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  1. thrashmetl

    An Evening with Silk Sonic (Bruno Mars & Anderson .Paak) is out and it’s FANTASTIC!

    Soooooooo good! The grooves! Blasphemy I know, but it makes me wish I played bass instead of guitar. If I could lay down grooves like this I would want to have sex with myself.
  2. thrashmetl

    Need suggestions for a twangy, yet touch sensitive Tele bridge pickup, preferably A3

  3. thrashmetl

    WTB Budz 542 Danocaster Tele pickup set

    Title says it all, let me know.
  4. thrashmetl

    Rhett Shull’s “Rhett’s Cabs” IR Pack and previous sample pack. Opinions?

    So I haven’t seen much commentary on the Rhett Shull IR’s. The sample pack seems to be gone so I have no way of giving them a test run to see if I like them and $35 for the full IR pack is a bit steep when there aren’t many reviews out there. So, who’s got the full pack or the sample pack...
  5. thrashmetl

    Anyone done a magnet swap in their Lollar Imperials?

    I dropped some Low Wind Imperials in my ES-335 last night, but I’m not really bonding with the bridge pickup. It’s kind of hard to put my finger on, but I’m just not enjoying the character much. It’s a bit “clangy” and I like a slightly more aggressive midrange. Has anyone done any magnet swaps...
  6. thrashmetl

    Need Tele advice: Steel or Aluminum E/A saddle?

    So I’ve been a Tele guy for ages. I’ve got an Ash Tele with a Barden bridge (stock brass saddles) and a Klein Broadcaster bridge pickup (A3 magnets). I’ve been playing a lot more lately and noticing more and more how horribly dull the E and A strings sound compared to the rest of the strings...
  7. thrashmetl

    Are there any good 1x12 Greenback or Creamback IR’s out there? Can’t seem to find any

    I love AC style amps and I’ve been obsessing over all of the EL84 amps in the FM3. A lot of these amps like the Dr Z’s love Greenbacks, both M25 and H30, and others like the Morgan AC-20 like Creambacks. I haven’t really found a 1x12 Greenback IR in the FM3 that I like and while I do think the...
  8. thrashmetl

    2021 Guitar Center Exclusive Epiphone ES-335 Traditional Pro. WOW!!!

    So I was looking to pick up one of the new Epiphone “Inspired by Gibson” ES-335’s over the 4th of July holiday weekend when I noticed that Guitar Center also had a Traditional Pro model that I didn’t see anywhere else. @Coopster had done some research already and figured out that it was a Guitar...
  9. thrashmetl

    NEW 2021 Epiphone ES-335 Traditional Pro???

    So I was digging around for 4th of July weekend deals yesterday when I stumbled upon these on the Guitar Center website. I tried to dig around some more on the web, but it appears GC is the only one displaying these...
  10. thrashmetl

    Bruno Mars and Anderson .Paak putting out album together as Silk Sonic!!! Updated with new single!

    https://pitchfork.com/news/bruno-mars-and-anderson-paak-announce-new-album-as-silk-sonic Suuuper stoked for this. Bootsy Collins and Nile Rodgers are involved too! I love everything Anderson does and I think these two fit together perfectly. Seems like it’s going to go the 70’s funk and soul...
  11. thrashmetl

    First Sean Reinert, now Sean Malone of Cynic has passed! R.I.P.

    Super bummed. Drummer Sean Reinert passed in January and now bassist Sean Malone has passed. Both amazing and highly influential. Another sad day in a year full of sad days. https://www.theprp.com/2020/12/09/news/cynic-bassist-sean-malone-has-passed-away/
  12. thrashmetl

    Fantastic Radiohead cover by one of my favorite newer artists Madison Cunningham!

    My brother showed me Madison Cunningham after he saw her open for Punch Brothers a few years ago and I’ve been a fan ever since. OK Computer is my favorite album of all time so when I came across this cover this morning I couldn’t wait to hear it. Was not disappointed, brought a tear to my eye...
  13. thrashmetl

    Metal songs created specifically to be heavy just for the sake of being crushingly heavy?

