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  1. funkycam

    anyone ever replaced a MIM strat body with Warmoth?

    how'd everything fit?
  2. funkycam

    Sold **SOLD** Bearfoot Dyna Red 4 knob distortion $130 pp&shipped

    Four knob Bearfoot Dyna Red Distortion. Works great, lightly gigged, like most of these pedals has some paint chips as can be seen in the picture. No Velcro on the bottom. This pedal is known as a great distortion and has plenty of gain on tap, but is really good at light overdrive too
  3. funkycam

    Dancing Days guitar tone

    Other than there are some layers with slide, anyone know anything about what gear was used on this? Only person who seems to have got in that tonal neighborhood since is Dean DeLeo eg check intro tone on All In That Suit You Wear by STP, or tones on Army of Anyone's record eg. Disappear...
  4. funkycam

    SOLD Bearfoot SYOD2 $160pp shipped

    V good condition. Couple of tiny dings as shown. Velcro on bottom. Local pickup in San Francisco Bay Area is fine. SYOD 2
  5. funkycam

    this is a funky cover...

  6. funkycam

    New Mic Day: Kel HM2D

    I have really been liking the Kel HM7U on vocals, so I just got a HM2D. Here is a super quick clip: threw up the mic & hit record. http://soundcloud.com/cam-perridge/kel-hm2d I can see myself using this mic a lot & it has a lot more high end detail than the description from Kel had me expecting.
  7. funkycam

    Eric Johnson & Jessica Simpson engaged

    I saw this on a newspaper headline today & thought wow, cliffs of dover meets chicken of the sea... I guess there is another Eric Johnson than "our" Eric Johnson.
  8. funkycam

    rory gallagher: 3 tracks that show his best playing?

    title says it all. I hear amazing things about his playing, have never heard anything that really grabbed me. What 3 tracks do you recommend? thx for yr time :) Cam
  9. funkycam

    getting paid as a writer only from CD sales.

    Let's say I co-wrote some songs that ended up on a CD but I was not the artist/ not in the band. Let's also say that there is no dispute that I did so, ie anyone involved @ any level would agree that I was the co-writer. How do i get paid from sales (not airplay which I i know would be...
  10. funkycam

    Analog Synth pedal video: Tweaktronix Octasynth

    this is really a nuts pedal: J6OXFGM34FM
  11. funkycam

    lala.com is shutting down

    sucks. i use this site everyday. :(
  12. funkycam

    adrian belew & animal sounds

    title says it all. kind of makes me think of lost in translation somehow http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6lrf8kd8snw
  13. funkycam

    Trombetta Velvet Fudge: Smooth rich fuzz for clean amp

    edit: here is a newer & better clip from a session I did 2 weeks ago. strat position 2, straight up fender clean (sf twin), so a total mayer/srv type base tone, the drive is all from the fuzz. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_IdLFgvIH_s Here is a clip recorded in church last sunday with a...
  14. funkycam

    super smooth od pedal: JTK Alchemy

    The JTK Alchemy does what i hoped the CJOD & the Dumbbell would do. I like a tiny bit more gain than it has, so I hit it with a lizard leg flying dragon. Amp is SF twin set 100% clean as you can hear from the rhythm before. p/u is a Duncan 59 with strat spacing...
  15. funkycam

    re that smooth jazz thread that just got deleted

    There are tons of great Smooth Jazz recordings, but for what you are talking about liking, I would go with some classic jazz records. Kind of blue if you don't already own it. Somethin else by cannon ball adderly Jazz samba by stan getz & charlie byrd Full house by wes montgomery complete...
  16. funkycam

    PSA for those that get 1099ed for music

    As a "semi-professional" musician, I have had a few incidents where an artist asked me for my social security# & I felt bad giving it because I didn't know how well it would be protected. I did a little Googling & found you can apply for an employee identification # which you give in place of...
  17. funkycam

    new tom morello...v v cool

    http://www.myspace.com/streetsweepersocialclub Stanton Moore on drums...
  18. funkycam

    new funky track

    Having fun with a bassline & drum part my bassist friend Blyss made. Everything else is guitar. All fuzz is a GGG shin ei companion clone I built check out "wed am groove" on my page here http://www.myspace.com/funkycam thx, Cam
  19. funkycam

    so funky I spat coffee on my computer

    Hamilton Bohannon "take the country to NY city." Pretty sure it's wahwah watson playing guitar & Maceo soloing. check 1:16 & 3:15 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xZEIRxWd_lU
  20. funkycam

    Remy Shand: Anyone here have any news?

    Loved his record "the way I feel" & he just disappeared.
  21. funkycam

    anyone got a Wampler Flexdrive yet?

    curious about this pedal. Been around the TGP block enough to not trust video clips anymore (!), but the clips do sound good. Anyone got it yet? thx Cam http://www.wamplerpedals.com/flexdrive
  22. funkycam

    Can you suggest examples of p-90 cleans?

    Can you suggest examples of p-90 cleans? recordings or TGP samples thx Cam
  23. funkycam

    Fleetwood Mac remix/remake I played on

    Just got sent this from a session I did fall 07: a dance version of fleetwod mac's "you make loving fun". The artist is finally releasing the album this month. click on "you make lovin fun" in the player http://profile.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=user.viewProfile&friendID=269247039 I...
  24. funkycam

    the worst ebay ads bring great joy

    gotta love all caps descriptions that include gems like: NEETLY DESIGNED NECK THAT DIDN'T FIT TIGHTLY, SO I FILLED THE SIDES WITH WOOD CHIPS AND SUPER GLUE...

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