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  1. Zounds Perspex

    NGD! My first “real” Les Paul?

    Yep! i had a “Studio Lite” when I was a teen - NAW. and an Edwards goldtop with P-90s that was okay. but I got a Custom Shop SG a while back and was both surprised and impressed how much better it was than my SG Standard. It got me thinking I needed to try an LP from the Custom Shop. a little...
  2. Zounds Perspex

    FSOT 2018 Electrical Guitar Company 1000s - TRADED

    2018 EGC 1000s. Perfect condition. 25.1" scale with their thin neck, supposedly the last EGC with a wooden body they'll make. Travis Bean engraved pickups, excellent SKB case. I have a spec sheet I can send anyone that is interested. Looking for $3600 shipped in the USA. Cash is certainly king...
  3. Zounds Perspex

    FS Strymon Volante - $350 shipped, EarthQuaker Aqueduct, Red Panda Particle v2, PRICE DROPS

    All prices include shipping in USA. These all have dual lock on the bottom. no photos of the Volante, but I have box, papers, bag, power supply, everything. dual lock on bottom that will come off easily. EQD Aqueduct - $150 Red Panda Particle - $SOLD SS/BS Buzz - SOLD Creepy Fingers Ramalama...
  4. Zounds Perspex

    FS 2 Earthquaker Life V2 pedals - BOTH SOLD

    I don't have photos right now, but you know what these are. I have box and papers for both. One has never had any adhesive, the other has dual lock that is easily removed. the prices for these on Reverb are extortionate - here's a couple for a reasonable price. not looking for any trades...
  5. Zounds Perspex

    Dirty Shirley Mini, Marshall Studio Vintage...what else?

    So I'm looking for a vaguely Plexi-ish amp in the 15 to 25 watt ballpark, and these two have piqued my interest. What are your thoughts on these amps, and what other amps should I check out as well? Master and effects loop a plus but not essential. Thanks!
  6. Zounds Perspex

    Telecaster Elite - why so little love?

    Just bought one off a friend - this is a killer guitar, but I almost never see anyone post or talk about one? Are the pickups not great? (This one has aftermarket pickups.) The tummy cut, contoured heel, compound radius, just feels great in the hand. Are Tele players just *that* resistant to...
  7. Zounds Perspex

    New Amp & Cab Day! SuperPlex & Stone Age!

    Happiest dude over here. Just KILLIN’. I don’t think I’ve ever felt like i had a be-all end-all piece of gear before, but if this isn’t it, it’s amazingly close. The only amps or cabs I still might want are....a MetroPlex? Another StoneAge loaded with different speakers?
  8. Zounds Perspex

    Sold Source Nemesis $200, RC-3, Pale Green - Price Drops!

    All priced shipped and includes paypal fees. Arc Effects Soothsayer - killer RAT - yes box, no velcro - $SOLD Fuzzrocious Cat Tail with 2nd distortion mod - yes box, yes velcro - $SOLD Source Audio Nemesis - no box, yes velcro - $gone Zvex Vexter Instant Lo-Fi - yes box, yes velcro - $SOLD Wren...
  9. Zounds Perspex

    Metropoulus SuperPlex and angled 2x12” - what speakers?

    Hey dudes, I have this amp and cab on the way, and am wondering what speakers I should look at. Alnico Creams? Some sort of Scumback? What have you tried or heard?
  10. Zounds Perspex

    Sold Collings 290 for your killer Strat or Tele!

    Here are the guitars on offer - TVL is traded - thanks, James! Collings has both black and tortoise pickguard and truss rod covers to choose from. The TVL Jazzmaster has Mastery bridge AND vibrato system. Both in great shape - no appreciable or concerning fretwear, no big dings or gouges in...
  11. Zounds Perspex

    Pickups for that Neil Young sound

    Obviously it’s a Firebird in the bridge and a P-90, but which ones? Staple P-90? Who will make me an unpotted microphonic-as-all-heck Firebird pickup? Thaaaanks!
  12. Zounds Perspex

    what Tweed Champs with a 12" are out there?

