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  1. brittwin

    Sold EQD Dispatch Master V3 delay and reverb *best offer*

    Like new Dispatch master, in original box and bag with paperwork. velcro lovingly placed on the backside. This is the most recent version (V3) with top jacks and soft switch. $155 shipped and PayPal’d OBO
  2. brittwin

    Sold **Unique Tele body for your project, trade or $120 or best offer **

    Spruce Patina Tele Body only with an aged finish. (Neck not included). Ferrules installed, fully shielded. Routed for Tele neck and there’s a Strat middle pickup route as well. Very resonant. Has star studs evenly placed around the sides of the body. Very unique and adds character. All holes...
  3. brittwin

    Sold Dimarzio Tone Zone T Tele bridge pickup $55

    Dimarzio Area T 615 Tele bridge pickup - great condition, no issues. $OLD Dimarzio Tone Zone T Tele bridge pickup- never installed in a guitar. $55 shipped and PayPal’d pics upon request if needed.
  4. brittwin

    Sold 2011 Fender American Special Telecaster Body hand pinstriped

    2011 Fender American Special Body, hand pinstriped. Not overdone. Minor wear, but no abuse. One areA on the upper bout that is a little dull and not shiny, slightly discolored where some of the hand pinstripe was removed.. barely noticeable and you can’t see it at a distance. Olympic white...
  5. brittwin

    Sold **best offer** 2002 Fender Standard Telecaster maple neck

    Description: Fender MIM Maple Telecaster Neck. $OLD… Neck: Modern C neck. Year: 2002 Fretboard: Maple with scale of 25.5". Inlays: Dot. Includes: Comes with upgraded bone Nut, Truss Rod, String Tree, and Fender TUNERS (although not in picture they will be installed) Condition: The back of...
  6. brittwin

    Sold Voodoo Labs complete pedal board with essential pedals

    Voodoo Lab Dingbat (small) pedal board complete with Pedal Power 2, CMatMODs Deeelay, Barber LTD drive, Joyo Sweet Baby drive, Snark pedal tuner, power cord and soft embroidered Voodoo Lab case and strap.. ready to plug and play. Neatly wired. Nice grab and go pedal board or use as a backup...
  7. brittwin

    Sold Walrus Audio Iron Horse V2

    Excellent condition.. Velcro lovingly applied to the rear. No box or paperwork with no issues. Just a great distortion with plenty of delicious grind on tap $120 shipped and PayPal’d sold pending payment
  8. brittwin

    Sold Dimarzio 36th Anniversary PAF set

    Nearly new Dimarzio 36th Anniversary Set. DP103 neck , black.. with nickel cover DP223 bridge, black both have long leads, springs and screws take both for $125 shipped and PayPal’d in the lower 48 Or need a nice set of Tele pickups.. Pics available
  9. brittwin

    Sold Walrus Audio Deep Six Compressor V3 Limited Edition

    Walrus Audio Deep Six Compressor V3 Limited Edition. Great condition. No box or paperwork. $120 OBO shipped and PayPal’d will trade for a quality reverb pedal of equal value
  10. brittwin

    Sold JBE Tele pickup set (modern bridge/ Gatton neck)

    Nearly new JBE Tele pickup set. Modern bridge, Gatton neck. Full length leads. Was installed for about a month in a Tele I ended up selling and I pulled them prior. They’re in their original boxes with foam inserts and all hardware included. $old. shipped and PayPal’d in the 48 states. Pics...
  11. brittwin

    Sold Gibson 57 Classic /Classic + PAF set

    Set of Gibson 57 (neck) and 57+(bridge) humbuckers with covers as installed from the factory. 2 conductor leads with plenty of length. $175 shipped and PayPal’d for the set I’ll accept reasonable offers. Covers are in great shape.
  12. brittwin

    Sold Fender logo Heavy Knurled Telecaster knobs.. best offer

    I have 2 sets of these that I have acquired. I have never seen another these available to their equal. They’re very high quality and fit standard 1/4” solid shaft pots. They are very nice looking and will dress up that special Fender Tele or project for sure. $40 OBO per set shipped and...
  13. brittwin

