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    FS Tech 21 Trademark 60 Amp

    Awesome little amp. Super lightweight. Bit under the radar these days but you'll see a lot of fuss about them. Has been sitting unused at our church and taking Covid as an excuse to clear out some unused gear. Has the top laminated settings card attached. Footswitch also included. $325
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    FS Morgan Amps 1x12 Cab - Celestion G12M Greenback 12" Speaker

    Hardly Used. It was for a backline situation and it never saw much action. Would really prefer something local, but will ship. $450 OBO
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    Matchless Laurel Canyon

    Apart from a NAD post and the thread about the announcement of the amp, I haven’t seen much talk about these. I’ve always been a matchless fan, and was intrigued by the description of a princetony vibe with matchless sparkle on the top end. I decided to take the plunge and a 20w combo with...
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    What the verdict on the Strymon Iridium (potential move from helix)

    Man I feel like the Iridium was the only thing I head about ending 2019 and I so rarely see anyone talking about it anymore? I've never played one nor know anyone with one... what's the verdict? I'm very satisfied with the helix but I do miss physical pedals... I'm also overwhelmed by the helix...
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    Not Noticing Anything Special about the Powercab

    Not as hater as the title might suggest, actually a huge Line 6 fan, but am underwhelmed by the Powercab plus I just picked up and I assume its user error. Own the helix floor and have played it through a DXR8 mostly. Owned an Atomic CLR Neo and honestly wasn't a fan of it. Sounded too sterile...
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    Pedaltrain / Pedal Power Aux Input Solutions?

    Has anyone found a good solution to accessing the aux jack of a voodoo labs pedal power on a pedaltrain. I'd like to plug a wall wart in, but because of the recess it obviously won't work. I'd also like it to be "clean" and for the most part permanent. I've seen some use ground lift...
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    SKB 3i Series Flight Cases

    I'm really surprised these don't get more action around here. They appear to be fairly new, but I've been pleasantly surprised. Awhile back I picked up one of the new skb 3i series cases for strat/tele shaped electrics. Really cool case. Lightweight, wheels, waterproof, flight ready, and...
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    Bass Upgrade Questions (classic vibe)

    I openly admit my ignorance when it comes to all things bass. However, from time to time I find myself in a place where I need to stand in :drown I recently picked up a Classic Vibe 60's Precision Bass for a steal. Without going overboard, I'd love some recommendations from those of you...
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    NGD: Vintage Mutt (Tele Maple Cap)

    Well, it didn't come in today, but I wanted to give it a week or so before I wrote my rave reviews. :love: I remember seeing this guitar go up for sale about a year ago. I wanted it then, but didn't have the funds available to pick it up. Well, a couple weeks ago I saw it go for sale again...
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    Loop for Occasional Pedal (insert loop)

    I've never used a true bypass looper, a/b box, input/output box, etc. Always just plugged into the first pedal and out the last. I've been doing a little work on my pedalboard and am contemplating moving to a new size and was recently watching a Josh Smith pedalboard video where he mentioned...
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    Tuttle 60's S Build (BUILD NOW FINISHED)

    *** Scroll down a few posts to see completed pics*** After an interesting few months of guitar trading, buying, and selling trying to find the right pieces, I decided to sell off all the guitars I had and keep one great tele and find a great matching strat. After comparing some great...
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    Finally Found the Multi-Guitar Stand I've Been Looking For

    After over a year of looking for a multi guitar stand (rockstand, warwick, ultimate, DIY, etc) that was both compact, rack style, and safe for my nitro guitars, I finally found what I've been looking for. The Hercules GS523B. I've had Hercules single guitar stands, but this one is great! They...
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    Nova Delay Mod Review/Demo Video - This1smyne

    This is just a quick little synopsis of an external tap tempo and preset scroll that Dan from This1smyne did for me. It’s better than I expected, and I can’t recommend Dan enough… he’s a great guy! The shipment was prompt and he had great communication with me throughout, answering all of my...
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    Incase Tour Bag, Reunion Blue, Mono

    Ok, so I think I've read every thread devoted to this and still don't have a lot of clarity. I have an opportunity to pick up a now discontinued Incase tourbag for a great price, but I can't find a ton of information on it. I really like the look of the incase slim, but can't find one in...
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    Taking the finish off a American Standard Strat neck?

    Hi guys, I searched through the forums, but didn't really find anything pertaining exactly to my question... although it was some good reading... anyways I have a 2008 American Standard Strat with a rosewood fretboard. The neck is... well... ok, I liked it at first, but after playing some...
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    Turbo Tuner Placement

    Well, I read through like the last 6 months of posts about anything related to tuners and couldn't really find the answer. Most of the subject was on the TU-2. Anyways, I just picked up a Turbo Tuner and am trying to figure out the best place to put it in the chain. Right now I am running it...
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    Question about protecting guitar during maintenance

    This is a question for all you guitar techs/do it yourself guru's. I recently created a really nice work space for my guitars. It's an old workbench and all my gear is either stored underneath or hanging from hooks above. However the tabletop is just a piece of wood. My question is what the...
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    What are you using as a bag?

    Hey guys, I am just wondering what bag you guys use to carry around all the odds and ends. I have a pedalboard for the electric stuff, but when I am playing acoustic I usually just fumble around with all the gear (cables, tuners, capos, extra strings, di's, etc). I tried using an old backpack...

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