    I know about the Tungsten Mosiac II - and am keenly interested - but what else should I be checking out?
  13. Zounds Perspex

    Speakers for Brownface Concert

    just picked up this guy - And while it already sounds REALLY good, I can’t help but wonder if a speaker swap would bring it up a notch. Right now it has a couple of Jensen P10Rs and another pair of...some sort of Celestions? I can’t quite identify them. I know there aren’t so many of...
  14. Zounds Perspex

    New amp week! I think I just became a tweed convert.

    So I’ve been doing a bit of a gear purge/renewal - out with things that didn’t quite work for me, in with some new things, and so two new amps came in this week. Wednesday I got the Vintage Sound Vintage 15. I’ve been a blackface Fender guy basically forever - I have a couple of Super Reverbs...
  15. Zounds Perspex

    Yes, another vintage NGD: '74 Tele Deluxe!

    What can I say, I went a little nuts last week. :hide anyway, super fun guit - I've had a few MIM Tele Deluxes that I installed Lollar Regals and appropriate pots and such, but this just has a little something more. Just a little bit clearer pushing an amp, and feels super good - I was leery of...
  16. Zounds Perspex

    Sold 2013 Gibson SG Standard

    Completely stock, great shape. Very little wear - a little bit of darker stuff/wear on neck at heel and headstock, but super minor - just dirtyish hands, probably. Comes with case, of course. Looking for $1050 shipped and paypalled obo. As for trades, looking for a blackface Fender kind of...
  17. Zounds Perspex

    Sold 2015 Dr Z Carmen Ghia 1x12 for Tele/Strat or $1050 obo

    Purchased new from Humbucker Music in October of 2015. I hesitate to call anything *mint*, but excellent shape - still has the hang tag on the handle! Loaded with a Vintage 30. I still have the original packaging, too, and the amp will ship in that. $1050 shipped and paypalled obo. Looking for...
  18. Zounds Perspex

    NGD! ‘62 slabboard Jazzmaster refin.

    My first vintage guitar in a while, and I’m remembering what all the fuss is about. This thing sounds AMAZING. Recent refin by MJT, recentish fret job, a couple of replacement tuners, and replaced pickup leads. Otherwise, pretty straight. Plays and sounds just so so good. I’m a happy guitar...
  19. Zounds Perspex

    2x10” Vibroverb - how close to a Super?

    Some of you dudes have to have experience with this - a good ol’ Super Reverb has long been my favorite amp, but yes, they can be a real drag to transport. I know there are differences - besides obviously half as many speakers, there’s a smaller output transformer as well, yes? Just wondering...
  20. Zounds Perspex

    Just got this amp back from the shop...

    and ooo wee that's a good time! admittedly, it sounds better with a bass - it sounds AMAZING with a bass, actually, but still super fun with a 6-string. it's such a shame the owner of Electric seems to have...issues these days. This thing has a growl that's hard to top. and no, I didn't...
  21. Zounds Perspex

    Been outta the game for a minute - best new fuzzboxes?

    Hi dudes! I have basically done nothing musically but play acoustic guit this past year, but I'm getting the URGE again. What radd fuzz pedals have come out in the past year or so? Vintage style, crazy bizz, whatever! And helloooo to all my old TGP pals!
  22. Zounds Perspex

    Beyond John Fahey - listening recommendations?

    Hi dudes! I've really been digging Fahey and the rest of the Takoma school lately - early Kottke, Peter Lang, Robbie Basho, and younger guys working in that form like Jack Rose and Glenn Jones. any other recommendations? I'm not really into super chops stuff like Hedges, Emmanuel, etc...
  23. Zounds Perspex

    Strat Mania

    I've got it. :facepalm Is there a support group for this? Now that I have a couple I like, I keep thinking about OTHER Strats I would like, thinking about what I can trade for more Strats, what internal organs I could flip for more Strats... is there no end to this? what is it about these dumb...
  24. Zounds Perspex

    how can I get my Klon on my Pedaltrain...

    without altering it? I don't want to remove the feet or put velcro on it - beyond the fact that it's such a spendy pedal, it's also so aesthetically pleasing that it would feel like putting a moustache on the Mona Lisa. anybody have an elegant solution?
  25. Zounds Perspex

    stereo slapback

    what's the killerest? TTE? Or just an old SAD-1? what say ye!

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