• Supporting Membership Changes

    The Supporting Memberships are currently being updated moving forward.

    In order to coordinate giveaway drawings to the Supporting Members there will be a new alignment in the naming of the tiers. (Note: Non-Supporting (Basic) and Monthly Supporting Members can get into the drawings by mailing a postcard. Details on that will follow with a giveaway starting soon).

    The pricing for each Supporting Membership level remains the same though the naming of them will change. The privileges remain the same as current but with the new name. If you are a current Supporting Member, you will be upgraded automatically for the existing term of your Supporting Membership. We are introducing a new tier with new perks.

    Table here

    Supporting Membership Guide

    • Monthly Supporting Members will remain Supporting Members
    • Current annual Supporting Members will now be Silver Supporting Members. Perks and permissions remain the same
    • Current Silver Supporting Members will now be Gold Supporting Members
    • Current Gold Supporting Members will now be Platinum Supporting Members
    • A new level will be created - Double Platinum Supporting Members

    All memberships will now have the option to remain as non-recurring memberships or choose reccuring memberships moving forward. *Note: current memberships will NOT be changed to recurring memberships.

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  1. jrockbridge

    Unconventional Use of Effects

    This is a long story. So, I’ll bold the most important parts, including punchline, for the TLDR crowd and you can scroll down to what’s in bold. Hopefully, the longer version is entertaining enough for those who bother to read the full thing. The pedal is a Zoom MS50G. The full chain is...
  2. jrockbridge

    Howard Gee Article in Guitarist (GuitarWorld.com)

    Things are happening in Howard Gee's world. This article is from July 22. Perhaps this has already been posted. I did a search on TGP but found nothing recent. https://www.guitarworld.com/features/howard-gee-im-a-big-fan-of-the-echoplex-ep-3-because-that-to-me-is-the-sound-of-70s-rock-guitar...
  3. jrockbridge

    Hell Has Frozen Over

    (edit) I told myself I’d buy a chorus when hell freezes over. Small review below (edit). I bought a Chorus pedal, a Boss CE5. I’m not much of a fan of the effect. I experienced burnout hearing it everywhere throughout the 80’s. I don’t mind hearing other players use it when it’s...
  4. jrockbridge

    Good Clean Tones From Amps Not Known For Cleans

    Have you ever gotten good clean tones from an amp that others say cannot do clean tones well? My example is a cheap Peavey Windsor 100 watt head through a 212 cabinet loaded with Celestion Vintage 30’s. I’ll admit, the sweet spot for clean tones is small but it’s there. No Fender or Vox cleans...
  5. jrockbridge

    What are your favorite headphones to use with modeling at ANY price?

    If you were I infinitely wealthy, what headphones would buy to use with your modeler for those middle of the night inspirational moments? Now, also post your favorite budget headphones as well. Thanks!
  6. jrockbridge

    Tell me about your experience trying a new a Epi or Gibson in 2020.

    I was checking out the 2020 line of Epiphone and Gibson guitars online and I was surprised to find that the new models of both seem to mirror each other in terms of features. And I’ve been reading some positive reviews of both lines. Specifically, I’ll be looking at LP’s. And, I think I may...
  7. jrockbridge

    Tell me about your BOSS BD-2 Blues Blues Driver

    What amp(s) and guitar(s) do you favor using with your BD-2? I can get just about any overdrive pedal to work for me. For me the BD-2 has a small sweet spot. Also, I find it to be heavily compressed. I’m guessing it must be similar to a TS circuit which I also find heavily compressed. The...
  8. jrockbridge

    Blues Deville Amp Fans

    I have a ‘94, 60 watt, USA made, Fender Blues Deville 410 that I purchased new for $699. The amp can sound good but has a dark and murky reverb that does not live up to the Fender legacy. I use outboard reverb. Probably the best thing I discovered was how much a Klon KTR pedal out front...
  9. jrockbridge

    Larry Conklin’s Hot Licks...

    ...With The Thirty Channel.
  10. jrockbridge

    Question for those in the know about Strymon Volante...

    I know the Volante has 4 simulated heads and they can be panned in the stereo field. Essentially, the heads are spaced apart. My question is this, can the Volante be adjusted with two heads in a stereo image with very little time spacing between the heads? To clarify, I’m wanting to know if...
  11. jrockbridge

    What are you planning to do with your Mooer pedals now?

