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  1. SFW

    IEM Earbuds

    Hello all! My band is transitioning to an IEM system for live shows. This is a daunting new world for me... as I really haven't had any experience in it. I picked up a set of Shure SE215s, and a set of cheap six driver amazon special earbuds. I like how the Shure earbuds fit my ears, but they...
  2. SFW

    NGD Plus NPUD

    Picked up a Sweetwater Fender American Professional Strat last month. Came with a roasted maple neck, rosewood board and an alder body. It came stock with Fender Custom Shop 69 pickups- which sounded good, but I wanted to make this a rock machine. So I picked up two Suhr V60LP single-coils...
  3. SFW

    Clapton 24 Nights Tone

    I have always loved Clapton's tone on the 24 Nights album. I know that it's not everyone's cup of tea... but for the sake of this thread, lets just stick with I love this tone...lol! I know that he had a sizable rack setup during this period, but I don't hear a ton of grease on this tone for...
  4. SFW

    Which Shur single-coils to pair with the Aldrich bridge?

    I am in the process of overhauling my strat to make it a rock machine. I will be using a 53mm Suhr Aldrich in the bridge position, and I’m trying to decide on which singles to use in the neck and middle. I want to capture that Hendrix/Trower/SRV vibe with the neck pickup. I was thinking of the...
  5. SFW

    Which Shur single-coils to pair with the Aldrich bridge?

    I am in the process of overhauling my strat to make it a rock machine. I will be using a 53mm Suhr Aldrich in the bridge position, and I’m trying to decide on which singles to use in the neck and middle. I want to capture that Hendrix/Trower/SRV vibe with the neck pickup. I was thinking of the...
  6. SFW

    Sweetwater Fender American Professional Strat

    Has anyone bought one of the Sweetwater American Professional Strats? Looking at the one with the roasted maple neck and the CS69 pickups. If so, I would love to hear what you though of the guitar. I am seriously considering a rosewood board model.
  7. SFW

    Bias Drift Question

    So I was going to retube my 2005 Splawn QuickRod this afternoon. It's been running the same set of Ruby STRs in it for the last four years. I had noticed that the amp was starting to sound harsh. Popped in a set of GT Mullard reissues from a few years ago, and they were so far out of range I...
  8. SFW

    New Pedalboard!

    My new board is almost ready to rock! The board is being built by Tone Doctor in Houston,TX. It will feature Mogami cabling and low profile connectors. He is also providing a custom power solution, so that everything has the proper juice with no added noise.
  9. SFW

    Musicom Lab Efx Mk Iii Vs Efx Me

    Ok, so I picked up a Musicom EFX ME last week. Just arrived today. I was originally looking for a used EFX MK III. Shortly after I purchased the EFX ME I found a used EFX MK III for a stupid low price. So I bought that one too...lol! The EFX MK III has more loops than I need, but would...
  10. SFW

    Musicom Lab EFX ME

    Has anyone picked up the Musicom Lab EFX ME yet? This seems like it would be the perfect solution for me. I'm currently running a Carl Martin compressor, J Rocket Archer, Boss OC-2 and the pre side of my Strymon Mobius into the front of my amp. I have the post side of the Mobius and a...
  11. SFW

    Need some advice

    I inherited a 1963 (?) Fender Jazz bass from my father-in-law a few years ago when he passed away. It has mainly set in the case the way I got it. I have been thinking lately that I would like to get it set up and start playing it. I have been a guitar player for almost 30 years, but haven’t had...
  12. SFW

    Refret in Austin,TX?

    I would like to get my 2005 Les Paul Standard refretted with stainless steel jumbos and a new bone nut. Looking for someone in the Austin, TX area that can do the job right. Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated.
  13. SFW

    Carl Martin Compressor alternative?

    I am currently using one of the old AC powered Carl Martin compressors. I use it lightly to keep my amp from clipping and to add a bit to sparkle to my clean tones. I also like using it to add a bit of compression on dirty tones, when I want to tone to feel heavier. I am getting ready to upgrade...
  14. SFW


    Well, after years of pedal rotation on my board, I have finally settled into exactly what I want tonally. Now I just need to upgrade by board and power supply.
  15. SFW

    TC Electronic Sentry

    For years I played with rack mounted effects processors. Mainly the TC G-Major I &II and the G Force. I usually run the noise gate on those units- as I HATE amp hiss. Since I moved to a pedal based setup, I have been using the ISP Decimator. I have it set just enough to stop the amp from...
  16. SFW

    Chorus Pedal of STP Tones

    I recently joined an STP tribute band. It's been pretty fun learning songs from my college days again. I can cover most of the base tones using my Spawn QuickRod and my Les Paul. What I am struggling with is the chorus sounds. Songs like Plush have a thick chorus to them. In fact, the entire...
  17. SFW

    “Transparent” overdrive pedal?

    Ok, so I am on a quest for a transparent overdrive. All I want to add is just a bit more grit to the sound. My TS9 bumps the mids and cuts bass. My MIJ SD1 bumps the mids. My Snouse Black Box does something funky with the mids that I cannot dial out and that the original Blues Breaker did not...
  18. SFW

    Need a new chorus pedal

    So for the past year I have been using the TC Corona chorus pedal. To make a long story short, I hate this pedal. It's either so subtle that you can't hear it, or it just flat out sounds bad. I have tried just about all of the tone prints, but noting sounds good to me. I'm looking for...
  19. SFW

    1965 Fender Bassman Cab

    I have an original 1965 Fender Bassman 212 cab with the Original Speakers. Does anyone have a rough idea of what the value of this cab would be?
  20. SFW

    Gotoh 510 vs Fender 2 Point Trem

    Have a 2012 Deluxe AM Strat that I am considering changing out the trem unit on. The main reason for doing so would be to improve the angle of the trem arm. On the stock Fender arm, there is really no upward angle on the bar. So you don't really get a long if movement before the tip of the arm...
  21. SFW

    MXR Uni-Vibe

    Just wanted to get some opinions on this pedal. I had a Deja Vibe for a bit, but I could never hear the effect through my EVH 5153. I love the sound of a vibe, but need one that plays well with humbuckers and high gain amps. Thanks!
  22. SFW

    Thanks for the pickup help

    Last week I had posted asking about some good Strat pickups. Several of you suggested the Fender 57/62 set. I'm glad I listened. These pickups are great. They are exactly what I was looking for to help this guitar become the Strat I wanted it to be. So I just wanted to extend a huge thank you to...
  23. SFW

    Strat pockups that sparkle

    Just finished putting together another Strat. At the moment, it has a maple board on it, but I have a rosewood board neck inbound for this particular guitar. Alder body. I have a set of American Strat pickups loaded in it at the moment- because that's what I had laying around the house. They...
  24. SFW

    Help with Fender pickup indetification

    I have a loaded Fender pickguard from a used Strat that I bought years ago. There are hand written numbers on the back of each pickup. They read 78708 (B), 78701 (M) and 78704 (N). Any idea what pickups these might be? I know that they came from an American Strat, but it was used, so I don't...
  25. SFW

    THe family...

    I have never been so happy with my stable. Just need an ebony Custom to finish my dream stable.

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