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  1. modavis99

    Do you DIY or pay a guy?

    my strategy is to cut the wires on the old pickups, then just solder the new pickup wires to the old existing ones. This drives the OCD in me crazy. But - it makes future pickup swaps a breeze. So I can quickly experiment with a lot of different pickups and one I find the perfect match, if I...
  2. modavis99

    Throw a guitar

    musically, yes. All the time
  3. modavis99

    Any chance of new Gibson Les Paul finishes soon?

    you likely will spend less in the long run if you buy what you really want first, rather than trying to scratch that itch with cheaper options.
  4. modavis99

    Do you DIY or pay a guy?

    this. I’m the guy that inadvertently caused the confusion. I just wanted to say the sanding and polishing takes most of the time. Here is my procedure … I’m new to this so I welcome any comments and criticism 1. Remove strings and adjust truss rod until neck is straight. This requires a...
  5. modavis99

    Do you DIY or pay a guy?

    that took the most time. The actual leveling and filing didn’t take that much time. You only need three tools for leveling, filing and crowning
  6. modavis99

    Do you DIY or pay a guy?

    I just did my first one on an $80 tele - I posted earlier this thread. I’m pretty sure I didn’t make it worse and I think it’s probably a lot better. You only need three tools, painters tape, sandpapers, and scotch brite. the whole thing took me a few hours and most of that was just taping up...
  7. modavis99

    PSA: Gibson 70's Deluxe Standards are $800 off at Musicians Friend

    you can see if sweetwater will match prices if any of their posted weights are low enough
  8. modavis99

    PSA: Gibson 70's Deluxe Standards are $800 off at Musicians Friend

    I've been tempted by this deal. I love P90s but have had bad luck with mini-hums -- the guitars with mini-hums I have played have sounded much brighter than guitars with P90s I have played.
  9. modavis99

    Pickup wire is too short

    This is a good skill to have if you ever want to swap pickups in a 335 type. The correct way to change 335 pickups is to fish out all the electronics through the f hole or by the bridge pickup cavity, change pickups, then fish it all back in place and hope everything still works. The easy way...
  10. modavis99

    Do you DIY or pay a guy?

    I made the mistake of buying a fret kit from StewMac. OK I have some tools now but in retrospect I overpaid by probably 100%. What we need is a single DIY resource page, that lists (by category) the tools you need, best prices, and best videos
  11. modavis99

    Do you DIY or pay a guy?

    I bought an $80 Monoprice tele just so I could learn how to level, crown and polish the frets. I did just that a few days ago. My work isn’t perfect but the frets are now in much better shape than they arrived from the factory. I figure a few more tries and I’ll be close. Then the next step is...
  12. modavis99

    Epiphone SGs post 2018

    I went from 0 to 2 Ephiphones this year. They are great. this is from a Gibson snob, I guess former Gibson snob.
  13. modavis99

    Guitar center service

    that’s a good outcome. My IBG 335 is tremendous. I got the raspberry one as well from GC. I posted a thread about it. FYI mine was new in box too and if your experience is like mine it will almost certainly need a setup. In my case the action was OK, the intonation was a bit off and the truss...
  14. modavis99

    Fujigen vs. Tokai vs. Epiphone custom

    I’m a Gibson guy and thought Epiphones were junk. Until I bought one of the “inspired by Gibson” ones this year on a lark. $500 for a 335 ... and it is really quite good. My friend got an epiphone Les paul special for $450 ... and it’s great! The new stuff is great, I think very close in...
  15. modavis99

    Like the guitar or not, the Silver Sky SE rollout has been amazing

    you can get a new epiphone Les Paul special for $450 and they are shockingly good
  16. modavis99

    PSA: Musicians Friend has 30% off Fender 70th Anniversary Esquire 2-color sunburst

    A quick update. Mine came today, brand new in a factory sealed box. Nice weight, just under 7 pounds. Nice case too. But I returned mine. I found the neck / radius combination hard to play and, being honest, I thought the overall sound was kind of wimpy. YMMV of course
  17. modavis99

    PSA: Musicians Friend has 30% off Fender 70th Anniversary Esquire 2-color sunburst

    same here. I couldn't resist the deal. Post your review of yours, I'll do the same. BTW< I wound up doing a price match at guitar center so I could drive to a store and return if for some reason it doesn't work out.
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