    So I was listening to the newest Dark Fortress album and this first song came on and I couldn’t help but crank my car stereo as loud as possible and marvel at the pure heaviness of this song. Most of the songs by this band are faster and crazier, but this one is just CRUSHING AND HEAVY!!! So, I...
  14. thrashmetl

    Power Trip singer Riley Gale has passed away

    Super bummer. Power Trip are a fantastic band and I had been waiting eagerly for a new release. https://www.theprp.com/2020/08/25/news/power-trip-vocalist-riley-gale-has-died/
  15. thrashmetl

    Egos and Alcoholism aside, would Metallica have been a better band with Mustaine?

    Mustaine created and, arguably, continues to create killer music with Megadeth. So if egos and alcoholism weren’t issues would Metallica have been a better band if Mustaine had never been kicked out (and they stopped letting him sing haha)?
  16. thrashmetl

    Albums you can’t listen to by artists you absolutely love

    What you got? I love Stone Temple Pilots and the Deleo Brothers to death. I have always hated Linkin Park, but I actually even enjoy the 4 song EP they did with Chester Bennington. The new singer isn’t the greatest, but the 2018 self titled album is pretty good, better than the 2010 self titled...
  17. thrashmetl

    Coolest video I’ve seen in a long time!

    This randomly popped up in my YouTube feed today. Sat and watched the whole thing, fascinating and amazing.
  18. thrashmetl

    Noob Interface Question. Can someone explain how this would work?

    So I’ve been on the guitar end of this forum for a long time, but I’ve recently started looking into hardware synthesizers, specifically the Waldorf Blofeld. I recently bought a new MacBook Pro so I’ve been waiting for the new IK Multimedia Axe I/O Solo to come out so I can start recording in...
  19. thrashmetl

    RIP Sean Reinert: Drummer of Cynic, Death, Aeon Spoke, etc.

    Another sad day for music. https://www.blabbermouth.net/news/former-death-and-cynic-drummer-sean-reinert-dead-at-48/ NPR piece on Sean: https://www.npr.org/sections/allsongs/2020/01/28/800298153/vikings-choice-sean-reinert-s-celestial-voyage-dream-pop-bliss-and-grindcore?ft=nprml&f=1039
  20. thrashmetl

    New Eastman Junior style models at NAMM, the SB55/v and the SB55DC/v.

    Sexy! The singlecut still has that Eastman lower horn, but the doublecut shape seems to be just about the same as a G. Saw them at NAMM today and drooled for a while. These appear to be the only colors. SB55/v 8B5181C1-CB32-42F5-BF21-83AE3EEC0080 by thrashmetl posted Jan 16, 2020 at 9:13 PM...
  21. thrashmetl

    New King Gizzard & the Lizard Wizard album - Killer Thrash and Stoner Metal!

    I guess I shouldn’t be surprised that this album is so good because these guys are killer, but they jump around so much and this is their first real foray into pure metal. Most of the album is thrash with that signature King Gizzard production style, but one of my favorite songs on the album...
  22. thrashmetl

    New Tame Impala song drops at 9pm PST! (Another New Song on SNL)

    Apple Music link: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/patience-single/1457154570 Here’s another new song from their performance on SNL:
  23. thrashmetl

    Sold 2012 Chambered ‘58 Reissue Les Paul w/ video (new, better pictures) - $2850

    Selling my VOS Historic CR8 Les Paul in beautiful Iced Tea Burst. It is a very early 2012 with 2011 specs. It has some awesome light flaming which you can see best in the top photo. There are a few very small dings, one on the back of the neck, but when you’re playing it you barely even notice...
  24. thrashmetl

    Sold Custom Budz Telecaster Bridge Pickup

    Clearing out some pickups that have just been sitting around. Fred Stuart Lapwrap - $150 SOLD Custom underwound Budz Danocaster 542 - $60 shipped/PayPaled, US 48 only. I worked with Dave a while back and, from my recollection, he ended up winding his Danocaster 542 a little on the light side...
  25. thrashmetl

    I’ve never really enjoyed any female metal vocalists......until now!

    It’s not that female vocalists don’t work for metal, I just haven’t found any I like, until now. New band, Azusa. Ex members of Extol and Dillinger Escape Plan. Out of left field though comes vocalist Eleni Zafiriadou. I say left field because the other band she’s in is the German indie-pop...
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