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  1. fishman919

    Taylor GS Mini Quality?

    Quality wise I would expect them to be about the same. If you want an upgrade but still need a smaller size I suggest waiting on the recently announced GT model.
  2. fishman919

    Choosing a Gretsch Duo Jet...

    I had a 6128t a few years ago before the players editions were released. I really disliked the “mud” switch so this decision would be easy for me - get the players edition. I did not use the bigsby enough to be a factor, and like others have said there are solutions to the non-pinned bridge. The...
  3. IMG_4630


    Quilter Tone Block 201 back
  4. fishman919

    Sold Quilter Tone Block 201 - price drop

    Quilter Tone Block 201 amp in great shape. 100 or 200 watts depending on the speakers, and a DI for going direct to FOH or recording interface. Great tones and plenty of power in a very small box. Comes with the locking power cord and carry bag. Now $SOLD shipped and PP to the lower 48...
  5. IMG_5523


    Qulter Tone Block 201
  6. fishman919

    Sharing studio monitors with home stereo?

    Thanks for the responses. I'm not super cheap, but mostly due to limited space I'm trying to make it work with one set of monitors. Previously I was using a pair of Boston Acoustics floor speakers which I love, but I just don't have room for them with a desk and home office in the same room. I...
  7. fishman919

    Sharing studio monitors with home stereo?

    I'm building my first home studio which will be in a room with a simple 2 channel stereo connected to a TV. I would prefer from a cost and space standpoint to share the studio monitors with the stereo amp. This amp is a little older (Onkyo TX-SR504) which doesn't have any RCA outputs except to...
  8. fishman919

    Sold Loaded Stratocaster HSS tortoise pickguard

    This works like a normal Strat 5-way switch, no tap or coil split on the bridge and no push/pull pots. I bought this a few years ago on TGP from someone who told me he took it out of a MIA Strat, and it was "advertised" as Texas Specials. I have not tried to verify but I'm happy to remove the...
  9. fishman919

    Sold Loaded Stratocaster HSS tortoise pickguard

    Loaded HSS Strat pickguard, tortoise with cream covers and plastics. This came out of a mid-2000's MIA Deluxe Strat so I believe it has the Diamondback humbucker in the bridge and Texas Specials in the middle and neck. Comes with everything you need, just solder the output jack and a ground...
  10. fishman919

    What famous band members are from your town?

    A few others: Joe Ely Mac Davis Delbert McClinton Lloyd Maines and Natalie Maines (Dixie Chicks) Amanda Shires Waylon Jennings (close - Littlefield TX)
  11. fishman919

    Sold Source Audio Dimension Reverb - Price Drop!

    Pedal in excellent condition. Price shipped to the continental USA. More pics available. Source Audio Dimension Reverb - Traded Digitech Drop - Sold Digitech Ventura Vibe and Rotary - Sold For trades I would consider an interesting distortion or fuzz. No modulation, EQ, delay, or reverbs...
  12. fishman919

    D&M Drive???

    I had one for a while but eventually sold it. I liked the Mick side but the Dan side had way more gain than I needed so I rarely used it. Ultimately it didn’t make sense to keep it on my board if I only used half of it. I replaced it with a Tumnus Deluxe and a Timmy which is more useful for me.
  13. fishman919

    SDOTD: Quilter, 200w

    This is correct. The EQ on the DI out is different if you don't have a speaker connected. I use a Palmer PDI with my TB201 when I'm not using a speaker cab.
  14. fishman919

    ampless rig suggestions under $200?

    Quilter Interblock 45 - https://www.quilterlabs.com/index.php/product/interblock-45 New is a little outside your price range, but used should be under $200.
  15. fishman919

    Bass preamp pedals

    Following up on my thread, I decided to spend a little extra and get the Tech21 Qstrip. While it's not exactly a preamp I it will allow me to adjust my EQ going to the house which is my primary goal. The added benefit is I can use it on my electric board as well.
  16. fishman919

    Bass preamp pedals

    Thanks for the reply. Our sound people are volunteers so their knowledge and experience is somewhat limited. No doubt the EQ and other settings could be adjusted at the board but my thought is to make it simpler and do it myself. How are the Toneprints on the SpectraDrive? I read some early...
  17. fishman919

    Bass preamp pedals

    I've been playing electric guitar for a while but recently have started playing some bass to fill a spot in our worship team. The rig consists of a DI box going straight to the house with the thru going to a small bass amp on stage. The tone from the amp is ok but not so much in the house. It...
  18. fishman919

    Sold Price Drop! Pedaltrain Volto battery power supply

    Cleaning out a few items that I'm no longer using. All prices are shipped and PP to the lower 48. Keeley D&M Drive - excellent condition with box and goodies, small squares of velcro on the bottom - Sold Zoom MS-100BT multi-effects pedal - good condition with box and manual - Sold Pedaltrain...
  19. fishman919

    Sold ADA GCS-5 cabinet emulator

    Sale pending.
  20. fishman919

    Sold ADA GCS-5 cabinet emulator

    I have an ADA GCS-5 cabinet emulator in excellent condition. No scratches or dings, with small strips of velcro which can be removed easily. Comes with the original box, paperwork, and power supply. This is a great simple solution for running your rig to the FOH or a mixer directly from your...
  21. fishman919

    Mystery guitar from Cuba - What is it?

    While looking at the Russian angle, I found this - https://reverb.com/item/659904-jolana-diamant-i-1985-black-vintage-electric-guitar-rare-les-paul Jolana Diamant - made in Czechoslovakia - http://www.myrareguitars.com/vintage-1983-jolana-diamant-i-electric-guitar
  22. fishman919

    Mystery guitar from Cuba - What is it?

    One of the other guitar players at church who immigrated from Cuba a few years ago brought back an LP-style guitar on a recent visit. He asked me to help identify its nothing I've ever seen. I'm guessing it is at least 20 years old based on the condition and fret wear and was likely purchased...
  23. Mystery LP Headstock

    Mystery LP Headstock

  24. Mystery LP Body

    Mystery LP Body

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