    Need help from my TGP peeps!! Value of a ‘95 Gibson Les Paul Special

    Thinking of making a trade for a ‘96 Gibson Les Paul Special in heritage cherry. Looks all original with the P100 pickups and original case.. Not seeing a ton of information out online. What value would you put on it if it’s pretty clean and straight?
  14. brittwin

    Sold $55 Tonepros AVT2-GN wraparound bridge

    Tonepros AVT2-GN that was Installed briefly on my 2020 Gibson Les Paul Junior with staggered post spacing, and decided there are better options for my guitar. This would work best on a Gibson Les Paul Junior or Special that traditionally came with a lightning type wraptail. Locking studs are...
  15. brittwin

    Fender Tonemaster Deluxe Reverb Firmware update

    I have Fender Tonemaster Deluxe Reverb and just updated the firmware on it with the toned back reverb and bright cap removal from the Vibrato channel. What a difference! highly recommended update!
  16. brittwin

    Sold J Rockett Archer- trade for Reverb, other drives or Tele pickups!!

    Lightly used J Rockett Archer. Velcro lovingly placed on the back. I’d like trade for another flavor low to medium gain overdrive, quality reverb pedal or some nice Tele pickups. more will sell for $120 shipped and ppd in the continental US.
  17. brittwin

    NGD. Fender The Edge Signature Strat

    It’s a good one. Got it set up today to my liking. It’s light.. very light. Under 7 lbs light. Neck plays as smooth as silk. The pickups sound great and really love the dynamic of the Dimarzio FS1. It is very well constructed with a lot of attention to detail, fit and finish. Anyone...
  18. brittwin

    Sold Dimarzio 36th Anniversary PAF Set

    I have a set of Dimarzio Regular spaced 36th Anniversary PAF’s. DP103CR neck (cream) and a DP223BC (zebra) bridge. They both have long leads and are in excellent shape. $120 shipped and ppd to the continental US. I can shoot some pics if you need. I’m looking for a nice Hardshell case for a...
  19. brittwin

    Sold Keeley TS9 Mod Plus with true bypass Tubescreamer

    Keeley TS9 Mod Plus with true bypass Tubescreamer Great condition. No issues. Velcro neatly applied to the bottom. Comes with original box and paperwork. $135 shipped and ppd
  20. brittwin

    Sold Peter Florance 57/59 Humbucker set

    Selling a prized set of Peter Florance Humbuckers. Bridge is a 57 and neck is a 59. Peter’s Signature is on the bottom of both pickups and was confirmed. I really would like to keep these as these aren’t getting any easier to find. The Les Paul I had these in came alive. The leads have been...
  21. brittwin

    Would you trade? Need feedback on a G&L Legacy

    I have an opportunity to pick up an 1994 G&L Legacy USA.. it would be a trade for a Fender 50’s Baja Telecaster.. How are these? Any input is appreciated. https://imgur.com/gallery/77XWW0w
  22. brittwin

    Sold T-style Partscaster, Western themed Lollar, Emerson

    SOLD if you’re looking for a great T-style guitar that is unique and stands out with playability to match, check this out Pine body from Pallet Custom Guitars adorned with Indian head nickel conchos. Fat Allparts neck with rosewood fretboard finished in Nitro and is velvet smooth to the touch...
  23. brittwin

    Sold Double Bound Telecaster body $110

    sold.. Pending payment It’s not perfect but it’s straight. The body is from A Squier Classic Vibe so the neck pocket is right, the bridge placement is straight. The back of the body has some damage, but can be repaired or left alone. Won’t see it when you’re playing anyway. I’ll include the...
  24. brittwin

    Sold Fender Custom Shop NAMM Ltd 50s Telecaster Journeyman

    Looking to trade my Fender Custom Shop 50’s Journeyman Tele with solid rosewood neck for a Gibson Les Paul Custom Shop or for one of the new Standard 50’s plus cash. Open to others.. depending on what you have. Try me. Also into boutique builders, maybe a Duesenberg, Danocaster, Suhr, etc...
  25. brittwin

    Sold Goodsell Super 17 Mk III

    trade pending... This amp is in Great condition. Goodsell Super 17 Mk III. No issues, comes with padded Tuki cover. Dark blue tolex. Luscious tones at both the 5w and 17 watt setting. Hand wired point to point, one at a time by Richard Goodsell in Georgia. Has on board spring reverb and the...
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