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  1. TJNies

    FS Wildwood Thin Skin 55 American Vintage Reissue Local Pa. area

    PA is rather expansive; may want to mention which section you're in...
  2. TJNies

    FS Dr Z Z Wreck 1X12 combo

    Links don't work
  3. TJNies

    Does Martin not vary the thickness of their tops?

    For the record, I own a 000-28 Custom Authentic Aged and it's quite amazing. The top, bracing, thinner top and finish all contribute to make this a winner. Easily the equal of some higher-priced smaller shops like Bourgeois and Santa Cruz.
  4. TJNies

    Does Martin not vary the thickness of their tops?

    Ok, Martin does vary top thicknesses, but not on the same model. For instance, the Authentics have a thinner top (and thinner finish) than the Standard models. But all Standard D-28s will have the same top thickness. Braces vary by model as well.
  5. TJNies

    Martin D-28 questions.

    Neck resets on a Martin that old is not bad design; it's normal physics and time. I had a 74 D-28 that required the bridge to be moved, as it was off a full 1/4". I didn't have the huge RW bridge plate replaced, but maybe should have. The neck angle and relief were still almost perfect after...
  6. TJNies

    WTB MuchXS Tweed Deluxe

    Good luck; he only built a few, AFAIK.
  7. TJNies

    6 months with the BlueSound 2i Vault DAC

    I bought the Vault 2 a couple years back. It's expensive for sure, but does rip and store CDs. Playback and streaming both high quality. I also have the small Bluesound Pulseflex wifi speaker (which is excellent-sounding BTW). The app can sometimes go wonky and drop the Vault or Pulseflex from...
  8. TJNies

    is Martin gouging?

    So, BobbyBigBucks drops a bomb, then disappears. The congregation erupts, but he watched silently from the sidelines. Why the HE** would someone think a manufacturer should offer a comparable price over a number of decades given the change in fixed and variable costs is just ludicrous.
  9. TJNies

    Apple Airplay to music streaming device vs. direct streaming

    The Node should be able to access your digital music files. I have the Vault which also has this capability (but I don't use it). https://support1.bluesound.com/hc/en-us/articles/203904628-How-do-I-connect-music-on-my-NAS-PC-or-iTunes-Shared-Music-to-Bluesound-
  10. TJNies

    Anyone go from HT back to Stereo only?

    As posted in other threads, I am cost-conscious but will buy equipment I believe to be worth the cost. I set up a decent 5.1 system of Sony HT amp, Cambridge Audio S30 bookshelf speakers, Velodyne sub, Parasound in-ceiling surrounds. We realized we don't watch movies that have the big booms nor...
  11. TJNies

    2.1 Home Stereo/Theater Suggestions Needed!

    I had a 5.1 sound system, but at one point decided to simplify. I bought the best Sonos soundbar and sub. Ugh; the simplest receiver / bookshelf / powered sub sounded FAR better, louder, better volume and separation. Returned the Sonos stuff. I guess I don't get the hype. I did simplify the...
  12. TJNies

    Audio speaker wires

    I'm most certainly a skeptic concerning snake oil claims. That said, I purchased these speaker cables with the full intent on returning if they didn't deliver. They did; I found them louder and more articulate than anything else I'd tried. https://www.mapleshadestore.com/speakerwires.php
  13. TJNies

    Post Your Home Stereo Rig Here

    I decided to simplify my system big time. I'd had a TV, 4k DVD player, CD changer, home theater amp, 5.1 system with Velodyne sub and Cambridge Audio separates and center, Parasound in-ceiling surrounds, using the B speaker outputs for my porch speakers, all run through a Harmony Elite remote...
  14. TJNies

    Audio Engine Speakers

    While I can't provide the comparison you want, I own a pair of 2+. They started as computer speakers, but morphed into a sound bar of sorts for my basement TV. I liked them in both applications.
  15. TJNies

    Sales of Vinyl

    I seem to recall too many pops and skips with vinyl. Has technology improved turntables to change that?
  16. TJNies

    Help a Neanderthal out. Tire kicking on streaming.

    I'll add my thumbs-up to Bluesound; mine is the Vault, which allows you to rip and store CDs in FLAC files (high quality), as well as the streaming capabilities of the Node. I got a free trial to TIDAL when I bought the Vault, but it didn't knock me out as I was expecting. Sounded good, yes, but...
  17. TJNies

    Sold 1965 Fender VibroChamp

    VC is sold. Thanks, Jon!
  18. TJNies

    Sold 1965 Fender VibroChamp

    Added the tube compliment.
  19. TJNies

    Sold 1965 Fender VibroChamp

    Thanks guys. This amp has stayed with me, outlasting a number of boutique and higher-wattage amps.
  20. TJNies

    Sold 1965 Fender VibroChamp

    Finally realizing I don't play electric enough that it's time to - finally - sell off my beloved 65 VC. Proceeds will fund a small-luthier acoustic. So, no trades will be considered. 65 VibroChamp, OJ tube sticker stamp. Excellent condition, new 3-prong plug, gone over by my tech recently and...
  21. TJNies

    Sold 2020 Fender Telecaster Custom Shop

    Selling my very recently-purchased (May 2020) Custom Shop Tele in faded white blond. It may have 5 hours' play time on it. As mint as one could hope. The case came with a couple minor dings, but overall excellent condition. I am selling to fund a pricy small-luthier acoustic and find I just...
  22. TJNies

    Don't ya hate it when a seller won't answer an essential question?

    On CL sales, I tell the general area where the item is located. But I won't give a specific address until they are ready to leave their house.
  23. TJNies

    I think I want a Martin, but I need some help.

    OP hasn't replied to what type of music he plays, nor his preference of fingerpicking / strumming. That may answer the question easier. I might consider a custom shop 000-18 or OM-18 with Adirondack and Sinker Mahogany for that $4k budget. Here's a great option, and even under max budget...
  24. TJNies

    CF Martins guitars

    It's a simple dovetail, as opposed to the full dovetail joint of any standard (series 18 and higher) Martin One could argue that simple dovetail is fine, but you are paying a much higher price for a bit of bling and a signature. For that price you could have a custom shop Martin with scalloped...
  25. TJNies

    CF Martins guitars

    IMO it's a 16-series guitar with a high price tag. You can do much better for less.
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