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  1. toykat

    Sold Winfield Thomas Custom Typhoon

    From Winnie’s site regarding the standard Typhoon: The Typhoon is a single-ended true Class A amplifier. It is a unique amp in that is has an EF86 preamp tube, like the Cyclone, an extra gain stage and a single EL84 output stage. About 5 watts, it does clean to grind and everything in-between...
  2. toykat

    Sold Lil Dawg Champster

    Just 6V6 or 6L6...
  3. toykat

    Sold Lil Dawg Champster

    Lil Dawg Champster (for those not familiar) is a 5F1 tweed champ circuit. This 5F1 is made with high quality components. Upgrades are; Mercury Magnetics 5 watt/8 ohm OT Sprague Atom filter & bypass cap SoZo Blue Molded coupling cap Tube compliment is JJ 6V6, 5Y3, ECC83 Negative feedback loop...
  4. toykat

    Sold Fender Blues Jr III with basic BillM mods

    2017 Fender Blues Jr III with basic BillM mods Orange drop tone stack and coupling capacitors, power supply stiffening capacitor, cooler bias and MOD Reverb tank. Like new condition, never gigged and smoke free. Local pickup – North Jersey ***SOD***
  5. toykat

    Sold Frenzel Champ Blackface FM-5E1

    Sorry - I just have waaaay too much cool gear as it is....hence why I’m selling!
  6. toykat

    Sold Frenzel Champ Blackface FM-5E1

    It’s actually more like 10 watts according to Frenzel - I believe the OT is rated at 20 watts. It does cleans well. It has separate Master and Gain channels - so if you back off the Gain and turn up the Master, you have some sweet headroom.
  7. toykat

    Sold Frenzel Champ Blackface FM-5E1

    Virtually new Frenzel Champ Blackface. Really versatile amp - sounds much bigger than it's size. I'll included in the sale a new JJ KT88 and also new JJ 6L6 as you can swap tubes without any rebias. Fun amp. ***SOLD*** https://www.frenzeltubeamps.com/page20.php
  8. toykat

    Sold Boss Katana 50

    Never left my home studio. As new. Best Solid State amp I've heard. ***SOLD***
  9. toykat

    Sold Lil' Dawg Amps 5F2A Prince

    Lil Dawg 5F2A head. Has a Mercury Magnetics 5 watt / 8 ohm Output Transformer upgrade. Jim Nickelson's version of a Tweed Fender Princeton - Pure Tweed tone... Used in my home studio only. Did I mention pure tweed tone?!!! ***SOLD***
  10. toykat

    Sold Winfield Thomas Typhoon

    Tone for dayz. I’m just not using it enough. 5 watt Heyboer OT. EF86 / 6AT6 preamp. EL84 power. As new - just a few months old. ***SOLD***
  11. toykat

    Sold Ibanez TSA15H

    As new and barely played in my home studio. Great amp, I'm just not using it. ***SOLD***
  12. toykat

    Sold Frenzel FM-5E1 SS "Champ Super Sportster"

    This amp covers the tonal spectrum from Fender to Marshall / Clean to Mean / Bedroom to Raucous! - Class A Single Ended EL34 - 10 Watts - 8 Ohms - Switchable Bias - EL34 or 6L6 - F and M Preamps - Dual Inputs - Dual Gains - Deluxe Warm Clean Tones - Plexi Dynamic Rock Boost - Classic 3 Band...
  13. toykat

    Sold Fender Blues Jr. III w/BillM mods

    BillM modded Fender Blues Jr III. It has the basic mod kit - new mid and treble tone caps, four new resistors, a stiffening power supply cap and the TwinStack mod. Also has the MOD Reverb tank and a full re-tube with JJ’s. Sounds fantastic! The speaker is nicely broken in and it has only seen...
  14. toykat

    Sold Lil Dawg D-Lux

    This is a special edition that Jim built. It's a standard Little Dawg D-Lux with a Hammond 3 watt OT (8 ohm). Don't let the 3 watts fool you - It is LOUD! Also - has the Paul C mod done by Jim. Tubes are all JJ's: GZ34 rectifier, 6L6 power, ECC082 Gold in V1, ECC82 in V2 I've had a LD D-Lux...
  15. toykat

    Ibanez TSA15 Combo (Black Tolex)***SOLD***

    As new condition and sounds fantastic! Limited run by Sweetwater. Only difference between the regular production run and the Sweetwater ltd run is - Black tolex and a real Fender style Jewel. Very cool amp. ***SOLD***
  16. toykat

    Lil Dawg Champster***SOLD***

    Bought from and built by Jim Nickelson of Lil Dawg Amps. Here are the specs... Champster lunchbox chassis - Head Mercury Magnetics 5 watt/8 ohm OT (upgrade) Sprague Atom filter & bypass caps (upgrade) SoZo Blue Molded coupling caps (upgrade) NFB switch 2 guitar inputs - High / Low Impedance 2...
  17. toykat

    FS/ Winfield Thomas Typhoon***SOLD***

    This is a smokin' little amp!!! Normally Winnie builds these solid state rectified... *I special ordered this tube rectified. Here are the specs... Heyboer 5 watt - 4 and 8 ohm OT JJ EL84 - Power Tube (new) *JJ EZ81 - Rectifier Tube (new) GE Jan-6AT6 - Pre amp (NOS) Winged C EF86 - Pre amp...
  18. toykat

    FS/ BillM modded Tweed (NOS) Blues Jr. ***SOLD***

    I've decided to sell my BillM modded Tweed (NOS) BJr. It has had many BillM mods and was back at Bill himself (I’m fortunate to be local to Bill!) for a few cap upgrades around a year ago. It’s in perfect working order as well as just about perfect cosmetically. The following mods were...
  19. toykat

    Lil' Dawg Amps 5E3 D-Lux ***SOLD***

    I’m selling my amazing Lil' Dawg D-Lux (5E3) head Here are the details on this amp: Lil' Dawg Amps 5E3 D-Lux "Lunchbox" chassis build 12 watts with the following upgrades: - Mercury Magnetics 12 watt set upgrade FTDP & FTDO-59 clear plexiglass bottom with feet - NOS 5Y3GT upgrade (Sylvania)...
  20. toykat

    FS/ KO Amps - Silverstone (head amp in vintage ammo can) ***SOLD***

    This is Kev O'Reilly's take on a Silvertone 1485 with a little Kev O'Reilly magic. Tubes are two 6v6s, a 6cg7 phase inverter and a 12ax7 preamp. All tagboard construction, orange drop and vintage ceramic caps in key places, and beefed up power supply. Super thick aluminum chassis...
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