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    Matchless Laurel Canyon

    there is definitely fender dna in there. It’s not a dead ringer for a Princeton, it’s got its own thing going on but you can get in that range for sure. I think the midwood guitar demo is the closest to how I use it. Some of the other demos really crank it, but in that midwood demo he pulls out...
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    FS Tech 21 Trademark 60 Amp

    Awesome little amp. Super lightweight. Bit under the radar these days but you'll see a lot of fuss about them. Has been sitting unused at our church and taking Covid as an excuse to clear out some unused gear. Has the top laminated settings card attached. Footswitch also included. $325
  3. G

    FS Morgan Amps 1x12 Cab - Celestion G12M Greenback 12" Speaker

    Hardly Used. It was for a backline situation and it never saw much action. Would really prefer something local, but will ship. $450 OBO
  4. G

    Sold Historic Makeover Deluxe Package R9

    Holy Moly! That is a work of art! Sure wish that other guitar you were trying to acquire was mine.
  5. G

    ABY pedal for switching between amps

    A timely revive on this thread as I find myself with two amps for the first time in a long time. This is probably a very dumb question, but is there anything the lehle, true-path, bigshot would give that the stereo wet output wouldn't beside the ability to turn one amp on or off? If I wanted to...
  6. G

    Matchless Laurel Canyon

    Picked it up from a dealer out of the Nashville area.
  7. G

    Matchless Laurel Canyon

    I find it super odd that the matchless website is so outdated. I've seen them post a new site is coming, but it seems like it's been quite delayed. I just took the plunge, lol.
  8. G

    Matchless Laurel Canyon

    For those wanting pics. This also is a cool comparison of the new matchless cab size for those familiar with the Morgan PR12 compact cabinet.
  9. G

    Matchless Laurel Canyon

    I'll try to snap some pictures tonight. I actually just picked up a Morgan PR12 (my previous favorite amp I've ever owned and regretted selling) with the JS 1250. Can you tell I like Princetons? Was just playing around at kids are asleep levels in stereo and it sounded epic. Excited to see what...
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    Dsm/humboldt Simplifier: A Review

    Update: The guys at DSM are top notch and I heard from both of them very quickly after shooting them an email. I checked the timestamp and it was less than 90 seconds... They asked me to try plugging into the FX loop send instead of the output and see if the hum still persisted. So I turned...
  11. G

    Dsm/humboldt Simplifier: A Review

    Yup, I had the headphone volume at about 11 o'clock when I first started noticing it. It does get louder as you turn it up, but I am guessing what I hear at 11 is probably more than what you hear at full volume. It's loud enough that if you had headphones on and weren't playing constantly it...
  12. G

    Dsm/humboldt Simplifier: A Review

    No guitar, or anything for that matter, plugged in other than headphones and power. I'll reach out to them and see what they want me to do. Sounds like I might have a small issue with mine. But again for anyone reading, it sounds awesome!
  13. G

    Dsm/humboldt Simplifier: A Review

    Ok, I've now confirmed with a dedicated power supply in multiple outlets in multiple physical locations across the county. With nothing but power and headphones plugged in my unit has a distinct fuzzy hum. Adjust the gain and volume all the way down has no effect on the hum. Changing the...
  14. G

    Dsm/humboldt Simplifier: A Review

    ya tried messing around with all the switches. I’ll get some time with it in a couple hours and will report back. I'm going to go buy a wall wart (I've been meaning to have one around anyway) so I can totally isolate everything, including the pp2+, from the equation.
  15. G

    Dsm/humboldt Simplifier: A Review

    yes, I agree. I’m not entirely ruling out something weird going on as we’ve had some weird power issues over the last 48 hours. but it was plugged into an isolated outlet that I always plug into. Check with a tube amp and it was quiet as all get out. Thought it might be something with my...
  16. G

    Dsm/humboldt Simplifier: A Review

    Spent some more time with it today. It really is an incredible little box. UPDATED FIX in post #415... also great customer service. Quick question though. Does anyone experience it as pretty noisy? There is a constant low frequency static and nearly every adjustment (especially the cabs and...
  17. G

    Dsm/humboldt Simplifier: A Review

    Just had a few minutes tonight, but I'll say this... I forgot I wasn't playing an amp. I just quickly hooked it up at the end of my pedalboard (didn't bother with the effects loop) then into a DXR10. Sounded incredible. I have ZERO Marshall experience but it was fun messing around with those...
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    Dsm/humboldt Simplifier: A Review

    Woohoo. Mine is out for delivery. Been a good week in the tone department. New matchless and now the simplifier. Can’t wait to hear it.
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    Any Tele Players Playing a Matchless Lightning? I Need Some Help.

    I just picked up the matchless laurel canyon and put it through it’s paces with a tele. And yes, it had a lot of top end brightness. my initial thought was how much it would cut through in a band mix. I rolled the tone off a bit and found it had very usable tones. I imagine after a few...
  20. G

    Matchless Laurel Canyon

    Apart from a NAD post and the thread about the announcement of the amp, I haven’t seen much talk about these. I’ve always been a matchless fan, and was intrigued by the description of a princetony vibe with matchless sparkle on the top end. I decided to take the plunge and a 20w combo with...
  21. G

    I'll never sell my________pedal.

    Tim. everything else has come and gone (several times for some) including several timmys but that Tim is something special.
  22. G

    NAD: Matchless Laurel Canyon 20w

    Just saw the Tim Pierce demo and the midtown demo. Tim’s was full on crunch the whole video (I’m not sure I heard any clean) and the midtown demo really captures that princetony vibe. Tim is a phenomenal player and it’s not an insult toward him at all but wasn’t a huge fan of the tones of that...
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    Dsm/humboldt Simplifier: A Review

    Hmmm. I am really not a fan of that cover plate. I just placed an order this morning and I'm wondering if this is the new norm. I recognize looks are secondary to function and sound, but that looks pretty bad from that picture and it is not representative of everything else I've seen online and...

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