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Search results

  1. Byknfool

    Strictly FUZZ

    fuzz is always so different Into different amps and with different guitars. It didn’t gel with the vox I was playing at the time
  2. Byknfool

    Scammed by a “reputable” emporium member

    I’ve never done an official trade here. The only trade I have done is where we paid each through PayPal for the pedals so we would each have some insurance through PayPal. We did not do PPG. That made me feel a bit better about the transaction.
  3. Byknfool

    Strictly FUZZ

    I would agree with the sonic generator as a consideration
  4. Byknfool

    Recording Interface for iPad or iPhone?

    They also have this if you want more inputs... https://www.guitarcenter.com/Presonus/AudioBox-iTwo-2x2-USB-iPad-Recording-System-1399302058936.gc?cntry=us&source=4WWRWXGP&gclid=Cj0KCQjw28T8BRDbARIsAEOMBcw2-gUlQZGfWXexadiFsQQOc2q4eHd5l_eFi3uBNuXczRV7YrQQ1kQaAt4sEALw_wcB I didn't look for the...
  5. Byknfool

    Recording Interface for iPad or iPhone?

    This worked for me a while back... https://www.fullcompass.com/prod/261648-presonus-audiobox-ione-2-x-2-usb-and-ipad-recording-interface?dfw_tracker=36058-261648&gclid=Cj0KCQjw28T8BRDbARIsAEOMBcwIWEl14pEvAe2DKuZryqXqB59KwA7CN64Rx88m3v2gxwtvfMHkRMoaAs30EALw_wcB
  6. Byknfool

    Strictly FUZZ

    I had the carcosa but got rid of it. For me it was too piercing at the time. That said, this was early in my fuzz journey and my main amp at the time was a vox. I also was playing through humbuckers more at the time. Currently I have amps that are more neutral so I'm thinking I would probably...
  7. Byknfool

    Strictly FUZZ

    I might recommend the black spiral fuzz. I love the versatility this one gives you. very dynamic and responsive to picking. The germanium is gritty and the silicon more smooth. This is my favorite fuzz right now. id be curious if someone else could confirm this as an option for you.
  8. Byknfool

    Most unique 90’s guitar tone

    Just posted this too. Love me some verve.
  9. Byknfool

    Most unique 90’s guitar tone

    Nick McCabe of the verve did some incredibly interesting sounds with guitar ( especially on storm in heaven). A lot of the little sounds in the layers he creates fascinates me. I will also say Beck does alot of different and interesting things. I guess what intrigues me most about him is...
  10. Byknfool

    Ez drummer British Invasion

    British Invasion https://www.toontrack.com/product/british-invasion-grooves/
  11. Byknfool

    Ez drummer British Invasion

    I’m not sure how to define it. I like drum beats like the stone roses, Verve, Ride has some very cool drum beats, oasis, cast, blustones, etc. I’m not sure what it is, I just like the feel of those beats. I couldn’t verbalize the difference between American rock vs British rock drums personally...
  12. Byknfool

    Ez drummer British Invasion

    Anyone purchase this and try it? I’m curious about opinions? I dig British style drums so I’m hoping it might be good. If anyone knows of any other British based midi patterns, let me know.
  13. Byknfool

    Source Audio Nemesis Delay

    I thought if you just plugged into the top right input mono and used the stereo outs it ran stereo automatically? I run mono into mine and stereo out and it seems to run stereo out just fine no matter which engine I use. Are you using community presets?
  14. Byknfool

    Source Audio Nemesis Delay

    What are the analog engines based on again?
  15. Byknfool

    Jack White on SNL...

    I said the exact same thing to my wife after watching it on Hulu tonight
  16. Byknfool

    The CD Collection

    have a few cds left but most are gone. Streaming is just so convenient. I’m not an audiofile so sound quality is fine fore me most of the time. my car is the only place there is a cd player anymore. what I honestly miss is shopping for cds. We would load up the car and drive to vinyl solution...
  17. Byknfool

    List ten (and ONLY ten) albums that have greatly influenced your playing

    Smashing pumpkins- gish and Siamese dream verve- storm in heaven, northern soul black angles-passover oasis- definitely maybe spiritualized- laser guided melodies, pure phase, ladies and gentlemen we are floating in space pink Floyd- delicate sounds of thunder
  18. Byknfool

    Which parenthood bummer is your favorite?

    Mommas got a girlfriend...Ben Harper
  19. Byknfool

    Songs You Wish Had Never Been Recorded

    Black hole sun... ruined soundgarden for me
  20. Byknfool

    Deep Cuts Off Of Huge Albums

    All great choices... I’ll raise you a silverf***.
  21. Byknfool

    Strictly FUZZ

    Where does the radar go in your chain? I’m assuming last?
  22. Byknfool

    fuzz and octavia in one pedal, who makes it?

    What about this? https://www.beetronicsfx.com/pages/octahive
  23. Byknfool

    pick three single effects

    This question is ridiculous...3 pedals? really?
  24. Byknfool

    Good method to cover up flashing tap tempo LEDs?

    http://www.lightdims.com/index.php Got this idea from here a couple years ago and I think thy do the trick. You can double or triple them if you want darker. I also use them on other things like smoke detectors.

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