    I’ve bought a few Mooer pedals in the last couple of years. The only one on a board right now is a Black Secret. Then, this whole thing went down with blatant copyright infringement by Mooer stealing the software code from the EHX C9, etc. I happen to own an EHX C9. This is different than...
  12. jrockbridge

    I finally played through my new Timmy today....

    I’m impressed. It’s a great OD! And, that’s really saying something considering some of the dirt pedals I already own including KTR, Sweet Honey, KOT, Merman, Sparkle Drive Mod and Riot, to name a few. The Timmy is every bit as good as the best of these. IMO it has it’s own personality and eq...
  13. jrockbridge

    What Is The Deal With Used Timmy prices?

    New Timmy Overdrive pedals are readily available at $129. Used prices on Timmy OD’s range from $119 to over $400. New Timmy pedals seem like a better deal to me. Do relic’d Timmy pedals have better tone? What is the deal?
  14. jrockbridge

    Pick Hand Finger-Paralysis

    I have a bit of paralysis in the fingers of my right hand (pick hand). I noticed it a few months ago but have not had time to see a doctor or do anything about it. I'm not certain what happened. It might be because I tend to sleep on my right arm. Or, maybe it was caused by prolonged exposure to...
  15. jrockbridge

    Will Dunlop DVP3 Volume X work as Exp for HX Stomp?

    Can a Dunlop Volume X DVP3 pedal be used as an expression pedal with the Line 6 HX Stomp?
  16. jrockbridge

    Where is a good place to get Acoustic Guitar IR’s?

    It has been awhile since I heard demos of players using IR’s created from acoustic guitars. They seemed to work well. I’ll have a way to host IR’s and I’d like to try some of those out. Where do I find them? Does any company sell those kind of IR’s. Are some specific ones known to be the best?
  17. jrockbridge

    What are your favorite Helix FX?

    I’ve got an HX Stomp on the way. In fact, it should arrive tomorrow. I’m excited for multiple reasons including the amp modeling and audio interface capabilities. But, I’m also curious to know, which Helix FX do users count as their favorites?
  18. jrockbridge

    I have different boards. I’ve discovered something...

    I like my Fender amp gain to be set different for my different boards. Any of my boards will work through clean or dirty Fender amp. But, I’ve learned that I prefer the amp to be set clean, right at the edge of breakup, for one board. Another board, I like the gain to be cooking much higher...
  19. jrockbridge

    Question Regarding Freyette Power Station...

    I’m new to the PS-2. I’ve got an old modeler (Avid 11R). I have not used the 11R in awhile. Can I use my 11R as a preamp into the Power Station into a guitar cab? Is that safe?
  20. jrockbridge

    What are your favorite bargain tube-amp heads & or combos...

    Tell me about your favorite bargain (bang for the buck) amp heads and/or combos. What kind of tones does it offer? What style of player do you think it matches best? Why do you like it?
  21. jrockbridge

    Freyette Power Station Owners .. Your Tips

    I'm new to the Power Station PS-2. I'm blown away by the feel and sound of the unit as an attenuator/reamping device with tube amps. I also tried a SS preamp pedal into the PS-2 through to a Fender 410 cab. The sound was surprisingly good although the feel was not great. The FX loop is...
  22. jrockbridge

    Fryette PS-2 Incoming

    I've been GASing for a Power Station ever since Freyette released the PS-1. Each time I've checked into it, there were none in stock. But, I found a used PS-2 at a great price, so I pulled the trigger. This is such a well designed piece of gear that can be used for multiple things. Fryette...
  23. jrockbridge

    Dual Tremolo Stereo Pedals

    Who makes a dual tremolo pedal that can also be used in stereo? Analog, digital and multi-fx suggestions are welcome. Three multi-fx units that come to mind are Zoom MS70CDR, Zoom MS100BT and Boss MD500. *I know the Chase Bliss Gravitas and Stone Deaf FX Tremotron are two dedicated...
  24. jrockbridge

    Xvive Memory Delay Modulation

    I’m a recent owner of an Xvive Memory W3 Analog Delay. At first, I didn’t think I liked the modulation. But, the more I use it, the more I like it. In fact, I’ve even turned down the delay and I’ve been using ONLY the modulation to dual amps in stereo. Wow! This thing is cool as hell. Anybody...
  25. jrockbridge

    Wah Pedal Suggestions

    I’m looking into buying a new wah pedal. I need it to have the type of buffer that works well with a Fuzz Face circuit. I seem to like the classic Crybaby Wah sound. Still, I’m open to suggestions. I was considering the Xotic Wah but I’m not sure I like the smaller size. What is your...

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