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  1. tzamosti

    FSOT Skreddy Little Miss Sunshine Phaser, #44 custom paint (LMS)

    ** A ton of cool stuff for sale! Mostly for sale, but I do have a few specific trade interests at the moment -- Red Panda Tensor, Mission Aero Expression pedal, Caroline Meteore, Catalinbread Adineko. Other than that, fuzz is always of interest (DAM, Pigdog, Dandrive, Stonefly, etc.) But...
  2. tzamosti

    WTB Dandrive Pedals: Tweedy, Secret Weapon/Machine, Austin Pride

    If you've got one or more to let go, hit me up...willing to pay retail price, but not interested at markup prices. Thanks!
  3. tzamosti

    Sold Union Tube & Transistor Tone Druid (Deluxe version)

    ** Trying to build a home recording setup but the good stuff is so expensive! So, it's forcing me to sell a bunch of really cool stuff. Pretty much only for sale, but maybe I'd be tempted for a trade plus cash for killer fuzz (Stonefly, D*A*M, Creepy Fingers, Blackstrap Elektrik, etc.) or cool...
  4. tzamosti

    Recommend a simple analog..ish STEREO delay w/ tap tempo and subdivisions for acoustic board

    So...can't find the right pedal for my acoustic board. It's a stereo set-up, so would prefer a pedal with stereo ins/outs...not just mono in and stereo out. It's for acoustic...so really just need something simple that is analog or analog-voiced. Then, just need tap tempo and subdivisions (as...
  5. tzamosti

    Sold Mono Pedalboard (small), Voodoo Lab Pedal Power 2+ (PP2+)

    * Mono Pedalboard (small) w/ soft padded bag from Creation Music Company: Pedalboard in black, in very good condition. Comes with soft velcro already applied to top. Underside does have some velcro residue, but top is in overall great condition. The sale comes with a soft padded bag from...
  6. tzamosti

    Sold Catalinbread Formula No. 5 -- tweed in a box (discontinued)

    * Catalinbread Formula No. 5: $SOLD! * Fairfield Circuitry Shallow Water: $SOLD! * Diamond Compressor Jr. (Comp Jr): $SOLD! * Earthquaker Devices Aqueduct Vibrato: $SOLD! * Seymour Duncan Polaron Phaser: $SOLD! * Smallsound/Bigsound Buzzz: $SOLD!
  7. tzamosti

    Sold Effectrode Tube Vibe, JAM Big Chill, BMF Purple Nurple

    Hey All! Listing some cool stuff...mostly for sale, but will listen to some limited trade offers. For trades: Source Audio Vertigo Tremolo, Origin Cali76 Compact Deluxe, or always willing to consider high-end fuzz or maybe some fuzzy ODs. Otherwise, pretty set...but if you got some cool...
  8. tzamosti

    Sold Ronin Morningstar #50 - Master Grade, Stratofoils, Magic Button, in Shell Pink!

    FS/FT: Ronin Morningstar #50, Master-grade S.O.G.R. body w/ roasted maple neck, three (3) Ronin stratofoil pups, the essential magic button that turns the guitar into a crazy reso-acoustic, in beautiful shell pink. You won't go unnoticed with this one! All the sweetness of a Strat, but with...
  9. tzamosti

    Sold Wounded Paw Effects Loop Blender v1...final price drop!!

    A big old bunch of great stuff for sale... * Wounded Paw Audio Effects Loop Blender v1: super cool loop/blender, in excellent condition w/ original box, velcro on bottom. - $125 shipped/paypaled... * Diamond Comp SL: $SOLD! * Diamond Memory Lane Jr v2 (MLJr): $SOLD! * PTD Bone Machine GTx...
  10. tzamosti

    Sold 1981 Inventions DRV OD, Echopark FQ-12 Dual Range Bastard

    FS/FT: Mostly for sale, but would be willing to trade for a high-end (medium-sized) uni-vibe unit. There are so many interesting ones to try... * 1981 Inventions DRV OD (in surf green)...to call it just an amazing RAT is to do it an injustice. Killer OD/Distortion, with original box, bag...
  11. tzamosti

    Sold Foxrox Festival Overdrive...$125!!

    FS/FT: Mostly for sale, but looking for a PTD (Paul Trombetta Rotobone)...willing to add cash on top. * FOXROX Festival Overdrive: in excellent/great condition, w/ original box, etc. - $125 shipped/paypaled… * Old Blood Noise Endeavors Black Fountain Delay: $SOLD! * Dunlop DVP4 Mini X...
  12. tzamosti

    Sold Analogman Sunface Fuzz Face (higher gain RCA, w/ sundial, on/off pot and top jacks!)

