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    My new low to no volume recording setup (NOT PORTABLE :)

    Need to make a foot pedal version of that. :rimshot
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    60W amp @ less than 1/2 OP Volume. Okay with a 30W cab???

    Don't forget that volume and wattage don't have a linear relationship to each other (yeah I know that is a flawed statement). My point is that a true 60W signal at half the perceived volume would be closer to 6W.
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    Was Dumble right?

    Wow. I don't know if this is exactly right or completely flawed, but it was one of those :idea moments for me. I have no idea why it never occurred to me before.
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    Do you guys know anywhere that I can get wildly conflicting advice about amps?

    What kills me is that it seems like the majority of gear praise seems to always coincide with a recent purchase.
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    Jimi Hendrix played it live, even before the Beatles got to, but how did he learn it

    This was going to be my point too. You don't have the impact on music that this guy had without having a great ear. And the rest of his band wasn't too bad either. :D Did they share any kind of management or distribution or even studio space? Could have been possible that he had heard it...
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    Tell Me About Dumble

    iVTj08qTwGw It comes down to electric licorice or something. That's the simplest explanation. And a lot of White Castle.
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    How did EVH get these gain levels without pedals ?

    I got tired of reading after about page 45. I'll go back after recooperating. This has got to be one of the funniest, saddest, most insiteful, yet stupid things I've ever seen on the internet. That's not aimed at anyone in particular and as a noobie here I wouldn't insult someone that way...
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