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  1. ArtDecade

    Low Cut Pedal

    So, I am looking for something a bit out of the norm to use with my AC30. I am hoping there is a pedal with two switchable bass cuts. So is there something like that out there? Two buttons - bypass and preset select.
  2. ArtDecade

    Which Fender Stratocasters have the S1 Switching?

    Currently, I see the S1 listed on the Elite series, but I am wondering what other Fender Strats have or had the S1 over the years. I don't mind looking used as well - in fact I'd prefer it because I am cheap. I am looking for a back for a Brian May Red Special style guitar so the series...
  3. ArtDecade

    The Fender Years with Zinky: Master List

    I have found that I quite like a lot of the Zinky-designed Fender amps, like the Pro Jr and the ProSonic. Is there a list of all the amps that he had a hand in designing? I think I might like to look for more of those models in the future. I am seeing that his designs are either a real hit or a...
  4. ArtDecade

    Help identifying this pickup...

    I was watching a Rig Rundown for Pokey Lafarge and his band. Adam Hoskins is running a K&K pickup with his L-12, but I am not sure which one it is.... or how exactly it is being mounted from the F hole. Any ideas? I have an L-12 as well so I am hoping to try something similar. Thanks!
  5. ArtDecade

    Mike Soldano designed the Wiggy?

    Just saw this "beauty" on Reverb and it made me think about the Wiggy. And, to be honest, the Wiggy now looks much, much cooler. https://reverb.com/item/16767339-speedster-50-watt-head-two-1x12-cabs-hand-made-by-michael-soldano
  6. ArtDecade

    Jam Bands and the planet at large

    The US loves their jam bands, but even the biggest of the big (Dead, Phish, etc) don't really seem to have the same appeal overseas. Yet, jazz has solid success in Europe and Asia so it can't be a lack of interest in musical improvisation. What's the deal?
  7. ArtDecade

    Found a way to remove the blanket from my tone...

    ... by taking the linens off the amp and doing some laundry. :rimshot
  8. ArtDecade

    Would you pay to play a '59 'burst?

    Just because the other poll didn't give the correct answer as a choice.
  9. ArtDecade

    I auditioned as a new lead guitarist last night...

    I went and auditioned for an open spot in a band last night. I am clearly a nice guy with strong chops, good look, right age, etc. The "Problem" is that my tone wasn't good enough for this "band". I use the perfect amount of reverb and have a stellar touch. Now I am going to have to meet with...
  10. ArtDecade

    Hughes And Kettner Pedals / Remote Switch

    I have a Tube Factor that I would like to leave back with the amp. It has a remote switch for a TRS pedal to switch it on/off and between the two gain stages. I don't really want to buy the H&K remote switch because it is fifty bucks and I see a lot of generic pedals out there for less than half...
  11. ArtDecade

    Gibson / Maestro Vibrola

    Does Gibson sell these direct to the public like their other parts? I want to Roxy my SG.
  12. ArtDecade

    Flanger with Envelope Control

    Looking for a Flanger where I can dial in one tone and increase the speed by digging in harder on the strings. I know you can set up the Eventide Modfactor for a secondary sound via envelope input. Any others?
  13. ArtDecade

    TV Jones and Direct Mounts

    I have a Partscaster with a single direct mounted humbucker (Custom Shop Dean pickup installed). I want to basically set up the guitar for some Malcolm Young type stuff. Not mine, but see below. I am under the impression that TV Jones is making pickups that are in the standard Humbucker size...
  14. ArtDecade

    Page & Double Necks

    Out of curiosity, how was Page tuning his double neck guitars? Were both necks in standard tuning or did he tune the two necks differently so that he didn't have to switch axes between songs?
  15. ArtDecade

    Another "Help me identify this pedal" thread...

    Any thoughts on what that purple pedal is there on the end? Thanks!
  16. ArtDecade

    Question about controlling two amps at the same time

    I have two Vox amps that I run when I need more volume at gigs, but I only have one VFS-2a footswitch for controlling the reverb and tremolo functions. I'd like to be able to set up one amp for subtle tremolo and be able to bring the reverb in and out on both amps. Is there a way to split the...
  17. ArtDecade

    Phase Shifter with a lot of Headroom

    I am looking for a phaser that has a lot of input headroom. I use a Fryer Treble Booster (35db boost) as my first pedal because of how it integrates with my pickups - and I really do not want the phaser in between them. The problem I have been having is that most phase shifters do not have...
  18. ArtDecade

    Running Two Amps At The Same Time (Marshall / Vox)

    I have a pretty basic setup. Typically, I run a Teese Wah into a Fryer Treble Boost into a Vox AC15. The treble boost doesn't really like things running into it, but the fuzz friendly buffer seems okay with it. I would like to run my Marshall 1974x at the same time as the Vox (and maybe switch...
  19. ArtDecade

    Quick Question...

    ... has Boss every had a Ring Modulator (or something similar) in their lineup? I can't seem to recall one.
  20. ArtDecade

    Neil Finn & Mark Hart of Crowded House / Pedals and Stuff

    Just saw this posted on FB. It is from one of the shows this week in Sydney. You can see some pedals and I figured that some of you would be interested. It appears that Neil's board is on the left, because you can see an ancient Hot Cake, a T-Rex of some sort, and his Freeze pedal. To be honest...
  21. ArtDecade

    Dry / Wet Configuration (Looping)

    I am thinking about doing a Dry / Wet kinda thing. I have a line out on my main amp. I want to use that output to go into a pedalboard with some looping gear - including a couple of delays, a Freeze, and a Pigtronix Infinity Looper. This pedalboard would be going into its own unique amp. So...
  22. ArtDecade

    EHX Freeze and TC Ditto - Collective Alternative

    Is there anything out there that does both of these type of effects in one unit? I really like the Freeze but there are times when I would like to play against a short loop as well.
  23. ArtDecade

    Isn't it kinda strange that no company has approached...

    ... Michael Schenker to make a signature wah? Michael always seems to have cash-flow (and luck) problems. Seeing as how he is the king of fixed wahs, it just seems to make sense that he would be on-board to do it. I think he is using some Dimebag wahs at the moment. Get on it Dunlop. Or, maybe...
  24. ArtDecade

    Evertune Bridge Setup in Philadelphia area

    I recently picked up a guitar with an Evertune bridge system but I don't think it's setup quite right. I would like to get it set up by a technician or luthier familiar with it so that I can get it all up to speed. Anyone have any recommendation for help? I know of a lot of great techs but none...
  25. ArtDecade

    ADA Flanger and Paul Gilbert Mod

    Anyone know where to find some instructions on how to do the Enhance mod? Instructions or tutorials? I think it's just a matter of tweaking a trim pot on the board so that the pedal goes into self-oscillation but I'm not totally sure. Thanks.

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