    Seven years. Damn. Today is his birthday and the hole is just as big,.. and I still haven't heard anyone who comes close to his talent and abilities. Beyond that he was a close friend, I have great memories of us playing together but the times that meant the most were just hanging out, having...
  21. stephenT

    New Amp: Gold Sparkle Goodsell S17

    Standard Disclaimer: I work w/ Richard on his digital media, we're buds and I've owned nothing but Goodsell amps (I've lost count) since I bought my first, #0015. I had seen the gold sparkle covering on the Mojotone web site and that was it, how could my next amp be anything but gold sparkle...
  22. stephenT

    How to Relic Your Amp - BBQ style

    Just leave it on the Fat Matts Rib Shack stage (a world famous rib shack in Atlanta) for 20+ years and let everyone play it. Matt asked me to help facilitate the amps return to respectability w/ a recover (i know, i tried to talk him out of it) so it'll be sent off to Mojo. I had to document...
  23. stephenT

    JBL EON 510 (?)

    I'm considering buying a JBL EON 510 for monitors (acoustic duo vocals) and small PA, was wondering if anyone has experience w/ this model?
  24. stephenT

    Atlanta April 19th Sean Costello Tribute

    Great music, great cause. If you're in the ATL area, come on down and enjoy. There's some exciting news, Sean will be inducted into the Georgia Music Hall of Fame this year and a new album of unreleased music is coming out soon. Music starts at 7:00, come early, stay late!.
  25. stephenT

    NAD: Goodsell 33 Pro 115 (C15N)

    Disclaimer: I count Richard as a friend, I help him deal w/ the www. We go for Korean Tacos most every week. I've owned a lot of Goodsells and I have a bias. I need an amp for decent sized clubs and the 33 115 has been on my mind since I played the first unit a couple months ago, my slot came...

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