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  1. dmagalhaes

    FS Flashback & Boss Delays, Paisley Drive, Ego & Keeley Compressor

    For sale are the following pedals- TC Flashback 2 X4 Excellent condition with box $210 shipped TC Flashback X4 Very good to excellent condition $160 shipped Boss DD-20 Giga-Delay Very good condition, $150 shipped Wampler Paisley Drive-V1 (2 available) Good too excellent condition $115 each...
  2. dmagalhaes

    Sold Sunburst Strat Body and Jimmie Vaughan Neck

    For sale is an alder Fender Strat Body. I bought this about 10 years ago from Stratosphere for a bunch of money and it was listed as a genuine USA Body. I have no actual way to determine that for certain since there isn't any stamping but it's routed for single coils only and comes with a...
  3. dmagalhaes

    Gibson '57 Classics

    For sale is a pair of nickel '57 Classics. These measure 7.85 on the bridge pickup and 7.82 on the neck pickup. These were removed from a guitar I purchased last year and are in excellent shape. They can be yours for $125 including fees and shipping.
  4. dmagalhaes

    FS:Macbook Pro 15

    For sale is an excellent condition Macbook Pro 15. This one has a 2.4 ghz Core 2 Duo processor, 8 GB's of ram installed and is running the latest version of OSX Mavericks. In addition I have installed a 120GB SSD main drive and a 250GB SSD storage drive in place of the Super Drive. I have the...
  5. dmagalhaes

    FS: 2004 Gibson Les Paul Standard

    For sale is my 2004 Les Paul Standard in Burgundy. This one has a nice top on it and is stock aside from a new Gibson Gear pickguard to replace the old broken one. It is in great shape, no noticeable fret wear, the usual dings and dents from playing but no breaks. I do not have a scale that...
  6. dmagalhaes

    FS:Clark Beaufort

    For sale is a 2013 Clark Beaufort. I bought this one from Michael Clark about a year ago. It's in fantastic shape and has Zoso caps and a vintage ('59 I believe) Jensen P12Q. The tubes were selected and installed by the builder and are as follows: NOS 5Y3 rectifier, new production Tung Sol 6V6...
  7. dmagalhaes

    FS: MIE Celestion V30; Fralin Pure PAF set

    For sale is a UK Celestion Vintage 30, 16ohm and in great condition. I'd like to get $95 shipped anywhere in the continental US. SOLD. Next up is a pair of Lindy Fralin Pure PAF's. These were originally a double black pair but I have added some RS Guitarworks aged nickel covers to them...
  8. dmagalhaes

    Blues Jr. Limited Edition

    For sale is a Blues Jr. Limited Edition in excellent condition. I bought this used about a year ago as a quick grab and go amp but it sees no use lately. It is all stock as far as I know and still has the stock tubes and speakers. I have the footswitch and it will be included. These are great...
  9. dmagalhaes

    Girls Guns and Glory

    Any fans? I saw them last night for their annual Hank Williams Tribute, and these kids can flat out play. I strongly recommend checking them out if your fan of honky tonk, rockabilly and traditional country.
  10. dmagalhaes

    Mayer's mystery amp

    Any guesses as to what's in the wooden cab?
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