    ** Analogman Sale Bonanza! * AM Sunface Fuzz Face - RCA Germanium higher gain (not super high), w/ on/off pot, sundial, and top jacks! All the extras...in mint condition w/ original box, etc. - $235 shipped/paypaled… * AM Sunbender MK1.5 Tonebender…$SOLD! * AM Astro Tone (Sam Ash...
  13. tzamosti

    Sold MJM London Fuzz - Original/Classic germanium FF, Chase Tone BC108 Blue Stardust (silicon)

    * Some killer fuzz for sale! * MJM London Fuzz (original/classic Ge Fuzz Face) - some paint nicks, but functions perfectly! What started it all from MJM - A beast, fuzzy, wooly, unpredictable and sweet. - $215 shipped/paypaled… * Chase Tone BC108 Blue Stardust...discontinued, and oh so...
  14. tzamosti

    Sold Ibanez AD-9 w/ Keeley Mod, Hardwire RV-7 Stereo Reverb...CHEAP!!

    * Ibanez AD-9 w/ Keeley Mod: very good condition AD-9 analog delay, with Keeley Mods. - $125 shipped/paypaled… * Hardwire RV-7 Stereo Reverb: very good condition - $85 shipped/paypaled…
  15. tzamosti

    Sold Jerry Jones 12-string (2005 Neptune, rare Greenburst finish)!!

    * Jerry Jones/Neptune 12-string: A rarity if there ever was one! Selling my 2005 Jerry Jones Neptune 12-string in rare Greenburst finish. USA/Nashville made in near mint condition...with a cool provenance - given by Jerry Jones to Nashville producer and lived in his studio up until I bought...
  16. tzamosti

    Sold Pedaltrain Metro 16 w/ CIOKS DC5

    * Pedaltrain Metro 16 w/ CIOKS DC5...in good condition w/ pedalboard bag, power supply attached (all cords, power cable). The perfect little grab-and-go set up! - $145 shipped/paypaled…
  17. tzamosti

    Sold TEX Mini Bernie EL90 (the only one in existence!)

    FS/FT: Only trades would be for a Jerry Jones 12 string...or a Magic Brit MKII, Electric Lady or X-Brit. * TEX (Teixeira) Mini Bernie EL90...the only EL90 in existence! This is basically Tony's EL84 Mini Bernie, but with EL90 power tubes. It's the Bernie sound, but at a manageable volume! This...
  18. tzamosti

    Sold POWER!! CIOKS Adam (with all cables, etc.)...$75!

    ** Get your power supplies!! * CIOKS Adam: In great condition, comes with power cord and 5 cables...all you need to power the unit properly. No box. - $75 shipped/paypaled… * Voodoo Lab Pedal Power: $SOLD!
  19. tzamosti

    Sold Benson Vinny Head (small but mighty)!

    FS: Benson Vinny...Chris' 1W beauty, in excellent condition. This sale is just for the head, only. Great tones at low volume. Pair this with any cab (whether 1x10, 1x12 or even 2x12 for some fun). - $625 shipped/paypaled…
  20. tzamosti

    Sold TEX CC Bernie #29 (Teixeira Model Colin Cripps Signature)

    FS: TEX CC Bernie, serial no 29...Colin Cripps Signature, modeled off Colin's #1 Bernie amp, equipped with NOS tubes and a nice upgraded Celestion Gold 10". To top it off, this comes w/ a perfect fitting Studio Slips cover, with a sweet zippered pouch for the cables, etc. This thing oozes...
  21. tzamosti

    Sold Supro Supreme Lap Steel (late 40's or 50's) -- MOTS pearloid w/ original bakelite controls + pickup

    ** Supro Supreme Lap Steel, likely late 40's or early 50's: I believe these were Valco made, and this was the deluxe model. It's in very good condition and will come with original screw-in connector (as shown) in order to plug in 1/4" inch cable. All original bakelite appointments and MOTS...
  22. tzamosti

    Sold Foxrox Electronics Paradox TZF2 Flanger

    ** Foxrox Paradox TZF2 Flanger: In excellent condition w/ original box and instructions. This is the updated version, w/ 3 selection switch for Pos, Neg and Vibrato. - $250 shipped/paypaled...$$SOLD!! Trades: Interested in a Free the Tone AS-1R Ambi Space Reverb and can add $, where needed...
  23. tzamosti

    Sold Swart Atomic Space Tone (AST) MKII -- Head only, w/ master volume

    FS/FT: ** Swart AST MKII (Head, w/ master volume): Tweed goodness coupled with ambient reverb and swampy tremolo. This is in excellent condition, Ser. # 43. All new JJ tubes all across the board, just sweet Swart tone in a very portable package. And despite its smaller size, can fill almost...
  24. tzamosti

    Sold Boss DM-2 (MN3205) -- the classic vintage analog delay!

    ** Boss DM-2 (MN3205): $$SOLD!! ** Basic Audio Marq Won (Mk1): $$SOLD!! ** Jext Telez Dizzy Tone v6 (NKT-275), green: KEEPING! ** Skreddy Little Miss Sunshine Phaser: $$SOLD!! ** David Rolo (drolo) Twin Peaks Tap Tempo Harmonic Tremolo: $$SOLD!!
  25. tzamosti

    Sold Diamond Memory Lane Jr. v2

    ** Some very cool stuff up for sale! Mostly looking to sell, but have a few specific trade interests to fill the last remaining spots on the big board. For trades, I would be specifically interested in: - Providence Delay 80's - FUZZ! Cool stuff like Pigdog, DAM, Castledine, PTD, Echopark F-2...

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