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  1. exodus

    Any difference between a 1x12 and 2x12 combo amp?

    Besides the weight. Given the same amp guts, wondering if there is a volume level difference, sound difference or something else that would make someone prefer a 1x12 or 2x12 combo.
  2. exodus

    Help for a MIDI moron

    On pedals with MIDI connections, what is the real world application for it? (read the title, I really don't know anything about MIDI and have never used it). For example, I'm looking to buy the Ventris Dual Reverb. It has MIDI jacks. What is the practical application wherein someone would want...
  3. exodus

    Coming from a Maxon AD-900, would I like a Nemesis delay?

    After years of goofing with various delay units, my Maxon AD-900 always seems to find its way back on my board. I mostly do slapback, but the "soundscape" thing happens at times. So now I'm watching videos of the Source Audio Nemesis delay. (Actually, also looking at the reverb to). Anyone do a...
  4. exodus

    Spot the Species: Rosewood

    Is it possible to look at a rosewood fretboard and determine what species of rosewood it is? For example, I have 3 strats. I know one is Indian Rosewood because I custom ordered it. The other two are second hand guitars and they both look very different. I'm just curious (not starting a debate...
  5. exodus

    Fender Stratocaster Ultra (opinions?)

    I remember as a kid I'd see ads for the Fender Strat Ultra... flamed maple top, cool looking electronics, ebony board, roller nut, locking straps, Schaller tuners, bi-flex truss rod, etc. Seemed like THE strat at the time. Really pretty. Of course, all that was before I joined TGP (by a few...
  6. exodus

    Maple used in Fender necks

    Is the maple used in Fender guitar necks basically all the same? Forget about figured maple, different cuts (i.e., quartersawn, etc.). Comparing apples to apples, is the maple wood used to make a USA Standard neck (be it just maple or with a rosewood board) the same stock/quality used to make a...
  7. exodus

    Anyone ever play the Guitar Tone Bloody Finger Pedal?

    Surfing the web and stumbled upon a video of Billy Corgan talking about a pedal I've never heard of. The few video/sound clips out there were sort of interesting. Anyone ever play one of these?
  8. exodus

    A Hybrid (Ge/Si) Fuzzface that Sounds Closest to Classic all Ge Fuzzface?

    As the title says, I'm looking for a hybrid (germanium/silicon) fuzzface...but one tuned to sound as close as possible to a traditional all germanium transistor fuzzface. I've been practicing in some warm environments that are really altering the sound of my Fulltone '69...even with the bias...
  9. exodus

    Current Favorite Guitar (Pic Thread)

    I have a few guitars (maybe not as many as you all) but this is the one one that I keep picking up recently. Something about it. Anyway, pics of the guitars that currently have your attention:
  10. exodus

    Maxon AD-900 Delay: 2 Chip v. 4 Chip

    Full disclosure: I am currently selling a Maxon AD-900 4 chip delay pedal. I've actually had it on and off the market for a while, depending on what other delay pedals float through here. That said, this pedal has stuck around for about 10 years. Anyway, during that time, whenever I think I...
  11. exodus

    Anyone own (or try) a Fender Troy Van Leeuwen Jazzmaster?

    Curious about the Troy Van Leeuwen signature Jazzmaster. Most interested in how the neck feels (the profile). Can anyone give their thoughts? Thanks.
  12. exodus

    Has anyone compared the CB Octapussy and CI Octavia?

    I've owned the Chicago Iron Octavia a few times and like it. I was curious how the Catalinbread Octapussy compares?
  13. exodus

    Mixed Tonewood Questions

    Curious to hear TGP opinions regarding some guitar tonewood questions, as I've been thinking of building something a bit different... 1. Does the maple top on a Les Paul (mahogany body) actually alter the tone? Or is it just a cosmetic issue of using figured maple? 2. Put cosmetics aside for...
  14. exodus

    Any try the GigRig "Wet Box" (loop/blender)

    I just came across this on the GigRig website. Kind of expensive, but interesting blender pedal that I could think of a few uses for...
  15. exodus

    Are there effects that can be put between an amp and speaker?

    Say I had a Marshall style head/amp that was plugged into two separate speaker cabinets (i.e., a full stack). Are there effects that can be put between the head and cab running at "amp level" (as opposed to "line level")? For example, if I wanted to spread the two cabinets apart (stage...
  16. exodus

    Oxbow Wah v RMC10 Wah

    Has anyone owned both the Oxbow Wah and RMC10 and compared them? I'm looking for vintage Vox/Hendrix wah tones, and these two seem to be directed at that. Any thoughts appreciated.
  17. exodus

    Tubes for Marshall Class 5

    I was going to swap the tubes out of my Marshall Class 5. Just wondering if anyone has experience with different manufacturers for this particular amp...or if it even matters. Thx.
  18. exodus

    Anyone like univibe(s)...

    One of my favorite effects. My current collection: (video/sound forthcoming)
  19. exodus

    Question regarding Fulltone Supa-Trem 2 in Mono

    I've seen in youtube videos where a user turns up the "phase" knob and gets this interesting dual/out of phase tremolo sound. However, this is always demo'ed in stereo. Is it possible to get this same type of sound with the supa-trem 2 in mono? Does the phase knob do anything in a mono setup?
  20. exodus

    Is there desktop software akin to Axe-Fx/Kemper, etc.?

    I've never had a modeler before and am pretty intrigued by the whole thing...been watching a lot of videos of Axe and Kemper. The only problem is that they are a bit pricey to just "buy and try" on a whim. I also really dig the Axe's ability to tweak it on the desktop with your guitar in hand...
  21. exodus

    Best Affordable Fuzz Pedals

    Looking for suggestions for the best fuzz pedals in their "class" (i.e., fuzz face, big muff, tone bender, etc.) that are best for their value. Not the cheapest, just the best tone for the price point. To put it another way, some people spend a lot of money chasing the last 99.9% of tone for...
  22. exodus

    Billy-Bo Jupiter

    Does anyone have one of these? I kinda like the looks of this guitar, and would love to get one, but man... anything I find is north of $2k, pushing $3k. And they are all made in Japan. No disrespect, but what the hell? I don't understand the pricing on this.
  23. exodus

    Gibson Lyre Vibrola Specs

    Could someone give me the dimensions of the Gibson Lyre Vibrola cover plate? Thanks.
  24. exodus

    Fender Strat: Which build/color combo do you like the best?

    I'm putting together some '66 style Strats. My favorite color is oly white, but it can look different with age and plastic (and the age of the plastic). I can't decide what I like... I'm curious which of the following you guys like: Left: Minty White Strat Right: Aged White with Tort-shell...
  25. exodus

    Has Anyone Ever Ordered a Custom Gibson?

    Just wondering if anyone has ordered a “custom shop” Gibson guitar. I’ve always been a Fender player, but there are a few select Gibsons that I really want. That said, does Gibson even have a “custom shop” similar to Fender? (I've ordered custom shop Fenders, so that is what I am familiar with)...

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