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  1. * velcro-fly *

    Epic: Tone Talk Ep 111 Jeff Pilson & George Lynch

    Hands down most epic Tone Talk yet...Pilson & Lynch together are an all-time comedy team
  2. * velcro-fly *

    Greg Koch - SIBLY

    This is ridiculous....
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    WTB Wanted: Gibson ES-339 in Olive Drab Green color

    Looking for one of the 2018 ES-339's that Gibson did in that Olive Drab Green color.....if youse gots one to sell let me know :dude Not looking for any other color / version / year of the 339 besides what's listed in the title...link below is for reference. I do have a one owner (me) first...
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    Sold Hey Admin...help us out here.

    Just an observation here....since "Sold" listings get quickly moved to the Emporium Archives and can't be seen in the active for sale / WTB listings, its really not very helpful to have them then show up when a person does a search in the active listings and then have to wade through five pages...
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    Sold Wizard MC25 head * Price Drop $2800 + actual shipping

    Here we have an early run Wizard MC25 head in great to excellent condition, recent tubes, includes 4 button foot switch to access all functions. Cab in photo is not included and not available for sale. No trades of any type, selling to cover cost of another Wizard. Ships from 97068 zip code
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    Full / live band: Dedicated acoustic amp, or preamp into a powered speaker, or ??

    Anybody here able to share experience in a full band setting what they're using for acoustic guitar amplification ? This is a singer, drums, bass, two acoustic guitars type scenario. Small to medium sized clubs. Full time acoustic guitars, no occasional electric dabbling... I've narrowed it...
  7. * velcro-fly *

    The Bombastic Meatbats > Jeff Kollman & Chad Smith... Live at the Iridium

    This is pretty jaw dropping all the way around. Jeff Kollman is an absolute monster...Chad Smith stepping out of the Chili Pepper shadow...
  8. * velcro-fly *

    Brass Against...

    Can you say “career ended”???? https://metalsludge.tv/tasting-1-2-3-sophia-urista-of-brass-against-urinates-in-a-fans-mouth-live-on-stage-during-rage-against-the-machine-cover/
  9. * velcro-fly *

    How rare you want your Aiken?

    For your viewing pleasure I present hands down the rarest Aiken Amp of all time - The Corsair..... In June 2009 Randal built it and sent it to me, the only one ever in existence and it was mine, all mine. It was a 6V6 powered little high gain fire breather, absolutely unreal amp. This amp was...
  10. * velcro-fly *

    What the Boss Katana got right.....

    I'm set on actual guitar amps for rock n roll and whatever else, but a new project has / had me needing an actual acoustic amp rig for acoustic plugged in gigs. Really didn't want to tie up more money in an amp that will be used sparingly. A moment of clarity resulted and I thought about the...
  11. * velcro-fly *

    Are paint guys that only do relic paint jobs....

    Relic paint job guys because they aren't capable of actually doing a perfect finish ?? This isn't a question of relic - good or bad. This is a craftsmanship question.
  12. * velcro-fly *

    Portland, OR. area guitar painters ??

    Any new options round here? Portland / Vancouver area ? Thanks ~ Steve E
  13. * velcro-fly *

    Sold Synergy Soldano SLO module $295 shipped

    Synergy Soldano SLO module as new in box $295 shipped payapl Thanks ~ Steve E
  14. * velcro-fly *

    Nuclear Power Trio

    Heh...you’re just gonna have to watch these, weirdly epic and the playing is outstanding....
  15. * velcro-fly *

    Dr. Z going all in on 'The Rock' w CAZ45

    Cool demo of the new Z CAZ45...Mr Scary through a Z ??? Hell yeah.
  16. * velcro-fly *

    98' EVH home 5150 studio tour

    Killer little clip here... the real eye opener is how much recorded music is likely out there, especially given this was in 1998 (skip to 3:00 or thereabouts..) Love his description of reaching up and grabbing something random from 1983 and it was his "Right Now" demo. I predict a massive...
  17. * velcro-fly *

    Sold Bogner Atma head $935 + shipping

    Killer little Bogner fire-breather here. 18 watt Bogner Atma in excellent + physical and functional condition. EL84 powered , 3 channels with loop, foot-switch included. The Atma is one of Reinhold's finest moments. Operate in 1 watt, 5 watt, or 18 watt modes. 1 watt mode is awesome for late...
  18. * velcro-fly *

    C-List Deal of the Day Alert!

    This is sort of epic... https://portland.craigslist.org/yam/msg/d/newberg-custom-kramer-guitar/7165686811.html
  19. * velcro-fly *

    Redneck Americana...From Italy!

    This is awesome, consider that Italian is their native language, they nailed it.....I think that's a vintage Guild Starfire that dude is playing but not sure...lady plays a mean upright too. Enjoy :D
  20. * velcro-fly *

    Dig Infinity - "Get Down with the Lockdown" killer quarantine video

    Check out JB Eckl's new band Dig Infinity. JB's a member here, played with WAR, produced and co-wrote with Carlos Santana on Shaman This is the greasiest funkiest thing I've heard in a while, catch AF.... These guys did a great job putting this together, sent clips back and forth to each...
  21. * velcro-fly *

    New Portland band 'Full Metal Jackson'...Motorhead meets Michael Jackson...Epic!

    This fricking rocks :D Dude is playing the cr@p out of his Hamer bass. They're playing Dantes this Wednesday, might have to go
  22. * velcro-fly *

    Sold Fender 57' AVRI Stratocaster Body * Shoreline Gold over Fiesta Red w all hardware - ON HOLD

    Here we have a super clean Fender 57' AVRI Shoreline Gold over Fiesta Red Strat body w all original hardware included (AVRI bridge, AVRI serial # plate w screws, input jack, strap buttons). Only issue with body / paint is a small chip at the neck pocket, otherwise free of chips dings and...
  23. * velcro-fly *

    Sold 2003 Gibson Les Paul Special Double Cut * DC TV faded yellow / P90's - SOLD

    2003 Gibson Les Paul Special double cut / DC TV yellow with P90's. Neck is the slim 60's version. Guitar is stock, still has plastic on rear control cover. Full disclosure the finish on the back of the neck was removed and neck was Birchwood Casey Tru oiled and buffed buttery smooth (maybe as...
  24. * velcro-fly *

    Sold Celestion Creamback G12M 12" speaker 16 ohm ~ PDX local only $100

    Here we have a Celestion Creamback G12M 12" speaker 16 ohm in excellent +++ condition, low hours probably not yet to the break in point. Fantastic English made speaker. Will hand deliver in greater PDX area, won't ship unless buyer pays shipping $110 cash no trades Thanks ~ Steve E
  25. * velcro-fly *

    Sold Bogner OS 2x12 cabinet w/ Scumback Blackbacks ~ PDX local only ~ $400

    Here we have a Bogner OS 2x12 cabinet w/ Scumback Blackbacks in good to very good +++ condition. Loaded with Scumback Blackback recones that were done on Celestion English Green back frames, 8 ohm cab. Sounds fantastic. Grill is near perfect, one small tolex goober on rear lower corner, no funky...
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